Lunar and Planetary Institute
Stadt Nördlingen
Humboldt University, Berlin
University of Münster
Märker Zementwerke AG
Meteoritical Society
The Barringer Crater Company

Burkhard Dressler, Chair, Lunar and Planetary Institute
Thomas Kenkmann, Co-Chair, Humboldt University, Berlin
Alex Deutsch, University of Münster
Richard Grieve, Earth Science Sector, Natural Resources Canada
Robbie Herrick, Lunar and Planetary Institute
Fred Hörz, NASA Johnson Space Center
Falko Langenhorst, University of Bayreuth
Jean Pohl, University of Munich
Buck Sharpton, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Dieter Stöffler, Humboldt University, Berlin

Michael Schieber, Chair, Rieskratermuseum, Nördlingen
Thomas Kenkmann, Co-Chair, Humboldt University, Berlin
Gisela Pösges, Co-Chair, Rieskratermuseum, Nördlingen
Falko Langenhorst, University of Bayreuth
Jean Pohl, University of Munich
Peter Schiele, City of Nördlingen

The conference (formerly "Large Meteorite Impact and Planetary Evolution") will bring together researchers working on a wide range of aspects of impact cratering with emphasis on large terrestrial and planetary impact structures and the ways in which they influenced planet formation and evolution. Of special interest are new observations and interpretations obtained from studies of the three very large terrestrial structures – Chicxulub, Sudbury, and Vredefort. Contributions dealing with the following topics are invited:

¥ Impacts and Earth evolution
¥ Impact structures and climate change
¥ Role of target volatiles
¥ Formation of melt sheets, melt breccias, and impact glasses in
       crystalline and sedimentary targets — melt sheets and melt
       breccias within the impactite sequence
¥ Mass-movement of subsurface materials as revealed by
       macroscopic and microscopic observations from crater floors,
       mega-block zones, central uplifts, peak rings, and collar rocks
¥ Impacts in marine environments
¥ Impacts on other planets
¥ Material response to hypervelocity impact — shock metamorphism
¥ Geophysical signatures of planetary impacts
¥ Economic significance of impacts
¥ Experimental and numerical studies

A proceedings volume presenting the results of the conference will be produced as a GSA Special Paper or similar publication.

Moderate funds will be made available to students, recent graduates, and Ph.D.s who present results dealing with the topic of the conference. Students from developing countries are specifically encouraged to apply.

Medieval Nördlingen is a beautiful city offering guided and self-guided walking tours to the city wall, churches, and other interesting buildings. Day tours by bus to other medieval towns nearby will be offered, depending on demand.

* Attendees at the annual Meteoritical Society (July 28–August 1, 2002)
are welcome to use the MetSoc post-meeting field trip to the
Ries impact crater to get to the Nördlingen meeting from Münster. *

December 13, 2002Indication of Interest forms due
March 7, 2003Second announcement with call for
abstracts and preregistration
information posted on LPI Web site
May 8, 2003Deadline for hard-copy submission
of abstracts to LPI
May 15, 2003Deadline for electronic submission
of abstracts to LPI
June 13, 2003Final announcement with preliminary
program and abstracts posted
on LPI Web site
August 3–4, 2003Preconference field trip, Ries and
Steinheim impact craters
August 5–7, 2003Third International Conference on
Large Meteorite Impacts in Nördlingen
August 8–9, 2003Postconference field trip, Ries and
Steinheim impact craters

Burkhard Dressler, Lunar and Planetary Institute
e-mail: dressler@lpi.usra.edu

Thomas Kenkmann, Humboldt University, Berlin
e-mail: thomas.kenkmann@rz.hu-berlin.de

Michael Schieber, Rieskratermuseum, Nördlingen
e-mail: rieskratermuseum@noerdlingen.de

Kimberly Taylor
Publications and Program Services Dept.
Lunar and Planetary Institute
3600 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston TX 77058-1113
phone: 281-486-2151
fax: 281-486-2160
e-mail: taylor@lpi.usra.edu

Future announcements, including information for submission of abstracts, will be posted on this LPI Web site.

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