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SESSION 29......... COMETS
Thursday, 1:30-3:40 p.m.      Stratton 202 ("Sala")
W. M. Harris and T. Y. Brooke, Moderators

29.01 Hainaut O. R.      Meech K. J.      Bauer J.      West R. M.      Boehnhardt H.
Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle Recovered at Large Heliocentric Distance
29.02 Lamy P. P. L.       Toth I.      A'Hearn M. F.      Weaver H. A.
The Nucleus of Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova
29.03 Festou M. C.       Gunnarson M.      Rickman H.      Tancredi G.      Winnberg A.
Monitoring the CO Emission of 29P/SW1 in December 1996
29.04 Crifo J. F.       Enzian A.      Klinger J.      Rodionov A. V.
Plausible Physical Conditions in the Near-Nucleus Coma of Comet P/Wirtanen at 3 AU from the Sun
29.05 Knollenberg J.       Kührt E.
Large Dust Particles Around Cometary Nuclei
29.06 Peschke S. B.       Grün E.      ISOPHOT Comet Team
Comets with ISOPHOT
29.07 Osip D. J.      Lisse C. M.      Fernandez Y. R.      A'Hearn M. F.      Lederer S. M.      Campins H.      Peschke S. B.
A Coordinated Ground and Space Based Study of Comet P/IRAS
29.08 Hadamcik E.       Levasseur-Regourd A. C.      McBride N.
In-Situ Studies of Dust and Gas in Cometary Comae
29.09 Gustafson B. Å. S.       Thomas-Osip J. E.      Waldemarsson K. W. T.      Xu Y.-l.
Light Scattering by Complex Dust Structures
29.10 Ip W.-H.       Shemansky D. E.
Synthetic Spectra of Cometary X-Ray Emission from Solar Wind Charge Transfer
29.11Laffont C.       Boice D. C.
Modeling S2 Cometary Fluorescence Spectra
29.12 Khare B. N.       Cruikshank D.      Arakawa E. T.      McDonald G. D.
Optical Constants of Cometary Ice Tholins
29.13 McKay C. P.       Borucki W. J.
Atmospheric Composition and Organic Production: The Early Cometary Bombardment
29.14-P Budzien S. A.      Schleicher D. G.      Dymond K. F.
Uniform Analysis of IUE Spectra of Comets
29.15-P Boice D. C.      Murawski K.      Huebner W. F.
A Flux-Corrected Transport Model of the Solar Wind Interaction with Comets
29.16-P Cody R. J.
Laboratory Formation and Properties of Carbonaceous Particles for Cometary Outflows
29.17-PMoore M. H.      Hudson R. L.
Infrared Spectra of Organic Molecules in Water Ice Mixtures Relevant to Comets and the ISM
29.18-P Kelemen J.
Rotation Period of the Nucleus of the Comet Halley
29.19-P Prialnik D.
Crystallization and Porosity as Clues to Distant Activity of Comets
29.20-P Hahn J. M.      Rettig T. W.      Ward W. R.
Tidal Disruption of Strengthless Rubble Piles—A Timescale Analysis
29.21-P Benkhoff J.
Gas Flux of Minor Volatiles from the Inside of a Porous Comet Nucleus
29.22-P Muirhead B. K.      Kerridge S. J.      Weissman P. R.      Green J. R.      Sabahi D.      Tan-Wang G. H.      Grimes J. M.
Champollion/Deep Space 4: A Comet Lander and Sample Return Technology Demonstration Mission

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