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Poster Session I: Genesis Mission: Target Handling and Solar Wind Abundances
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Plan for Subdividing Genesis Mission Diamond-on-Silicon 60000 Solar Wind Collector, P. J. Burkett, J. A. Allton, S. J. Clemett, C. P. Gonzales, H. V. Lauer Jr, K. Nakamura-Messenger, M. C. Rodriquez, T. H. See, B. Sutter [Abstract 2837], Poster Location: 2

Examples of Optical Assessment of Surface Cleanliness of Genesis Samples, M. R. Rodriguez, J. H. Allton, P. J. Burkett, C. P. Gonzalez [Abstract 2515], Poster Location: 4

Cleaning Study of Genesis Sample 60487, K. R. Kuhlman, M. C. Rodgriguez, C. P. Gonzalez, J. H. Allton, D. S. Burnett [Abstract 2930], Poster Location: 5

Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen Abundances in the Bulk Solar Wind and Calibration of Absolute Abundances, V. S. Heber, D. S. Burnett, J. Duprat, Y. Guan, A. J. G. Jurewicz, B. Marty, K. D. McKeegan [Abstract 2540], Poster Location: 11

Poster Session I: (Proto)Solar Nebula I: Composition, Exchange Reactions and Mixing
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Structural Modification in Amorphous MgSiO_3 with Heat Treatment, J. Matsuno, A. Tsuchiyama, C. Koike, H. Chihara, Y. Imai, K. Murata, R. Takahashi, S. Kohara, Y. Kitajima, A. Yoshiasa, Y. Seto [Abstract 2199], Poster Location: 20

Poster Session I: (Proto)Solar Nebula II: Isotope Anomalies
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Yields in Simple Models of Dense Thermonuclear Supernovae, T. Yu, B. S. Meyer [Abstract 1998], Poster Location: 23

Zirconium Isotope Evidence for Dust Processing in the Early Solar Nebula, W. M. Akram, M. Schönbächler [Abstract 2138], Poster Location: 25

Barium Isotope Abundances in Meteorites: Implications for Early Solar System Evolution, K. R. Bermingham, K. Mezger, E. E. Scherer, R. Carlson, M. Horan, R. Upadhyay, T. Magna, A. Pack [Abstract 1734], Poster Location: 33

Evidence for Extinct 135-Cs from Ba Isotopes in Allende Inclusions?, K. R. Bermingham, K. Mezger, M. Horstmann, E. E. Scherer [Abstract 1732], Poster Location: 34

Poster Session I: Early Solar System Chronology
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Absolute Neodymium Isotopic Composition of Standard Materials — Implications for Accurate and Precise 142-Neodymium Measurements and Chronology, R. Andreasen, T. J. Lapen [Abstract 2918], Poster Location: 40

First I-Xe Ages of Rumuruti Chondrites and the Thermal History of Their Parent Body, J. L. Claydon, A. Ruzicka, S. A. Crowther, M. Y. P. Lee, A. Bischoff, H. Busemann, J. D. Gilmour [Abstract 2211], Poster Location: 46

Poster Session I: Chondrites: Organic Synthesis and Secondary Processes
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

In-Situ NanoSIMS Measurements of Isotopic Hotspots in the CM2 Meteorite Cold Bokkeveld, J. F. Snape, A. Morlok, N. A. Starkey, I. A. Franchi, I. Gilmour [Abstract 1913], Poster Location: 54

Maturation Grade of Organic Matter in Metamorphosed Carbonaceous Chondrites, N. Chaumard, E. Charon, J.-N. Rouzaud, B. Devouard [Abstract 2621], Poster Location: 56

TEM Study of Insoluble Organic Matter in Primitive Chondrites: Unusal Testures Associated with Organic Nanoglobules, H. G. Changela, C. D. Cody, C. M. O'D. Alexander, L. R. Nittler, Z. Peeters, B. R. De Gregorio, R. M. Stroud [Abstract 3101], Poster Location: 57

Primordial Noble Gases in the Unequilibrated LL3.2 Chondrite Krymka Analyzed by Closed System Step Etching, M. Riebe, H. Busemann, L. Huber, R. Wieler [Abstract 2133], Poster Location: 63

Poster Session I: Chondrites: High-Temperature Secondary Processes
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

A Pyroxene-Enriched Shock Melt Dike in the Buck Mountains 005 (L6) Chondrite, M. Hutson, A. Ruzicka, R. Brown [Abstract 1186], Poster Location: 76

A New Petrological Study of Nyírábrány, an Ordinary Chondrite from Hungary, M. Meszaros, Z. Ditrói-Puskás, T. Váczi, Á. Kereszturi [Abstract 1477], Poster Location: 77

Phosphate Mineralogy of Petrologic Type 4-6 L Ordinary Chondrites, J. A. Lewis, R. H. Jones [Abstract 2722], Poster Location: 83

CB Chondrites Could have Formed in an Impact Plume, A. V. Fedkin, L. Grossman, A. J. Campbell, M. Humayun [Abstract 2309], Poster Location: 87

Allende 10 B 41: Megachondrule, or Impact Melt Clast?, E. S. Bullock, N. G. Lunning, T. J. McCoy [Abstract 1646], Poster Location: 94

Poster Session I: Early Differentiation of Planetary Bodies Across the Solar System
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Partially Differentiated Planetesimals may Retain Primitive Crusts, R. R. Fu, L. T. Elkins-Tanton [Abstract 1173], Poster Location: 97

A Model for the Three-Dimensional Heating of a Planetesimal, T. D. Komacek, F. J. Ciesla, T. M. Davison [Abstract 1359], Poster Location: 98

Poster Session I: Terrestrial Planetary Differentiation: Core to Mantle
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Si and S in Highly Reducing Conditions: Implications for the Evolution of Mercury, V. J. Hillgren, Y. Fei [Abstract 3078], Poster Location: 104

Poster Session I: Vesta and the HED Connection: Dawn Results
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Petrology of the Unbrecciated Eucrite, Cumulus Hills 04049, J. K. Dhaliwal, C. A. Corder, J. M. D. Day, A. D. Patchen, L. A. Taylor [Abstract 2434], Poster Location: 110

The Photometric Properties of Vesta in Visible and Near-Infrared from Dawn VIR Instrument, J.-Y. Li, J.-P. Combe, A. Longobardo, F. Capaccioni, M. C. De Sanctis, E. Ammannito, M. T. Capria, E. Palomba, F. Tosi, F. Zambon, S. E. Schröder, B. W. Denevi, V. Reddy, C. T. Russell, C. A. Raymond [Abstract 2343], Poster Location: 119

Poster Session I: Impact Craters on Vesta, Large and Small
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Bimodal Craters on Vesta: Impacts on Slopes Studied by Numerical Simulations, D. Elbeshausen, K. Krohn, K. Wünnemann, R. Jaumann, C. T. Russell, C. A. Raymond [Abstract 1903], Poster Location: 125

Poster Session I: Planetary Dynamics and Tectonics
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Dissipation Inside Mars at Tidal and Seismic Frequencies, F. Nimmo, U. H. Faul [Abstract 2174], Poster Location: 149

Liquid Hydrocarbons and Fluid Overpressures Explain Contractional Structures on Titan, Z. Y. C. Liu, J. Radebaugh, R. Harris, E. H. Christiansen [Abstract 1851], Poster Location: 157

Poster Session I: Mercury
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

A Spectrum of Tectonised Basin Edges on Mercury, D. A. Rothery, M. Massironi [Abstract 1175], Poster Location: 169

