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SESSION 35.........VENUS
Friday, 1:30-2:20 p.m.      Stratton 202 ("Sala")
J. J. Hillman and V. S. Meadows, Moderators

35.01Schubert G.       Baker R. D.      Jones P. W.
Convectively-generated Internal Gravity Waves in the Lower Atmosphere of Venus
35.02 Kolodner M. A.       Suleiman S. H.      Butler B. J.      Steffes P. G.
Latitudinal Variations of Sulfur Compounds in the Venus Atmosphere Based on the Correlation Between VLA Observations and Radio Occultation Results
35.03 Hashimoto G. L.       Abe Y.
Venus' Surface Temperature Controlled by a Coupled Mechanism of Chemical and Albedo Feedback
35.04 Mills F. P.       Allen M. A.      Yung Y. L.      Lin A.
Photochemical Modeling of the Venus Middle Atmosphere
35.05 Meadows V. S.       Crisp D.
The Spatial-Distribution and Abundance of Greenhouse Gases in the Venus Lower Atmosphere
35.06-P Kauhanen K. E.
Tectonic and Volcanic Sequences Associated with Double Type Coronae on Venus
35.07-P Miyamoto H.      Sasaki S.
Two Separate Styles of the Crater Outflow Emplacements on Venus
35.08-P Hillman J. J.       Glenar D. A.      Chanover N. J.      Bjoraker G.      Blass W. E.
Opacity Maps of Venus Night Side Using High Spectral Resolution Imaging
35.09-P Hovenier J. W.       Braak C. J.      Knibbe W. J. J.      de Haan J. F.      Travis L. D.
Temporal and Spatial Variations of Venus Cloud Properties
35.10-P Jenkins J. M.       Hinson D. P.
Magellan Radio Occultation Studies of Venus' Atmosphere (19911994)

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