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Wednesday, 8:30 - 9:40 a.m.      Stratton 202 ("Sala")
D. P. Hamilton and B. J. Buratti, Moderators

20.01Buratti B. J.      Mosher J. A.      Nicholson P. D.      French R. G.      McGhee C.
Observations of Mimas and Enceladus During the Saturn Ring Plane Crossing of August 1995
20.02Hamilton D. P.
Iapetus:  4.5 Billion Years of Contamination by Phoebe Dust
20.03Roush T. L.      Noll K.      Cruikshank D. P.      Pendleton Y. J.
UV Spectra of the Uranian Satellites, Ariel, Titania, and Oberon
20.04Hillier J.      Veverka J.
Equatorial Frost on Triton
20.05Elliot J. L.      Olkin C. B.
Triton's Atmospheric Structure:  What We Have Learned from Stellar Occultations and Prospects for the Future
20.06Domingue D. L.      Cheng A. F.
Monte-Carlo Simulations of Bi-Directional Surface Reflection and Comparisons with Photometric Model Predictions
20.07Chamberlain J. W.
Supersonic Solutions of the Solar-Wind Equations for Low Coronal Temperatures
20.08-PNoll K. S.      Roush T. L.      Cruikshank D. P.      Pendleton Y. J.      Johnson R. E.
Detection of Ozone on Rhea and Dione
20.09-PJarvis K. S.      Vilas F.      Larson S. M.      Gaffey M. J.
Metamorphism and Mixed Material Types in a Jovian Satellite?
20.10-PBustani D.      Bell J. F. III      Veverka J.      Brown R. H.      Cruikshank D. P.
Near-IR Spectroscopy of Amalthea (JV) and Thebe (JXIV)
20.11-PWittemberg R.      Coustenis A.      Schmitt B.      Cuby J.-G.      Quirico E.      Douté S.
Near IR Spectroscopy of Iapetus:  Search for Organic Matter
20.12-PVanzani V.      Marzari F.      Davis D. R.      Weidenschilling S. J.      Dotto E.
Modelling the Disruption and Reaccumulation of Miranda
20.13-PDouté S.      Schmitt B.
A Multi-Layer Radiative Transfer Model for the Analysis of Planetary Surface Hyperspectral Images at Visible and Near Infrared Wavelengths
20.14-POlkin C. B.      Elliot J. L.      Dunham E. W.      McDonald S. W.      Agner M. A.      Bosh A. S.      Person M. J.      White A.
Stellar Occultation Predictions  A Case Study of the 1997 July 18 Triton Occultation

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