Time-Dependent Calibration of Messenger's Wide-Angle Camera Following a Contamination Event, M. R. Keller, C. M. Ernst, B. W. Denevi, S. L. Murchie, N. L. Chabot, K. J. Becker, C. D. Hash, D. L. Domingue, R. E. Sterner II [Abstract 2489], Poster Location: 176

Exploiting the Mercury Surface Reflectance Spectroscopy Dataset from MESSENGER: Making Sense of Three Million Spectra, M. D'Amore, J. Helbert, G. M. Holsclaw, N. R. Izenberg, W. E. McClintock, J. W. Head, S. C. Solomon [Abstract 1900], Poster Location: 178

Unsupervised Clustering Analysis of Spectral Data for the Rudaki Area on Mercury, M. D’Amore, J. Helbert, G. M. Holsclaw, N. R. Izenberg, W. E. McClintock, J. W. Head, S. C. Solomon [Abstract 1896], Poster Location: 180

What Sulfides Exist on Mercury?, W. M. Vaughan, J. W. Head, S. W. Parman, J. Helbert [Abstract 2013], Poster Location: 183

Poster Session I: Mars Science Laboratory: Geology Regional and Local
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Gale Crater Mound in a Regional Geologic Setting: Mapping and Probing Surrounding Outcrops for Areas Akin to the Central Mound at Gale, L. Korn, C. C. Allen [Abstract 1094], Poster Location: 196

Quantitative Mineral Abundances in Gale Crater Using THEMIS, R. J. Smith, P. R. Christensen [Abstract 2925], Poster Location: 201

Poster Session I: Mars Science Laboratory: Instruments and Calibrations
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

MSL/REMS Measurements of Conditions During MSL/SAM Atmospheric Ingestion Events, M. H. Wong, M. LeFavor, C. Newman, B. Prats, H. Kahanpää, M. Genzer, E. Sebastian, A. Lepinette, O. Kemppinen, A.-M. Harri, J. Gómez-Elvira, F. Gómez, D. Martin, P. R. Mahaffy, H. Manning, MSL Science Team [Abstract 1697], Poster Location: 206

Curiosity’s Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI): Initial Observations and Activities, K. S. Edgett, R. A. Yingst, M. E. Minitti, M. L. Robinson, M. R. Kennedy, L. J. Lipkaman, E. H. Jensen, R. C. Anderson, K. M. Bean, L. W. Beegle, J. L. Carsten, C. L. Collins, B. Cooper, R. G. Deen, J. L. Eigenbrode, W. Goetz, J. P. Grotzinger, S. Gupta, V. E. Hamilton, C. J. Hardgrove, D. E. Harker, K. E. Herkenhoff, P. N. Herrera, L. Jandura, L. C. Kah, G. M. Krezoski, P. C. Leger, M. T. Lemmon, K. W. Lewis, M. B. Madsen, J. N. Maki, M. C. Malin, B. E. Nixon, T. S. Olson, O. Pariser, L. V. Posiolova, M. A. Ravine, C. Roumeliotis, S. K. Rowland, N. A. Ruoff, C. C. Seybold, J. Schieber, M. E. Schmidt, A. J. Sengstacken, J. J. Simmonds, K. M. Stack, R. J. Sullivan, V. V. Tompkins, T. L. Van Beek, MSL Science Team [Abstract 1199], Poster Location: 212

Fluorocarbon Contamination from the Drill on the Mars Science Laboratory: Potential Science Impact on Detecting Martian Organics by Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM), J. L. Eigenbrode, A. McAdam, H. Franz, C. Freissient, H. Bower, M. Floyd, P. Conrad, P. R. Mahaffy, J. Feldman, J. A. Hurowitz, J. Evans, M. Anderson, L. Jandura, K. Brown, C. Logan, S. Kuhn, R. Anderson, L. W. Beegle, D. Limonadi, R. Rainen, J. Umland [Abstract 1652], Poster Location: 214

From Background to Signal: Challenges of a Solid Sample Analysis Using SAM GC-MS, C. Freissinet, A. Buch, D. P. Glavin, M. Cabane, P. Coll, J. L. Eigenbrode, A. Steele, C. Szopa, P. R. Mahaffy, SAM and MSL Science Teams [Abstract 1249], Poster Location: 216

Poster Session I: Mars Science Laboratory: The Atmosphere and Environment
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Inferences of Martian Atmospheric Dust and Water Ice Content Derived from Radiative Transfer Models of Passive MSL Observations by MastCam, E. M. McCullough, J. E. Moores, R. Francis, MSL Science Team [Abstract 1288], Poster Location: 225

Observations of Clouds and Winds Aloft at Gale Crater, R. Francis, J. Moores, J. Maki, D. Choi, E. McCullough, MSL Engineering Camera Team, MSL Science Team [Abstract 1717], Poster Location: 227

Convective Vortices in Gale Crater, H. Kahanpää, M. de la Torre Juárez, J. Moores, N. Rennó, S. Navarro, R Haberle, M.-P. Zorzano, J. Martín Torres, J. Verdasca, A. Lepinette, J. A. Rodriquez, J. Gómez-Elvira, REMS Team, MSL Team [Abstract 3095], Poster Location: 228

MSL/SAM Measurements of Non-Condensable Volatiles in the Atmosphere of Mars -Possibility of Seasonal Variations, S. K. Atreya, S. W. Squyres, P. R. Mahaffy, L. A. Leshin, H. B. Franz, M. G. Trainer, M. H. Wong, C. P. McKay, R. Navarro-González, MSL Science Team [Abstract 2130], Poster Location: 230

Measurements of Mars Methane at Gale Crater by the SAM Tunable Laser Spectrometer on the Curiosity Rover, C. R. Webster, P. R. Mahaffy, S. K. Atreya, G. J. Flesch, L. E. Christensen, K. A. Farley, MSL Science Team [Abstract 1366], Poster Location: 231

Poster Session I: Mars Science Laboratory: Soils and Rocks
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Possible Alteration of Rocks Observed by Chemcam Along the Traverse to Glenelg in Gale Crater on Mars, G. Berger, D. Blaney, J. C Bridges, A. Cousin, O. Forni, O. Gasnault, J. Lasue, S. Maurice, P.-Y. Meslin, P. Pinet, C. d'Uston, R. C. Wiens, MSL Science Team [Abstract 1502], Poster Location: 245

Evidence for Rock Surface Alteration with ChemCam from Curiosity's First 90 Sols, N. L. Lanza, R. B. Anderson, D. Blaney, N. T. Bridges, B. Clark, S. M. Clegg, D. Delapp, B. L. Ehlmann, C. J. Hardgrove, R. Léveillé, N. Mangold, N. Melikechi, P.-Y. Meslin, A. Mezzacappa, H. E. Newsom, A. Ollila, R. C. Wiens, MSL Science Team [Abstract 1723], Poster Location: 246

ChemCam Analysis on Jake Matijevic, Gale Crater, A. Cousin, R. C. Wiens, V. Sautter, N. Mangold, C. Fabre, G. Berger, O. Forni, S. Maurice, O. Gasnault, R. Anderson, B. Clarck, J. Lasue, S. Le Mouélic, E. Lewin, A. Ollila, S. M. Clegg [Abstract 1409], Poster Location: 247

MSL/SAM Measurements of Nitrogen and Argon Isotopes in the Mars Atmosphere, M. H. Wong, S. K. Atreya, P. R. Mahaffy, M. Trainer, H. Franz, J. Stern, T. Owen, C. P. McKay, J. H. Jones, H. Manning, R. Navarro-González [Abstract 1712], Poster Location: 248

