As explained in the announcement text, if you will be driving a rental or private car onto NASA Johnson Space Center to attend the conference sessions, there is a new security requirement that you have a "Temporary Car Pass" on the dashboard of your vehicle when you drive through the Security Gates. Only those who register on Sunday night and receive a conference badge will be waived through the security gate without this pass, so if there is any chance you will be arriving to register LATER than Sunday night, you must use place this pass on the dashboard of your vehicle in order to be allowed entrance to the Johnson Space Center.

Before leaving for the conference, be certain to print out the car pass so you can place it on your dashboard before entering the gates at JSC. If you do not have a pass OR a conference badge, you will be directed to the Security Clearance Building to get a temporary vehicle pass. The process at the Security Building can be very slow, especially on Monday mornings.

Click here to download the temporary car pass.

Possible Parking Shortage:  Remember that parking spaces at the Gilruth Center are in short supply. The JSC Safety Office views the parking conditions at the Gilruth Center with concern, particularly in regard to emergency vehicle access. It is entirely possible that cars parked in areas that hinder such access will be towed away!

We encourage LPSC participants to use the shuttle service provided. If you prefer to use private transportation (either your own or a rental car), please consider carpooling with other meeting attendees.

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