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Tuesday, 4:20 - 5:40 p.m.      Kresge Auditorium
N. M. Schneider and J. Richardson, Moderators

18.01Spencer J. R.      Ballester G. E.      Sartoretti P.      McEwen A. S.      Clarke J. T.      McGrath M.
Observations of the Pele Plume (Io) with the Hubble Space Telescope
18.02Trauger J. T.      Stapelfeldt K. R.      Ballester G. E.      Clarke J. T.      WFPC2 Science Team
HST Observations of [O I] Emissions from Io in Eclipse
18.03Mendillo M.      Wilson J. K.      Baumgardner J.      Schneider N. M.
Imaging and Modeling Io's Energetic Sodium Atoms at Three Spatial Scales
18.04Dudina U. A.      Brown M. E.
Io Atmosphere -- Plasma Torus Interaction
18.05Schneider N. M.      Küppers M.      McGrath M. A.
HST Observations of Longitudinal, Local-Time and Radial Structure in the Io Torus
18.06Marconi M. L.      Smyth W. H.
The Iogenic SO2+ Source During the Galileo Flyby of Io
18.07Smyth W. H.      Marconi M. L.
An Explanation for the East-West Asymmetry of the Io Plasma Torus
18.08Küppers M.      Jockers K.
The Electron Temperature in the Io Plasma Torus Ribbon Derived from the Line Ratio Between [SIII] Emissions
18.09-PWaldrop L. S.      Krupp N.      Fritz T. A.      Mendillo M.      Williams D. J.      Kivelson M. G.
Galileo Energetic Particle Detector (EPD) Anisotropies During Plasma Sheet Crossings at Jupiter
18.10-PHerbert F.      Hall D. T.
Disentangling Electron Temperature and Density in the Io Plasma Torus
18.11-PBrain D. A.      Schneider N. M.      Bagenal F.      Stewart A. I. F.
Longitudinal Variations in the Io Torus: A Simple Numerical Model
18.12-PTaylor M. H.      Schneider N. M.      Bagenal F.
Revised O+ Mixing Ratio in the Io Torus During the Voyager Era
18.13-PWong M. C.      Smyth W. H.
The Effect of Gas-Surface Interaction on the Abundance and Composition of Io's Atmosphere
18.14-PAustin J. V.      Goldstein D. B.
Direct Numerical Simulation of Circumplanetary Winds on Io

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