Walter Alvarez (University of California, Berkeley)
Eric Buffetaut (CNRS Paris)
Douglas H. Erwin (Smithsonian Institution)
Iain Gilmour (The Open University)
Christian Koeberl (University of Vienna)
W. Uwe Reimold (University of the Witwatersrand)
Graham Ryder (Lunar and Planetary Institute)
Charles A. Sandberg (U.S. Geological Survey, Denver)
Jan Smit (Free University, Amsterdam)
Peter D. Ward (University of Washington, Seattle)


Christian Koeberl (Chair, University of Vienna)
Franz Brandstatter (Natural History Museum, Vienna)
Heinz Huber (University of Vienna)
Wolfgang Kiesl (University of Vienna)
Gero Kurat (Natural History Museum, Vienna)
Anton Preisinger (Technical University, Vienna)
Hans Peter Schonlaub (Geological Survey, Vienna)

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