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Thursday, 1:30-3:40 p.m.      Kresge Auditorium
M. Marley and R. Malhotra, Moderators

28.01Lunine J. I.      Hubbard W. B.      Burrows A.      Sharp C.      Sudarsky D.      Marley M.      Guillot T.      Saumon D.      Freedman R.
Cloud Formation in Extra-solar Giant Planets
28.02 Marley M.       Gelino C.      Leeber D.      Stephens D.      Lunine J.      Burrows A.      Hubbard W.      Guillot T.      Freedman R.      Saumon D.
Model Visible and Near-Infrared Spectra of Extrasolar Giant Planets
28.03 Dulk G. A.       Leblanc Y.      Bastian T. S.
Search for Cyclotron-Maser Radio Emission from Extrasolar Planets
28.04 Trilling D. E.       Benz W.      Guillot T.      Lunine J. I.      Hubbard W. B.      Burrows A.
Orbital Evolution and Migration of Extrasolar Planets
28.05 Holman M.       Touma J.      Tremaine S.
Eccentricity Oscillation of the Planet Orbiting 16 Cyg B
28.06 Kortenkamp S. J.       Wetherill G. W.
Gas Drag Effects on Planetesimals Evolving Under the Influence of Jupiter and Saturn
28.07 Cohen H. J.       Hamilton D. P.
Effects of the Radial Migration of Jupiter on the Trojan Asteroids
28.08 Cyr K. E.       Sears W. D.      Sharp C.      Lunine J. I.
Effect of Revised Nebular Water Distribution on Nebular Chemistry
28.09 Weidenschilling S. J.       Marzari F.      Hood L. L.
Origin of Chondrules at Jovian Resonances
28.10 Thebault P.       Brahic A.
Proto-Jupiter Perturbations on a System of Colliding Planetesimals
28.11 Canup R. M.       Ida S.      Cameron A. G. W.      Levison H. F.      Stewart G. R.
N-Body Simulations of Lunar Accretion in an Impact-generated Disk
28.12 Poppe T.       Blum J.      Heim L. O.
Sticking and Bouncing of Pre-Planetary Dust Grains
28.13 Sasaki S.
Existence of Primary Solar-Type Atmosphere on the Earth Revisited
28.14-PGomes R. S.
Some Consequences of Planetary Migration on the Primordial Asteroids
28.15-P Mehta A. V.      Flierl G. R.
The Role of Vortices in the Formation of the Solar System: The Effect on Dust Particles
28.16-P Richardson D. C.      Quinn T.      Lake G.
Direct Simulation of Planet Formation with a Million Planetesimals
28.17-P Royle T. J.      Caldwell J.      Hesman B. E.      Schroeder D. J.      Golimowski D. A.      Ford H. C.      Uomoto A.      Brukardt R. A.      Burrows C.
An HST/WFPC2 Search for Low-Mass Companions in the Alpha Centauri System
28.18-P Cochran W. D.      Hatzes A. P.
Does Tau Boo Really Have a Planetary Companion?
28.19-PWilliams D. M.
The Susceptibility of Extrasolar Earths to Large-scale Variations in Obliquity
28.20-P Snyder Hale A.      Gatewood G. D.      McMillan R. S.      Hale D. D. S.      Persinger W. T.
The Multichannel Astrometric Photometer with Spectrograph: An Instrument for Characterizing Planetary Systems

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