Poster Session I: Mars Science Laboratory: Results from Rocknest
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Possible Detection of Nitrates on Mars by the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) Instrument, R. Navarro-González, J. Stern, B. Sutter, D. Archer, A. McAdam, H. B. Franz, C. P. McKay, P. Coll, M. Cabane, D. W. Ming, F. Raulin, A. E. Brunner, D. P. Glavin, J. L. Eigenbrode, J. H. Jones, C. Freissinet, L. A. Leshin, M. Wong, S. K. Atreya, J. J. Wray, A. Steele, A. Buch, B. D. Prats, C. Szopa, D. Coscia, S. Teinturier, P. Conrad, P. Mahaffy, F. J. Martín-Torres, M. P. Zorzano-Mier, J. P. Grotzinger, MSL Science Team [Abstract 2648], Poster Location: 275

Detection of Organic Constituents Including Chloromethylpropene in the Analyses of the Rocknest Drift by Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM), J. L. Eigenbrode, D. Glavin, P. Coll, R. E. Summons, P. Mahaffy, D. Archer, A. E. Brunner, A. Buch, M. Cabane, P. Conrad, C. Freissinet, M. Martin, C. P. McKay, K. Miller, R. Navarro-González, A. Steele, C. Szopa, S. Teinturier, J. A. Hurowitz, J. Evans, M. Anderson, L. Jandura, K. Brown, C. Logan, S. Kuhn, R. Anderson, L. W. Beegle, B. Blakkolb, I. Katz, D. Limonadi, R. Rainen, J. Umland, SAM Team, MSL Science Team [Abstract 1666], Poster Location: 278

Poster Session I: Mars Mapping and Structural Analyses
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Strain Calculations for Circumferential Graben on Alba Mons, Mars, T. Öhman, P. J. McGovern [Abstract 2966], Poster Location: 290

Poster Session I: Mass Movements and Erosion on Mars
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Floor Deposits and Landslides in West Candor Chasma, Mars, B. K. Lucchitta [Abstract 1684], Poster Location: 297

Experimental Study of CO_2 Sublimation as a Trigger for Mass Wasting, M. E. Sylvest, J. C. Dixon, A. Barnes, G. Ito [Abstract 1626], Poster Location: 300

Poster Session I: Mars Volcanism
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Comparison of Terrestrial Cinder Cones and Candidate Volcanic Cones in the Northern Circumpolar Region of Mars, M. Sánchez-Bayton, M. Herraiz, Á. Kereszturi, E. Fodor [Abstract 1977], Poster Location: 311

Inflated Lava Flows East of Mars' Tharsis Montes, M. L. McCarthy, J. R. Zimbelman [Abstract 1153], Poster Location: 313

Inflated Lava Flows West of Mars' Tharsis Montes, C. A. Wishard, J. R. Zimbelman, L. A. Hennig [Abstract 1631], Poster Location: 314

Amenthes Cones, Mars: Hydrovolcanic (Tuff) Rings and Cones from Phreatomagmatic Explosive Eruptions on Mars, P. Brož, E. Hauber [Abstract 2430], Poster Location: 315

A Unique Young Flow Southwest of Cerberus Fossae, Mars, P. J. Mouginis-Mark [Abstract 1203], Poster Location: 317

Distinguishing Volcanic and Fluvial Activity in Mangala Valles, Mars via Geomorphic Mapping, A. L. Keske, A. S. McEwen, I. J. Daubar [Abstract 2356], Poster Location: 318

Poster Session I: Volcanism on Mars: From Analogues to Flow Morphologies to Mapping
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Evolution of Volcanism in Syrtis Major Planum (Mars): Drawing Insight from Terrestrial Analogues, P. Fawdon, M. R. Balme, C. L. Vye-Brown, D. A. Rothery, C. J. Jordan [Abstract 2232], Poster Location: 320

Inflation Processes at the McCartys Lava Flow Field, New Mexico, with Application to Identifying Inflated Lava Flows on Planetary Surfaces, J. R. Zimbelman, W. B. Garry, J. E. Bleacher, L. S. Crumpler, S. Self, J. C. Aubele, S. M. Baloga, L. S. Glaze, R. A. Schultz [Abstract 2120], Poster Location: 323

Simulation of Inflated Pahoehoe Lava Flows, L. S. Glaze, S. M. Baloga [Abstract 1230], Poster Location: 324

Poster Session I: Volcanism on Venus, Moon, and Io
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Formation of Patarae on Io: Geologic Mapping and Experimental Models, M. C. Decker, J. H. Smith, J. Radebaugh, E. H. Christiansen, D. A. Williams [Abstract 2699], Poster Location: 350

Poster Session I: The Lunar Interior from Gravity and Tides: GRAIL, Lunar Prospector, Chang'e and Laser Ranging
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Modeling the Origin of the Orientale Basin Mascon, D. M. Blair, B. C. Johnson, A. M. Freed, H. J. Melosh, G. A. Neumann, S. C. Solomon, M. T. Zuber [Abstract 2821], Poster Location: 357

Strategies for Lava Tube Detection with GRAIL Data, L. Chappaz, H. J. Melosh, K. C. Howell [Abstract 2019], Poster Location: 359

Tidal Response of a Laterally Varying Moon: An Application of Perturbation Theory, C. Qin, S. Zhong, J. M. Wahr [Abstract 2459], Poster Location: 364

Thermal Analysis of Lunar Corner Cube Retro-Reflectors, D. G. Currie, G. O. Delle Monache, B. Behr, S. Dell'Agnello [Abstract 3111], Poster Location: 365

Poster Session I: Lunar Geophysics and Tectonics
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

An Analytic Model for the Thermal Conductivity of Planetary Regolith: Uncemented, Non-Spherical Particulates, S. E. Wood [Abstract 3077], Poster Location: 371

Validation of PREDICCS Using LRO/CRaTER Observations During Three Major Solar Events in 2012, C. J. Joyce, J. B. Blake, A. W. Case, M. Golightly, J. C. Kasper, J. Mazur, N. A. Schwadron, E. Semones, S. Smith, H. E. Spence, L. W. Townsend, J. K. Wilson, C. J. Zeitlin [Abstract 2707], Poster Location: 382

Poster Session I: Lunar Samples
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Keeping Up with the Lunar Meteorites – 2013, R. L. Korotev, A. J. Irving [Abstract 1216], Poster Location: 388

The Origin of Oscillatory Zoning of Major and Minor Elements in Pyroxene Phenocrysts in Lunar Basaltic Meteorite NWA 032/479, S. M. Elardo, C. K. Shearer [Abstract 1701], Poster Location: 391

Extraction of Meteoritic Metals from Lunar Regolith, J. Sridhar, B. L. Cooper, D. S. Mckay [Abstract 2276], Poster Location: 398

Iron-Nickel(-Cobalt) Metal in Lunar Rocks Revisited, A. Wittmann, R. L. Korotev [Abstract 3035], Poster Location: 399

EPMA Quantitative Compositional Mapping and Analysis of Lunar Samples, P. K. Carpenter, S. N. North, B. L. Jolliff, J. J. Donovan [Abstract 1827], Poster Location: 400

Microwave Heating Studies and Instrumentation for Processing Lunar Regolith and Simulants, M. Barmatz, D. Steinfeld, D. Winterhalter, D. Rickman, M. Weinstein [Abstract 1223], Poster Location: 403

Quantitative Petrography of Ilmenite in Lunar Mare Basalts, P. H. Donohue, C. R. Neal [Abstract 2497], Poster Location: 404

Testing the Origins of Basalt Fragments from Apollo 16, P. H. Donohue, R. E. Stevens, C. R. Neal, R. A. Zeigler [Abstract 2897], Poster Location: 405

Basaltic Regolith Sample 12003,314: A New Member of the Apollo 12 Feldspathic Basalt Suite?, J. F. Snape, L. Alexander, I. A. Crawford, K. H. Joy [Abstract 1044], Poster Location: 406

