Deadline for submission of manuscripts: FEBRUARY 15, 2002

Identifying the 3-dimensional distribution and state of subsurface water on Mars is one of the primary goals of the international Mars Exploration Program. Its abundance and distribution have important implications for understanding the geologic, hydrologic, and climatic evolution of the planet; the potential origin and continued survival of life; and the accessibility of a critical in situ resource for sustaining future human explorers.

In response to the interest in this topic, the conveners of the recent "Conference on the Geophysical Detection of Subsurface Water on Mars" have arranged for a special section of JGR-Planets to capture the scientific output of the meeting and to provide an opportunity for other interested researchers (who did not attend the Conference) to contribute to this discussion. Terrestrial and planetary scientists, engaged in any relevant theoretical, experimental, or field investigation of groundwater, permafrost, glaciers, and ice sheets, are strongly encouraged to submit a manuscript. It is expected that the papers accepted for publication in this special section will have a very broad audience and will make a significant contribution to the developing plans for future Mars missions.


Manuscripts may address any relevant aspect of terrestrial or Martian exploration geophysics, including, but not limited to:

Manuscripts discussing strategies, missions, techniques and instruments are encouraged. However, to be considered for publication in JGR such papers must contain clear and quantitative traceability from Mars science goals to the technical matter being discussed. The rigor of that traceability will be an important factor in deciding the acceptability of these types of manuscripts. Where a question exists regarding the potential acceptability of a topic, authors should contact the editor.


Papers will go through the standard JGR review process, and there is no guarantee that a given paper will be accepted for publication. Cover letters should reference the GeoMars special section. Please feel free to suggest possible reviewers for your paper. All manuscript submittal information can be found at

If you are planning to submit a manuscript, please send an indication of intent to Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address along with the likely title of your submission.

In recognition of the broad scope, interdisciplinary nature, and strong international interest in this topic, we are making a concerted effort to reach beyond the traditional Mars research community to encourage submissions from terrestrial scientists engaged in related areas of geophysical exploration, glacial, permafrost, and groundwater research. For this reason, we strongly encourage the redistribution of this announcement to any colleagues who might have an interest in submitting a contribution.