LPSC Bulletin Board

From:  Anna Szynkiewicz E-mail:  aaszynkiewicz@utep.edu Date:  2012-12-19 11:18:00.0
I am a female, prefer to stay in Marriott, non-smoking room.
From:  Linda Kah E-mail:  lckah@utk.edu Date:  2012-12-27 11:44:00.0
Looking to share a room with another female. Preferably in the conference hotel. I will be there only through Thursday, the 21st.
From:  Jun Yi E-mail:  jun.yi@yale.edu Date:  2013-01-07 12:27:00.0
I am a female, and prefer to stay in a non-smoking room. No hotel preference.
From:  Hongluo Zhang E-mail:  zhan1442@umn.edu Date:  2013-01-10 12:22:00.0
Female,no preferred hotel, and prefer non-smoking room
From:  NEERAJ SRIVASTAVA E-mail:  sneeraj@prl.res.in Date:  2013-01-15 06:42:00.0
would like to stay with another male, non - smoking
From:  Sara-jeanne Vogler E-mail:  sevogler@my.lamar.edu Date:  2013-01-27 14:06:00.0
Female, no preference on hotel, I smoke but prefer a non-smoking room, I will be there for the Undergraduate session on Sunday as well as the entire conference.
From:  julie menard E-mail:  jmenard37@gmail.com Date:  2013-02-12 17:53:00.0
female, non-smoking, hotel within a 2 mile radius preferred, will be there sunday-friday
From:  Lynn Geiger E-mail:  geiger.lynn@gmail.com Date:  2013-02-12 20:23:00.0
Female, I'd be ok with any hotel, but prefer the conference hotel. No Smoking Please :) p.s. all the women above me already have roommates
From:  Doug Wolfinger E-mail:  dw538511@ohio.edu Date:  2013-02-14 10:17:00.0
Male, no preferred hotel, nonsmoking, prefer to check in sunday and stay for a few days.
From:  Pedro Machado E-mail:  pedro.machado@obspm.fr Date:  2013-02-15 08:45:00.0
Hi, I am a male and I want to share a room in the Conference's Hotel.
From:  Brent Grocholski E-mail:  b.grocholski@gmail.com Date:  2013-02-19 11:42:00.0
Hey - male post-doc that has a room at the residence inn houston, lake front circle. Looking for roommate(s). The space has a sofabed in addition to a regular bed. Total per night is $250.00 and this can be split depending on how many people and what the digs actually look like (sofa bed vs regular bed). Address is 1040 Lake Front Circle ยท The Woodlands, TX77380USA and it looks like a mile walk to the conference hotel. I have it reserved sunday the 17th through friday the 22nd. I have no gender preference and don't mind commandering the couch. thanks!
From:  Iona Summerson E-mail:  iona.summerson@gmail.com Date:  2013-02-20 15:57:00.0
Female searching for a roommate, double room (preferably with a woman) at the Fairfield Inns, the Woodlands, room costs $945.30, so $ 472.65 per person. Non-smoker.
From:  Marian Sapah E-mail:  marian.sapah@anu.edu.au Date:  2013-02-20 22:51:00.0
Female, looking for a room to share.(Non smoking) Any hotel on the accomodation list will do. Thanks.
From:  Agata Krzesinska E-mail:  agatakrz@twarda.pan.pl Date:  2013-02-22 03:40:00.0
I am a female. Search for a room to share. I will stay in The Woodlands from sunday 17th till saturday 23rd.
From:  Arshad Ali E-mail:  aali287@uwo.ca Date:  2013-02-22 14:29:00.0
I am attending the meeting with my wife and would like to have a room which can be arranged by sharing of two people (whether females or males) already booked for different rooms but in the same hotel. This way we all can save some bucks! Please let me know ASAP so I can arrange for air tickets.
From:  Hiromi Ozaki E-mail:  hiromi.ozaki@gmail.com Date:  2013-02-26 08:48:00.0
Hello, I'm a female, non-smoker, looking for a room to share from 17th to 20th near the conference!
From:  Nan Zhang E-mail:  nan_zhang@brown.edu Date:  2013-02-26 14:26:00.0
I have room to share at Drury Inn & Suites The Woodlands from sunday to next friday. My room is a suite (two connecting rooms) and the rate is 199.00$ - so half of that would be 99.00 USD per night. I am a male.
From:  Steven Hobbs E-mail:  swhobbs2000@hotmail.com Date:  2013-02-28 13:56:00.0
Male. Looking for a room to share for the conference.I will stay in The Woodlands from sunday 17th till saturday 23rd.
From:  Marcos Vasconcelos E-mail:  vasconcelos@ige.unicamp.br Date:  2013-02-28 18:21:00.0
I am male and looking for a roomate to share a room between 15-22 March. I prefer someone who has already booked some hotel.
From:  Jeffrey T. Williams E-mail:  jtw11@my.fsu.edu Date:  2013-03-04 10:26:00.0
Looking for a room to share as close to the conference as possible.
From:  Benoit Welsch E-mail:  bwelsch@hawaii.edu Date:  2013-03-04 17:32:00.0
Male. Looking for a room to share as close to the conference as possible.
From:  Edwin Kite E-mail:  ekite@caltech.edu Date:  2013-03-04 18:30:00.0
Arriving Sunday, leaving Friday evening. Non-smoker, no particular preference for hotel.
From:  Benoit Welsch E-mail:  bwelsch@hawaii.edu Date:  2013-03-04 23:16:00.0
Male, also looking for a room to share as close to the conference as possible.
From:  A Springmann E-mail:  asteroid@alum.mit.edu Date:  2013-03-05 16:03:00.0
I have an extra hotel room with a bed and a fold-out couch at the Residence Inn Houston The Woodlands/Lake Front Circle (1040 Lake Front Circle, The Woodlands). $289.99/night, Sunday - Friday. Please let me know if you're interested!
From:  Miriam Riner E-mail:  mariner@higp.hawaii.edu Date:  2013-03-07 13:11:00.0
I have a room reserved at the conference hotel Sunday - Thursday nights. I'm looking for a female to share. The rate is $199 plus tax. Partial stays are welcome and I may shorten my stay depending on roommate/funding.
From:  SAHOUI Ratiba E-mail:  r.sahoui@gmail.com Date:  2013-03-11 14:21:00.0
I am a female,Search a room to share. I will stay in The Woodlands from Tuesday 19th till saturday 23rd.