Raman Imaging of a Granitic Lunar Breccia, S. M. Seddio, A. Wang, B. L. Jolliff, R. L. Korotev [Abstract 2568], Poster Location: 414

NanoSIMS Pb/Pb Dating of Tranquillityite in High-Ti Lunar Basalts: Constraints on Ages and Duration of High-Ti Volcanism on the Moon, R. Tartèse, M. Anand, T. Delhaye [Abstract 1274], Poster Location: 421

Distinct Petrogenesis of Low- and High-Ti Mare Basalts Revealed by OH Content and H Isotope Composition of Apatite, R. Tartèse, M. Anand, J. J. Barnes, N. A. Starkey, I. A. Franchi [Abstract 2222], Poster Location: 429

Indigenous Lunar Nitrogen, P. H. Barry, D. R. Hilton, K. Marti, L. A. Taylor [Abstract 2160], Poster Location: 432

Poster Session I: Icy Satellites
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Tidally-Driven Strike-Slip Failure Mechanics on Ganymede, M. E. Cameron, B. R. Smith-Konter, R. T. Pappalardo, G. Collins, F. Nimmo [Abstract 2711], Poster Location: 437

Reevaluating Groove Formation on Ganymede: Forming Larger-Amplitude Grooves at Smaller Extensional Strains, M. T. Bland, W. B. McKinnon [Abstract 2176], Poster Location: 438

The Role of Plastic Deformation and Crystallizating Water Intrusions in Europan Ridges, S. J. Johnston, L. G. Montési [Abstract 2932], Poster Location: 442

Sill Emplacement in Europa's Ice Shell as a Driving Mechanism for Double Ridge Formation, K. L. Craft, G. W. Patterson, R. P. Lowell [Abstract 3033], Poster Location: 443

The Structure and Evolution of Europa’s Ocean and Ice Shell in the Presence of Aqueous MgSO_4, S. Vance, J. C. Goodman [Abstract 1877], Poster Location: 444

Modeling of Galileo/NIMS Europa Spectra of the Anti-Jovian and Trailing Sides Using Two Endmembers and Water Ice, G. B. Hansen [Abstract 2998], Poster Location: 446

Crater Chain Classification and Origins on Rhea, R. Johnston, O. White [Abstract 2581], Poster Location: 454

The Shapes of Simple Craters in the Outer Solar System Determined with an Enhanced Shadow Measurement Technique, R. R. Herrick [Abstract 2825], Poster Location: 455

Far-Ultraviolet Photometric Characteristics of Tethys, Dione and Mimas, E. M. Royer, A. R. Hendrix [Abstract 2338], Poster Location: 457

On the Thermal Feedback Process Leading to the Global Brightness Dichotomy of Iapetus Including the Effect of Orbital Precession, G. G. Galuba, T. Denk [Abstract 2195], Poster Location: 458

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Uranian Satellites: Searching for Carbon Dioxide Ice on Umbriel, Titania, and Oberon, R. Cartwright, J. P. Emery, A. Rivkin, D. Trilling [Abstract 1195], Poster Location: 459

The Impact Rate on Giant Planet Satellites During the Late Heavy Bombardment, L. Dones, H. F. Levison [Abstract 2772], Poster Location: 460

Using Elastic Torque to Predict Libration on Icy Satellites, M. E. Walker, J. L. Mitchell [Abstract 2763], Poster Location: 462

Interior Structure of Water Planets: Implications for Their Dynamo Source Regions, B. Y. Tian, S. Stanley [Abstract 1638], Poster Location: 464

Poster Session I: Titan
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Wind Driven Capillary-Gravity Waves on Titan: Hard to Detect or Non-Existent?, A. G. Hayes, R. D. Lorenz, M. A. Donelan, M. Manga, J. I. Lunine, T. Schneider, M. P. Lamb, J. M. Mitchell, W. W. Fischer, S. D. Graves, H. L. Tolman, O. Aharonson, P. J. Encrenaz, B. Ventura, D. Casarano, C. Notarnicola [Abstract 2009], Poster Location: 467

Composition of Titan's Dry Lakebeds: What can be Inferred from the Solubility Theory, D. Cordier, J. W. Barnes, A. Ferreira [Abstract 1468], Poster Location: 468

Poster Session I: Education and Outreach: Higher Education
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

EarthSpace: A National Clearinghouse for Higher Education Materials and Information in Earth and Space Sciences, H. A. Dalton, E. A. CoBabe-Ammann, S. S. Shipp [Abstract 2579], Poster Location: 484

Planetary Science Multimedia: Animated Infographics for Scientific Education and Public Outreach, F. Saavedra, L. Lozano [Abstract 2961], Poster Location: 486

Poster Session I: Education and Outreach: Student Research
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Lessons Learned from the Mars Student Imaging Project: Elements for Success in Creating an Authentic Research Experience for K-12 Students, S. L. Klug Boonstra, P. R. Christensen, J. L. Swann, L. Manfredi, J. A. Zippay [Abstract 2725], Poster Location: 488

Students Researching the Red Planet: Results and Ongoing Analysis with the Mars Exploration Student Data Teams, B. Grigsby, D. Turney, S. L. Murchie, A. McGovern, D. L. Buczkowski, H. Nair, R. Snyder [Abstract 1207], Poster Location: 489

Evaluating the High School Lunar Research Projects Program, A. J. Shaner, C. Shupla, S. Shipp, J. Allen, D. A. Kring [Abstract 2464], Poster Location: 491

Interactive Mapping of the Planets Using the Google Earth Platform, A. M. Gilbert, G. R. Osinski, T. N. Harrison, M. Mader, A. Nuhn, B. Shankar, L. L. Tornabene [Abstract 2045], Poster Location: 492

Poster Session I: Education and Outreach: Public Outreach
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Mars and Beyond: A Panel and Games at the Museum of Science Boston, J. P. Cohen, W. Ding, J. Sable, R. Li, T. Stepinski [Abstract 1367], Poster Location: 495

Storytelling in the Planetarium: Keeping it Casual and Making Connections, M. M. Selvans, A. K. Johnston, K. Nagy [Abstract 2828], Poster Location: 498

Poster Session I: Education and Outreach: Scientist Engagement
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

NASA Planetary Science Summer School: 25 Years of Preparing the Next Generation of Planetary Mission Leaders, C. J. Budney, L. L. Lowes, K. L. Mitchell, A. M. Sohus, T. D. Stelzner, A. S. Wessen [Abstract 2938], Poster Location: 501

Get Involved in Planetary Science Education and Public Outreach! Here's How!, H. A. Dalton, S. S. Shipp, S. R. Buxner, E. A. CoBabe-Ammann, C. Shupla, E. Halligan, A. Wessen, G. Baerg, A. Burdick, P. Davis, R. Zimmerman Brachman [Abstract 2753], Poster Location: 502

NASA SMD Scientist Speakers Bureau, C. Shupla, S. R. Buxner, S. S. Shipp, E. A. CoBabe-Ammann, B. Hsu, B. Meinke, D. Smith [Abstract 1211], Poster Location: 503

LunGradCon: Lunar and Small Bodies Graduate Student Conference 2013, Call For Participation, H. A. Fuqua, J. Szalay, K. L. Donaldson Hanna, P. H. Donohue [Abstract 1725], Poster Location: 504

Poster Session I: Education and Outreach: Citizen Science
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Planet Investigators: Citizen Scientists as key Collaborators in Processing and Mining Hubble Images of the Solar System, M. J. Mutchler, A. Conti, S. Deustua, A. Viana, M. H. Wong, P. L. Gay [Abstract 2633], Poster Location: 506

