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Friday, 2:20-3:10 p.m.      Stratton 202 ("Sala")
H. Campins and P. Farinella, Moderators

36.01Campins H.      Swindle T. D.
Expected Characteristics of Cometary Meteorites
36.02 Liou J.-C.       Zook H. A.      Jackson A. A.
Orbital Evolution of Retrograde Cometary Dust Particles
36.03 Meisel D. D.       Allen T. S.      Getman V. S.      Mathews J. D.      Zhou Q.
Dynamical Studies of Micrometeorites Detected at the Arecibo Observatory
36.04 Farinella P.       Marzari F.      Vokrouhlický D.      Hartmann W. K.      Davis D. R.      Weidenschilling S. J.
Meteorite Delivery Through Yarkovsky Orbital Drift
36.05 Grün E.       Landgraf M.
Collisional Consequences of Big Interstellar Grains
36.06-P Albin E. F.
Oxygen Isotope Constraints on the Origin of Georgia Tektites
36.07-P Froeschlé Cl.       Jopek T. J.      Valsecchi G. B.
Meteor Streams Identification:  A New Approach
36.08-P Holmes E. K.      Dermott S. F.      Grogan K.
COBE Constraints on Asteroidal Models of the Zodiacal Cloud

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