How to Access the Downloadable Files

Downloadable files are provided for each session that includes abstracts. These files are different from the files available through the link "Browse Program and Abstracts" in that they contain the full program listing for a particular session, as well as all the files for the abstracts being presented in that session. These files will provide an easy way for participants to download and print out all the abstracts for a session.

Remember that the titles in the program listings of these files are NOT linked to the individual abstracts as they are in the "Browse Program and Abstracts" version. These files are available via the LPI's anonymous FTP site. Instructions for accessing the site are provided below. The file names are shown to the right of each session (e.g., "full01.pdf"). If you have any questions regarding these files, please contact Linda Tanner at 281-486-2142 or [email protected].

To access the LPI's FTP site, ftp to

    User Name:  anonymous
    Password:  your e-mail address

Change the directory to


and then retrieve the file(s) you are interested in (see listing below).

Note:  The files should be downloaded in BINARY mode.

If you prefer to download the files using your Web browser, you can click on the file names, which are linked to the ftp site. A left click will launch the Acrobat Reader and pull up the file via your browser (this may take some time, depending on the size of the file), and you can then save the file on your machine for later viewing. A right click will give you the option to save the file on your machine without launching the Reader (this will be much faster). (A right click on the Mac is accomplished by holding down the command key and then clicking.)

Sunday Evening, 5:00 p.m.
 LPI Berkner Education Programs Demonstrations    full01.pdf
Monday Morning, 8:30 a.m.
 Salon A Astrobiology I:  Mars, Methane, Minerals, and Missions    full02.pdf
 Salon B Mars Express and HRSC I    full03.pdf
 Salon C Mars:  Interior Processes    full04.pdf
 Marina Plaza BlrmPresolar Grains    full05.pdf
Monday Afternoon, 2:15 p.m.
 Salon A Terrestrial Planet Formation    full07.pdf
 Salon B SPECIAL SESSION:  Genesis:  What We Know, Where We Stand,
   and the Future    full08.pdf
 Salon C Mars Tectonism and Magnetism    full09.pdf
 Marina Plaza BlrmMartian Meteorites:  Magmatic Processes    full10.pdf
Tuesday Morning, 8:30 a.m.
 Salon A Martian Impacts:  Primary and Secondary    full11.pdf
 Salon B SPECIAL SESSION:  [email protected]
   New Insights Into Surface Composition    full12.pdf
 Salon C Astrobiology II:  Microbes, Missions,
   and Early Terrestrial Life    full13.pdf
 Marina Plaza BlrmInterplanetary Dust    full14.pdf
Tuesday Afternoon, 1:30 p.m.
 Salon A Impacts:  Ejecta Effects    full15.pdf
3:15 p.m.    Venus    full16.pdf
 Salon B SPECIAL SESSION:  Mars Polar Atmosphere Surface Interactions    full17.pdf
 Salon C Nakhlites and Chassignites:  New Arrivals
   and Familiar Friends    full18.pdf
 Marina Plaza Blrm    Mars Potpourri:  Wet and Dry, Sandy and Dusty    full19.pdf
Tuesday Evening, 7:00–9:30 p.m.
 Fitness Center Poster Session I
Presolar Grains    full20.pdf
Micrometeorites and Interplanetary Dust    full21.pdf
Stardust Mission:  Aerogel Extraction and Instruments    full22.pdf
Genesis:  Field Recovery, Status of Select Materials,
   Analytical Methods    full23.pdf
Mercury    full24.pdf
Lunar Meteorites    full25.pdf
Lunar Missions:  Past, Present, Future    full26.pdf
Martian Meteorites:  Magmatic Processes    full27.pdf
Nakhlites and Chassignites: 
    New Arrivals and Familiar Friends    full28.pdf
Martian Meteorites:  ALH 84001    full29.pdf
Martian Meteorites:  Shocking    full30.pdf
Achondrites    full31.pdf
Iron and Stony-Iron Meteorites    full32.pdf
Refractory Inclusions    full33.pdf
Impact Modeling    full34.pdf
Impact Experiments    full35.pdf
Martian Impacts    full36.pdf
[email protected]:  New Insights Into Surface Composition    full37.pdf
Mars Express and HRSC II    full38.pdf
Mars Polar Atmosphere Surface Interactions    full39.pdf
Mars Geophysics    full40.pdf
Mars Tectonics    full41.pdf