Jupiter Observation Campaign — Citizen Science at the Outer Planets: A Progress Report, J. H. Jones, P. Dyches [Abstract 1711], Poster Location: 508

Poster Session I: Education and Outreach: Education Programs
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

A Journey Through the Solar System: Outreach at the Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences, W. T. Bryan [Abstract 2248], Poster Location: 513

Simulated Mars Rover Model Competition 2012-2013, P. G. Vizi, A. Sipos [Abstract 2850], Poster Location: 514

Poster Session I: Planetary Mission Concepts
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

VADER: Venus Atmosphere, Descent and Environmental Researcher, a NASA Planetary Science Summer School Mission Concept, P. Sharma, D. Nuding, P. Ozhogin, I. Bell, K. Bennett, T. Broiles, P. Byrne, M. Chojnacki, E. Frank, J. Hanley, J. Kay, E. Larson, M. Pendleton, S. Schwartz, G. Vixie, C. J. Budney, L. L. Lowes, K. L. Mitchell [Abstract 1674], Poster Location: 518

Science and Exploration Missions Enabled by the Space Launch System, K. Klaus, K. E. Post [Abstract 1231], Poster Location: 523

Mission Concepts Enabled by Solar Electric Propulson and Advanced Modular Power Systems, K. Klaus, M. S. Elsperman, F. Rogers [Abstract 1486], Poster Location: 524

Shootingstar Sensing Satellite (S^3: S-Cube): Cubesat Project for Observation of Meteors from Low Earth Orbit, R. Ishimaru, Y. Sakamoto, M. Kobayashi, N. Namiki, H. Senshu, K. Wada, S. Ohno, K. Ishibashi, M. Yamada, T. Arai, T. Matsui, S. Hosokawa, Y. Tanabe, H. Yagisawa, S. Abe, K. Kurosawa, S. Nakasuka, H. Akiyama, K. Yoshida, M. Sato, Y. Takahashi [Abstract 1944], Poster Location: 526

Space Station 2.0: A Transformational Architecture for Space Development, J. Berk, J. Straub, A. Nervold, D. Whalen [Abstract 1861], Poster Location: 527

Inner Design of a Habitat Module for Planetary Surfaces, I. Magyar, M. Udvardi, P. Szakolczai, R. K. Varga, B. Veres, Á. Papp, B. Berendi, N. Tóth, S. Tóczik, Á. Lovász, Sz. Bérczi, T. P. Varga, R. Cseh [Abstract 2893], Poster Location: 529

LunarCube: Advancement of Solar System Exploration with the CubeSat Paradigm, P. E. Clark, R. MacDowall, W. M. Farrell, N. E. Petro, R. Cox, A. Vasant, S. Schaire [Abstract 1233], Poster Location: 530

Landing Sites Optimized for Geophysical Studies of the Structure and Thermal State of the Lunar Interior, B. Y. Tian, W. D. Poole, J. M. Garber, R. A. French, P. H. Smith, J. J. Barnes, D. A. Kring [Abstract 1629], Poster Location: 536

ISRU Based Lunar Surface Habitat Module, T. P. Varga, S. Kabai, Sz. Bérczi, I. Szilágyi, T. N. Varga [Abstract 2862], Poster Location: 539

Possible Identification Method for Martian Surface Organism by Using a New Strategy of Nano-Robots, P. G. Vizi, S. Dulai, M. Marschall, Sz. Bérczi, A. Horvath, Gy. Hudoba, T. Pocs [Abstract 2281], Poster Location: 541

Autonomous Mars In-Situ Resource Utilization Robot for Water Recovery Using Centrifugal Processing, N. P. Orenstein [Abstract 1843], Poster Location: 542

Mars Geophysical Lander Mission: A Mission Concept from the 2003 NASA Planetary Science Summer School, B. R. Shiro, D. W. Kwon, E. M. Craparo, S. I. Infeld, J. L. Heldmann, F. S. Thompson [Abstract 1706], Poster Location: 543

Celestial Army — Telecommunication Over Mars, A. A. Shirbhate [Abstract 1008], Poster Location: 547

AIDA: Test of Asteroid Deflection by Spacecraft Impact, A. F. Cheng [Abstract 2985], Poster Location: 548

Flyby of Io with Repeat Encounters (FIRE): A New Frontiers Mission Designed to Study the Most Volcanic Body in the Solar System, R. W. K. Potter, M. L. Cable, J. Cumbers, D. M. Gentry, T. N. Harrison, S. Naidu, S. Padovan, C. W. Parker, J. Reimuller, S. Shkolyar, T.-A. Suer, J. R. Szalay, H. J. Trammell, C. C. Walker, J. L. Whitten, C. J. Budney [Abstract 2874], Poster Location: 552

Unveiling the Evolution and Formation of Icy Giants, M. Laneuville, T. Bocanegra, C. Bracken, M. Costa, D. Dirkx, I. Gerth, K. Konstantinidis, C. Labrianidis, A. Luntzer, J. MacArthur, A. Maier, A. Morschhauser, T. Nordheim, R. Sallantin, R. Tlustos [Abstract 1644], Poster Location: 553

Poster Session I: Mars Landing Sites: Current and Future
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

MER Early Traverse Mapping: MOC vs HiRISE Localization, P. J. Stooke [Abstract 1396], Poster Location: 561

Poster Session I: Instrument and Payload Concepts
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Open Orbiter: A Platform for Enabling Planetary Science, J. Straub, J. Berk, A. Nervold, A. Mohammad, C. Korvald, D. Torgerson [Abstract 1424], Poster Location: 565

Proposed Documentation Standards for Describing Specifications of Imaging Systems for Planetary Mapping, R. A. Saleh, R. L. Kirk [Abstract 2857], Poster Location: 566

Automated Image Matching Techniques for Planetary Photogrammetric Mapping, R. A. Saleh, R. L. Kirk [Abstract 3008], Poster Location: 567

Demonstrating the Geological Applications of a Three Dimensional Exploration Multispectral Microscope Imager (TEMMI), A. B. Coulter, G. R. Osinski, P. Dietrich, L. L. Tornabene, M. Daly, M. Doucet, A. Kerr, M. Robert, M. Talbot, A. Taylor, M. Tremblay [Abstract 2398], Poster Location: 572

New Pycnometer Design for Thin-Sliced Meteorites, R. J. Macke SJ, D. T. Britt, G. J. Consolmagno SJ [Abstract 1398], Poster Location: 575

Update on Development of the Potassium-Argon Laser Experiment (KArLE) Instrument for In Situ Geochronology, B. A. Cohen, Z.-H. Li, J. S. Miller, W. B. Brinckerhoff, S. M. Clegg, P. R. Mahaffy, T. D. Swindle, R. C. Wiens [Abstract 2363], Poster Location: 581

The James Webb Space Telescope: Solar System Science, D. C. Hines, H. B. Hammel, J. I. Lunine, S. N. Milam, J. S. Kalirai, G. Sonneborn [Abstract 1019], Poster Location: 590

Operations Concept for Solar System Observations with the James Webb Space Telescope, G. Sonneborn, S. N. Milam, D. C. Hines, H. B. Hammel, J. I. Lunine [Abstract 1356], Poster Location: 591

Compact Ultra Low Temperature Instrumentation for the Lunar Surface, P. E. Clark, S. Whitaker, K. Brown, R. Cox, A. Vasant [Abstract 1235], Poster Location: 595

Planetary-Prototype Drilling and Sample Acquisition Tests at Analog Sites, B. J. Glass, C. P. McKay, A. Dave, P. Lee, B. Mellerowicz [Abstract 1334], Poster Location: 598

