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SESSION 33......... TITAN
Friday, 10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon       Stratton 202 ("Sala")
A. Coustenis and T. Kostiuk, Moderators

33.01Gibbard S.      Macintosh B.      Gavel D.      Max C.      de Pater I.      Young E.      McKay C.
Very High Resolution IR Imaging of Titan's Surface and Atmosphere
33.02 Han B.       Owen T.      McKay C.      Young E.
Revised Near-Infrared Geometric and Surface Albedos of Titan
33.03 Coustenis A.       Salama A.      Encrenaz Th.      Lellouch E.      Gautier D.      Kessler M. F.      de Graauw Th.      Griffin M. J.      Orton G.      Wittemberg R.
Titan Observations with ISO
33.04 Samuelson R. E.       Bjoraker G. L.      Coustenis A.      Encrenaz Th.      Salama A.      de Graauw Th.
The Search for Water Vapor on Titan
33.05 Stief L. J.       Thorn R. P. Jr.      Payne W. A.      Chillier X. F.      Nesbitt F. L.
Hydrocarbon Chemistry in the Atmospheres of Titan and the Outer Planets: A Product Study of the CH3 + C2H3 and the C2H3 + C2H3 Reactions
33.06 Kostiuk T.       Fast K.      Livengood T.      Espenak F.      Buhl D.      Goldstein J.      Hewagama T.      Ro K. H.
Which Way Does the Wind Blow? Titan's Zonal Circulation
33.07 Lorenz R. D.       Lunine J. I.      McKay C. P.
Ocean-Atmosphere Stability on Titan
33.08 Navarro-González R.
On the Likelihood of Electrical Activity in Titan's Tropospheric Clouds
33.09 Ferri F.       Fulchignoni M.      HASI Team
Expected Results of HASI Experiment During Huygens Probe Descent on Titan in Cassini Mission
33.10-P Young E. F.      Rannou P.      McKay C. P.
Distribution of Haze in Titan's Atmosphere: Results from 1996 HST WFPC2 Imaging
33.11-P Combes M.      Coustenis A.      Gendron E.      Vapillon L.      Wittemberg R.      Veran J-P.
Titan's Near-Infrared Imaging with Adaptive Optics
33.12-P Romero A.      Navarro-González R.
Energy Yield of Lightning Discharge Products in a Titan's Simulated Troposphere
33.13-P Ramírez S. I.      Navarro-González R.
Energy Yields of Corona Discharge Products in a Titan's Simulated Troposphere: Effect of Corona Polarity
33.14-P Ramos C.      Arrington C. A.      Robinson A. D.      Zwier T. S.
Spectroscopic Identification of the Primary Products of Metastable Diacetylene Photochemistry
33.15-P Stark G.      Smith P. L.
N2 VUV Linewidths and Band Oscillator Strengths

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