Mars Volcanism    full42.pdf
Mars Cratering and Analogs    full43.pdf
Dry (?) Mars:  Aeolian Processes, Mass Wasting, and Rocks    full44.pdf
Mars Ice:  Landforms and Processes    full45.pdf
Mars Potpourri    full46.pdf
Mars:  Instruments and Data Interpretation Techniques    full47.pdf
Instruments I:  Gamma-Ray Through Visible and Fancy Lasers    full48.pdf
Venus    full49.pdf
Astrobiology    full50.pdf
K-12 Programs, Professonal Development and Informal Education    full51.pdf
Visualization and Data Integration    full52.pdf
Wednesday Morning, 8:30 a.m.
 Salon A Asteroid Spectroscopy and Mineralogy    full53.pdf
 Salon B MER Results I    full54.pdf
 Salon C Mars Volcanism and Tectonism    full55.pdf
 Marina Plaza Blrm    Chondrules and Chondrites    full56.pdf
Wednesday Afternoon, 1:30 p.m.
 Salon A Lunar Basalts:  A Heap O'KREEP    full57.pdf
 Salon B SPECIAL SESSION:  Cassini at Saturn I:
   Huygens Probe and Titan Results    full58.pdf
 Salon C Chondrites    full59.pdf
 Marina Plaza Blrm    MER Results II    full60.pdf
Thursday Morning, 8:30 a.m.
 Salon A Small Bodies:  Bumping, Spinning, and Shaking    full61.pdf
10:45 a.m.    Impacts:  Shock Effects    full62.pdf
 Salon B SPECIAL SESSION:  Cassini at Saturn II:
   Orbiter and Titan Results    full63.pdf
 Salon C Lunar Highlands: Impacts and Isotopes    full64.pdf
 Marina Plaza Blrm    Refractory Inclusions    full65.pdf
Thursday Afternoon, 1:30 p.m.
 Salon A Impacts:  Shocks, Structures, and Models    full66.pdf
 Salon B SPECIAL SESSION:  Cassini at Saturn III:
   Titan Surface, Rings, and Icy Satellites    full67.pdf
 Salon C Oxygen in the Solar System    full68.pdf
 Marina Plaza Blrm    Martian Fluvial Landforms and Processes    full69.pdf
Thursday Evening, 7:00–9:30 p.m.
 Fitness Center Poster Session II
Lunar Potpourri    full70.pdf
Lunar Impacts    full71.pdf
Lunar Regolith:  Measurements, Experiments, and Calculations    full72.pdf
Lunar Surface Remote Sensing    full73.pdf
Lunar Geophysics    full74.pdf
Lunar Isotopes    full75.pdf
Impacts and Their Effects on Earth and Above    full76.pdf
MER and MOC Results    full77.pdf
Mars Geochemistry    full78.pdf
Wet Mars:  Oceans, Gullies, and More    full79.pdf
Mars Global Units and Composition    full80.pdf
Mars Infrared Spectroscopy    full81.pdf
Mars Climate/Atmosphere    full82.pdf
Mars:  Marscellaneous    full83.pdf
Instruments II:  Rovers, Robotics, IR, and More    full84.pdf
Exploration:  The Future    full85.pdf
Meteorite Characterization Techniques    full86.pdf
Enstatite Chondrites    full87.pdf
Organics in Meteorites    full88.pdf
Carbonaceous Chondrites    full89.pdf
Ordinary Chondrites    full90.pdf
Oxygen in the Solar System    full91.pdf
Early Solar System Processes and Planet Formations        full92.pdf
Asteroids, Comets, and Small Bodies    full93.pdf
Cassini at Saturn:  Titan, Saturn, Rings, Icy Satellites    full94.pdf
Outer Solar System    full95.pdf
Friday Morning, 8:30 a.m.
 Salon A Europa (and Triton)    full96.pdf
 Salon B Mars:  From Hydrogen to Ice and Implications for Climate Change    full97.pdf
 Salon C Differentiated Meteorites    full98.pdf
 Marina Plaza Blrm    Early Solar System Evolution    full100.pdf
Friday Afternoon, 1:30 p.m.
 Salon A Galilean Satellites    full101.pdf
 Salon B Mars Geochemistry and Weathering    full102.pdf
 Salon C Remote Sensing, Mare Basalts, and Lunar Resource Deposits    full103.pdf
 Marina Plaza Blrm    Chronology of a Protoplanetary Disk    full104.pdf
Print-Only Presentations
  Impacts    full105.pdf
Moon and Mercury    full106.pdf
Astrobiology    full107.pdf
[email protected]    full108.pdf
Mars:  Surficial Processes    full109.pdf
Mars:  Volcanism and Tectonics    full110.pdf
Mars:  Marscellaneous    full111.pdf
Meteorites    full112.pdf
Oxygen in the Solar System    full113.pdf
Cassini at Saturn    full114.pdf
Outer Planets and Satellites    full115.pdf
Stardust    full116.pdf
Asteroids and Small Bodies    full117.pdf
Early Solar System Evolution    full118.pdf
Genesis Mission    full122.pdf
Venus    full119.pdf
Exploration    full120.pdf
Education    full121.pdf

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