Mars Methane Analogue Mission (M3): Geological Mapping with an Electromagnetic Induction Sounder, M. Ralchenko, M. Perrot, C. Samson, A. Tremblay, S. Holladay, E. A. Cloutis [Abstract 1027], Poster Location: 600

An Instrument Suite for Mineral ID and Biomarker Seeking in Atacama, A. Wang, J. L. Lambert, P. S. Sobron [Abstract 2586], Poster Location: 602

Application of Multivariate Analysis Techniques for the Identification of Sulfates from Raman Spectra — Implications for Exomars, G. Lopez-Reyes, P. Sobron, C. Lefevbre, F. Rull [Abstract 2135], Poster Location: 606

Rb-Sr Dating with Accuracy of Better than ±150 Ma Using a Portable LDRIMS for the Mars-2020 Rover, F. S. Anderson, T. Whitaker, V. Hamilton, K. Nowicki [Abstract 1762], Poster Location: 614

ODIN — A Prototype Mars In-Situ Luminescence Reader for Geochronology and Radiation Measurements, R. DeWitt, S. W. S. McKeever [Abstract 1665], Poster Location: 616

The SEIS InSight VBB Experiment, P-A. Dandonneau, P. Lognonne, W. B. Banerdt, S. Deraucourt, T. Gabsi, J. Gagnepain-Beyneix, T. Nebut, O. Robert, S. Tillier, K. Hurst, D. Mimoun, U. Christenssen, M. Bierwirth, R. Roll, T. Pike, S. Calcutt, D. Giardini, D. Mance, P. Zweifel, P. Laudet, L. Kerjean, R. Perez, Seis Team [Abstract 2006], Poster Location: 619

The Mars Atmospheric Trace Molecule Occultation Spectrometer (MATMOS): An Overview, S. A. Conway, K. Strong, K. A. Walker, K. S. Olsen, P. O. Wennberg, V. J. Hipkin, J. R. Drummond, G. C. Toon, P. B. Berube, J. J. Veilleux, MATMOS Team [Abstract 2227], Poster Location: 621

The OSIRIS-REx Camera Suite (OCAMS), P. H. Smith, B. Rizk, E. Kinney-Spano, C. Fellows, C. d'Aubigny, C. Merrill [Abstract 1690], Poster Location: 624

Science Observation Strategy for Hayabusa-2 Optical Navigation Cameras (ONC), S. Sugita, T. Morota, S. Kameda, R. Honda, C. Honda, Hayabusa-2 ONC Science Team [Abstract 3026], Poster Location: 626

Capabilities of Gamma Ray and Neutron Spectrometers for Studying Trojan Asteroid Composition, A. M. Parsons, L. Evans, L. Lim, R. Starr [Abstract 2082], Poster Location: 632

Ion-Selective Optical Sensors for the Characterization of Europa's Oceans, P. Sobron, M. Bamsey, C. Thompson, A. Berinstain, S. Caron, A. Scott [Abstract 2740], Poster Location: 635

Why Raman and LIBS for Exploring Icy Moons?, P. Sobron, C. Lefebvre, A. Koujelev, A. Wang [Abstract 2381], Poster Location: 636

Poster Session I: When the Planets Come to Earth: Terrestrial Analogs for Extraterrestrial Environments
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Skouriotissa Mine: A New Terrestrial Analogue for Hydrated Mineral Formation on Early Mars, N. Bost, C. Ramboz, F. Foucher, F. Westall [Abstract 1400], Poster Location: 643

Alluvial Fans of Northern Chile as an Analog to Mars, A. M. Morgan, A. D. Howard, D. E. J. Hobley, Y. Matsubara, J. M. Moore, R. A. Parsons, R. M. E. Williams, D. M. Burr, A. G. Hayes, W. D. Dietrich [Abstract 2833], Poster Location: 645

Assessing Environmental Controls on Acid-Sulfate Alteration at Active Volcanoes in Nicaragua: Applications to Relic Hydrothermal Systems on Mars, B. M. Hynek, T. M. McCollom, E. C. Marcucci, K. K. Brugman, K. L. Rogers [Abstract 1633], Poster Location: 649

Visible to Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Acid-Sulfate Weathering Sites in Nicaraguan Volcanic Systems: An Early Mars Analog, E. C. Marcucci, B. M. Hynek, K. S. Kierein-Young, K. L. Rogers [Abstract 1677], Poster Location: 653

Topographic Fingerprint of Eruption Environment: Evidence from Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland, G. B. M. Pedersen, P. Grosse [Abstract 2238], Poster Location: 656

Exploring the Inner Structure of Titan’s Dunes: Implications for Understanding Paleo-Wind Regimes, P. Sharma, E. Heggy, T. G. Farr, J. Radebaugh [Abstract 1821], Poster Location: 663

Fractures in Structurally-Compromised Ice: Observations of Rift Behavior at the Highly Fractured Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica and Implications for the Icy Shells of Enceladus and Europa, C. C. Walker, J. N. Bassis [Abstract 2139], Poster Location: 665

Poster Session I: Planets in the Laboratory: Laboratory Study of Terrestrial Analogs
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

A Laboratory Simulation Experiment of Hydrothermal Processes on Mars, Y. Zhou, A. Wang [Abstract 2638], Poster Location: 667

A Comparison of the Dehydration Processes of Al-, Fe2+, and Mg-Sulfates Under Mars Relevant Pressures and Three Temperatures, Y. Zhou, A. Wang [Abstract 1797], Poster Location: 668

Spectral Results From Mid-IR DRIFT Analysis of Lonar Impact Crater,India, N. Basavaiah, R. S. Chavan [Abstract 2636], Poster Location: 674

Lunar Environment Simulation Capabilities at CASPER, M. Dropmann, R. Laufer, G. Herdrich, T. W. Hyde, M. Cook, J. Schmoke [Abstract 2552], Poster Location: 676

Poster Session I: Tomorrow's Missions Today: Operations Testing at Terrestrial Analog Sites
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Reasearch and Technology Studies (RATS) 2012 Mission Overview, J. E. Johnson, B. A. Janoiko, M. L. Reagan [Abstract 3097], Poster Location: 685

NASA Research and Technology Studies (RATS) 2012: Evaluation of Human and Robotic Systems for Exploration of Near-Earth Asteroids, A. F. J. Abercromby, S. P. Chappell, H. L. Litaker, M. L. Gernhardt [Abstract 1671], Poster Location: 686

GeoLab Results from Three Years of Analog Mission Tests, C. A. Evans, M. S. Bell, M. J. Calaway [Abstract 1357], Poster Location: 687

NEEMO 16: Evaluation of Techniques and Equipment for Human Exploration of Near-Earth Asteroids, S. P. Chappell, A. F. J. Abercromby, M. L. Reagan, M. L. Gernhardt [Abstract 1724], Poster Location: 688

Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity Mobility Simulation of Traverses on Matijevic Hill, Cape York, Mars, G. L. Coutrot, R. E. Arvidson, F. Zhou [Abstract 1142], Poster Location: 691

Simulating Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity Drives Using Artemis, F. Zhou, R. E. Arvidson, K. Bennett, K. Iagnemma, C. Senatore, R. Lindemann, B. P. Trease, P. Bellutta, S. Maxwell [Abstract 1540], Poster Location: 692

Summary of the Mars Science Laboratory Rover Simulation at the Haughton Impact Structure, Z. E. Gallegos, H. E. Newsom, A. M. Ollila, J. Berger, N. L. Lanza, S. M. Clegg, R. C. Wiens, D. T. Vaniman, R. C. McInroy, P. L. King, G. R. Osinski, R. Gellert, P. Lee [Abstract 2557], Poster Location: 693

