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Wednesday, 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.      Kresge Auditorium
A. P. Ingersoll and G. S. Orton, Moderators

24.01Vasavada A. R.      Ingersoll A. P.      The Galileo SSI Team
Atmospheric Dynamics near a Jovian 5-Micron Hotspot from Galileo Imaging
24.02Showman A. P.       Ingersoll A. P.
Jupiter's Downdrafts as Revealed by the Galileo Probe
24.03 Baker R. D.       Schubert G.
Convective Entrainment and Dry Downdrafts on Jupiter
24.04 Cho J. Y-K.       Ingersoll A. P.      Polvani L. M.
Randomly Forced, 2-D Planetary Turbulence of the Jovian Atmosphere
24.05 Allen M.       Lee Y.-T.      Weisstein E. W.      Serabyn E.
Dynamical Mixing in the Jovian Upper Troposphere
24.06 Dowling T. E.       Flierl G. R.
Alternating Jets in a Coupled Two-Layer Atmosphere-Interior Model of the Extratropical Latitudes of a Gas-Giant Planet
24.07 Harrington J.       Deming D.
Jovian Planetary Waves
24.08 West R. A.       Pryor W.      Tobiska W. K.      Hord C.      Simmons K.
Galileo Ultraviolet Spectrometer: Information on Jupiter's UV-absorbing Haze
24.09 Carlson B. E.
Jupiter's Polar Haze
24.10 Achilleos N.       Miller S.      Tennyson J.      Rego D.
Latest Results from JIM—The UCL Global Circulation Model of Jupiter's Ionosphere and Thermosphere
24.11 Young L. A.       Yelle R. V.      Young R.      Seiff A.      Kirk D. B.
Wave Heating in Jupiter's Thermosphere
24.12Flasar F. M.       Hinson D. P.      Kliore A. J.      Schinder P. J.      Twicken J. D.
Galileo Radio-Occultation Measurements of the Ionospheres of Jupiter and Its Satellites
24.13-P Ingersoll A. P.
Convective Parameterization in a Jovian Shallow Water Model
24.14-P de la Torre Juárez M.
Effects of Rotation and Convection on the Large Scale Structure of Planetary Atmospheric Circulation
24.15-P Hueso R.      Sanchez-Lavega A.      Lecacheux J.      Colas F.      Gomez J. M.      Miyazaki I.      Parker D.
The History of the Long-lived South Tropical Oval that Interacted with the GRS in May 1997
24.16-P Spilker T. R.      Hubbard W. B.
Science Investigations from Multiple Deep (100 Bar) Jupiter Atmospheric Entry Probes

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