NDX-2 Lunar Space Suit PLSS Development for Analog Operations, B. D. Badders [Abstract 2856], Poster Location: 694

Habitability in Mars Mission Simulation: Sounds as Stress Countermeasures, A. Ono, I. L. Schlacht, J. Hendrikse, M. Battler [Abstract 1807], Poster Location: 695

Space Suit Impact on Efficiency and Performance of Field Science Tasks, D. Willson, C. R. Stocker [Abstract 3088], Poster Location: 696

Poster Session I: Into the Field with the Laboratory: Analog Tests of Laboratory Techniques
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

A Temperature-Controlled Sample Stage for Micro-X-Ray Diffraction of Mirabilite-Containing Samples from Wolf Spring, Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, Canada, M. S. Bramble, R. L. Flemming, J. L. Hutter [Abstract 1729], Poster Location: 697

Raman Analysis of Basaltic Samples from Tenerife Island (Cañadas, Azulejos, and Historical Eruptions) with the Exomars RLS Instrument, E. Lalla, G. Lopez-Reyes, F. Rull, J. Martinez-Frías, A. Sansano, R. Navarro, J. Medina [Abstract 2403], Poster Location: 698

Poster Session II: Presolar Grains and Dust Evolution
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Nano-Synchrotron XRF and XRD: A Powerful Non-Destructive Technique for In Situ Chemical and Structural Analyses of Presolar Grains, M. Jadhav, S. Schmitz, T. K. Croat, F. E. Brenker, M. Schmitt, B. Vekemans, L. Vincze, T. Schoonjans, G. Wellenreuther, B. De Samber, G. Falkenberg, M. Burghammer, G. R. Huss [Abstract 2928], Poster Location: 6

Retention Model for Radiogenic Lead Isotopes in Presolar Grains, R. Trappitsch, A. M. Davis [Abstract 2666], Poster Location: 8

Effect of Stochastic Charging on Cosmic Dust Aggregation, L. S. Matthews, B. Shotorban, T. W. Hyde [Abstract 1519], Poster Location: 9

Dust Grain Growth in a Protoplanetary Disk: Effects of Location on Charge and Size, W. T. Barnes, L. S. Matthews, T. W. Hyde [Abstract 1897], Poster Location: 10

Charging Behavior of Dust Aggregates in a Cosmic Plasma Environment, S. A. Frazier, L. S. Matthews, T. W. Hyde [Abstract 2480], Poster Location: 11

Poster Session II: Comet Wild 2/Stardust
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

An Improved Experimental Deconvolution Technique for 3-Dimensional Laser Confocal Microscopy of Particles in Aerogel, A. J. White, D. S. Ebel, M. Greenberg [Abstract 1630], Poster Location: 14

A Light Noble Gas Inventory of Stardust Cell C2044, R. L. Palma, R. O. Pepin, A. Westphal, D. Schlutter, Z. Gainsforth [Abstract 1084], Poster Location: 16

Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Fine-grained Cometary Material from the Bulb of a Stardust Track, R. C. Ogliore, G. R. Huss, K. Nagashima, A. J. Westphal [Abstract 2950], Poster Location: 17

Poster Session II: IDPs and Micrometeorites
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The 2012 Draconid Storm as Observed by the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar and Potentially Sampled by ER-2 Aircraft, R. Bastien, S. Broce, P. Brown, P. J. Burkett, M. Campbell-Brown, D. Frank, D. Gearheart, M. Kapitzke, T. Moes, M. Rodriguez, D. Steel, T. Williams, M. E. Zolensky [Abstract 1622], Poster Location: 33

Heliocentric Variation of Cosmic Dust Flux Measured by the IKAROS-ALADDIN Between the Earth and Venus, H. Yano, T. Hirai, C. Okamoto, M. Fujii, M. Tanaka, N. Moriyama, M. J. Burchell, IKAROS-ALLADIN Team [Abstract 2743], Poster Location: 36

Poster Session II: Chondrules
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Primitive Chondrules in a Highly Unequlibrated Clast in NWA 753 R Chondrite, N. T. Kita, T. J. Tenner, T. Ushikubo, D. Nakashima, A. Bischoff [Abstract 1784], Poster Location: 42

Poster Session II: Refractory Inclusions in Chondrites
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Morphology of Hibonite-Bearing Inclusions Separated from the Murchison Meteorite, L. Kööp, A. M. Davis, P. R. Heck [Abstract 2736], Poster Location: 48

Manganese-Rich Olivine in AOAs: Implications for Formation and Alteration Conditions, M. Komatsu, T. J. Fagan, T. Mikouchi [Abstract 1847], Poster Location: 49

Low Temperature Carbonate Control of Barium in Igneous Ca-, Al-Rich Inclusions, J. M. Paque, D. S. Burnett, J. R. Beckett, Y. Guan, H. A. Ishii [Abstract 2505], Poster Location: 50

Poster Session II: Chondrites Other
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Advances in Triple Oxygen Isotope Aanalyses of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Samples at Western University Canada, A. Ali, I. Jabeen, N. R. Banerjee [Abstract 2873], Poster Location: 58

The Valence of Ti in Enstatite Chondrites: Not What you Might Think, S. B. Simon, S. R. Sutton, L. Grossman [Abstract 2270], Poster Location: 62

Gigapixel Optical Microscopy for Meteorite Characterization, R. C. Ogliore, C. E. Jilly [Abstract 1023], Poster Location: 66

Solar Wind-Derived Helium and Neon in Sediment-Dispersed Extraterrestrial Chromite Grains from the Mid-Ordovician Lynna River Section, Russia, M. M. M. Meier, B. Schmitz, A. Lindskog, R. Trappitsch, M. Riebe, C. Maden, R. Wieler [Abstract 1014], Poster Location: 69

Spectral Nature of CO_2 Adsorption on Meteorites, G. Berlanga, C. A. Hibbitts, D. Takir, M. D. Dyar [Abstract 2904], Poster Location: 71

UV-NIR Spectra of the Most Reflective Carbonaceous Chondrite Groups: CH, CR and R, C. E. Moyano-Cambero, J. M. Trigo-Rodríguez, J. Llorca [Abstract 1533], Poster Location: 72

A Comparison of Ordinary Chondrites with 243 Ida and Dactyl, J. C. Granahan [Abstract 1045], Poster Location: 74

Poster Session II: Sutter's Mill Meteorite
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Faster Recovery, Better Science: Meteorite Fall Events Detected with Weather Radars and Seismometers in 2012, M. Fries, R. Matson, J. Schaefer, J. Fries, M. Hankey [Abstract 2935], Poster Location: 83

Poster Session II: Analysis of Itokowa Samples
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Mass, Morphology, and Internal Structures of Three Particles from the Hayabusa Sample Return Mission, Analyzed with Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Tomographic Microscopy, M. M. M. Meier, C. Alwmark, S. Bajt, U. Böttger, H. Busemann, J. Gilmour, U. Heitermann, H.-W. Hübers, F. Marone, S. Pavlov, U. Schade, N. Spring, M. Stampanoni, I. Weber [Abstract 1937], Poster Location: 89

Poster Session II: Regolith and Dust Processes on Airless Bodies
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Thermal Inertia of Asteroids from Multi-Epoch Observations by WISE, E. M. MacLennan, J. P. Emery, D. E. Trilling [Abstract 2757], Poster Location: 95

Study of the Effects of the Electric Field on Charging Measurements on Individual Micron-Size Dust Grains by Secondary Electron Emissions, D. Tankosic, M. M. Abbas [Abstract 2807], Poster Location: 100

Preliminary Measurement of Lunar Particle Shapes, D. L. Rickman [Abstract 2910], Poster Location: 104

Lateral Variations in Lunar Weathering Patina on Centimeter to Nanometer Scales, S. K. Noble, L. P. Keller, R. Christoffersen, Z. Rahman [Abstract 1298], Poster Location: 108

Poster Session II: Differentiated Meteorites and Bodies
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

^40Ar-^39Ar and Noble Gas Systematics of the Ungrouped Achondrite Northwest Africa 6704, V. A. Fernandes, R. Burgess, S. A. Crowther, J. P. Fritz, J. D. Gilmour, A. Irving, M. M. M. Meier, M. Nottingham, R. Wieler [Abstract 1956], Poster Location: 111

Possible Evidence for Sulfidization Reactions in the Miller Range Brachinites(?), S. A. Singerling, T. J. McCoy, K. G. Gardner-Vandy [Abstract 1669], Poster Location: 116

A Preliminary Petrographic Study of Several Mesosiderites, N. Sugiura [Abstract 1176], Poster Location: 121

Petrologic and In-Situ Geochemical Constraints on Diogenite Genesis, D. W. Mittlefehldt, Z. X. Peng [Abstract 1285], Poster Location: 128

Poster Session II: Ceres
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Surface Topography of Ceres: Pre-Dawn Predictions for Extensive Viscous Relaxation, M. T. Bland, K. N. Singer, W. B. McKinnon [Abstract 1655], Poster Location: 129

Radiative-Transfer Model Reflectance Spectra of Potential Ceres Mineral Assemblages, D. T. Blewett, C. L. Levy [Abstract 1271], Poster Location: 131

Cracking in Ceres' Core as an Opportunity for Late Hydrothermal Activity, M. Neveu, S. J. Desch, J. C. Castillo-Rogez [Abstract 2216], Poster Location: 132

Poster Session II: Small Body Physics: Keeping it Together
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Are the Radar Scattering Properties of Near-Earth Asteroids Correlated with Size, Shape, or Spin?, A. Springmann, P. A. Taylor, E. S. Howell, M. C. Nolan [Abstract 2915], Poster Location: 135

Gravitational Stresses in Hyperion, S. A. Voropaev [Abstract 1135], Poster Location: 140

Poster Session II: Potentially Hazardous Asteroids
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Overview of Collisional-Threat Mitigation Activities at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, K. Howley, D. Dearborn, J. Elliott, S. Gibbard, I. Lomov, R. Managan, P. Miller, A. Miles, M. Owen, J. Rovny, W. Schill, J. Wasem [Abstract 2529], Poster Location: 141

A Space Debris-Enhanced Intervention Mission to a Near-Earth Asteroid, J. Straub, A. Venkataramanasastry [Abstract 2449], Poster Location: 143

The Asteroid 2012 QG42, A. Q. Vodniza, M. R. Pereira [Abstract 1329], Poster Location: 144

Poster Session II: Comets and Icy Small Bodies
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Carbon Did It — Masking Surface Ice Features on Small Distant Bodies, G. Sarid, R. Brunetto, F. E. DeMeo, M. Kueppers [Abstract 1181], Poster Location: 151

Poster Session II: Phobos and Deimos
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Astrometric Observations of Phobos and Deimos During Solar Transits Imaged by the Curiosity Mastcam, M. T. Lemmon, J. F. Bell III, M. C. Malin, K. M. Bean, A. R. Vasavada, F. J. Martin-Torres, M.-P. Zorzano-Mier, MSL Science Team [Abstract 1787], Poster Location: 156

Poster Session II: Remote Sensing of Small Bodies
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Optical Observations of NEA 162173 (1999 JU3) During the 2011–2012, M.-J. Kim, Y.-J. Choi, H.-K. Moon, M. Ishiguro, S. Mottola, M. Kaplan, D. Kuroda, D. Warjurkar, J. Takahashi, Y.-I. Byun [Abstract 3068], Poster Location: 157

Surface Mineralogy of Mars-Crossing Asteroid 1747 Wright: Analogous to the H Chondrites, M. P. Lucas, J. P. Emery [Abstract 1813], Poster Location: 158

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of 3:1 Kirkwood Gap Asteroids: A Battalion of Basalts, S. K. Fieber-Beyer, M. J. Gaffey [Abstract 1352], Poster Location: 160

Poster Session II: Impact Cratering: Experiments, Modeling, and Laboratory Studies
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

XRD Patterns of Glassy Impactites: Amorphous Curve Fitting and Composition Determination with Implications for Mars, M. A. Craig, R. L. Flemming, G. R. Osinski, E. A. Cloutis, M. R. M. Izawa, H. M. Sapers, C. L. Marion [Abstract 2319], Poster Location: 175

Fragmentation and Ejection Behavior in Impact Experiments — The MEMIN Project, F. D. Sommer, T. Hoerth, M. H. Poelchau, T. Kenkmann, A. Deutsch [Abstract 2279], Poster Location: 179

An Experimental Investigation of the Seismic Signal Produced by Hypervelocity Impacts, J. E. Richardson, S. Kedar [Abstract 2863], Poster Location: 190

Crater Formation in the Transition from Circular to Elliptical Impact Structures, D. Elbeshausen, K. Wünnemann [Abstract 1916], Poster Location: 199

Three-Dimensional Modeling of Crater Degradation via the Effects of Impact Induced Seismic Shaking, with Comparison to Crater Count Data, J. E. Richardson [Abstract 2397], Poster Location: 200

Poster Session II: Craters: Statistics, Maps, Observations, and Techniques
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Topography of 20-km Diameter Craters on the Moon, R. V. Wagner, M. S. Robinson, E. J. Speyerer, P. Mahanti [Abstract 2924], Poster Location: 210

The Size-Frequency Distribution of Small Craters on the Moon and Mars, J.-P. Williams, A. V. Pathare [Abstract 2832], Poster Location: 214

Emplacement Chronology of Double Layer Crater Ejecta on Mars, T. N. Harrison, L. L. Tornabene, G. R. Osinski [Abstract 1702], Poster Location: 217

The Population of Secondary Impact Craters on Mars, S. J. Robbins, B. M. Hynek [Abstract 2644], Poster Location: 220

Testing Models for the Formation of the Equatorial Ridge on Saturn's Moon Iapetus via Crater Counting, A. L. Damptz, A. J. Dombard [Abstract 3036], Poster Location: 222

Poster Session II: Terrestrial Impacts: Features at All Scales
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Soil Composition Inside the Possible Crater in Bolivia, Iturralde: Material Implying Impact Event of Low Density Meteorite, K. Malkova, G. Kletetschka, A. West, T. E. Bunch, J. Witke [Abstract 1705], Poster Location: 244

Universal-Stage Measurements of Planar Deformation Features in Shocked Quartz Grains Recovered from Ramgarh Structure, V. Purohit, M. S. Sisodia [Abstract 1151], Poster Location: 258

Spatial Variation of Maximum Spherule Sizes in Distal Ejecta Layers Around the Archean-Proterozoic Boundary, D. Kambhu, B. M. Simonson [Abstract 1427], Poster Location: 266

Magnetism of Microspheres from the Proposed Younger Dryas Impact Event 12,900 Years Ago, L. Nabelek, G. Kletetschka, J. Kadlec, A. West, T. E. Bunch, H. Svitavska-Svobodova, J. Wittke [Abstract 1707], Poster Location: 267

Transient Magnetic Fields Generated by Post-Impact Plumes, M. Yu. Kuzmicheva, T. V. Losseva [Abstract 2765], Poster Location: 268

Significant Roles of Light (H_2O, OH)-Bearing Phases by Three Phase-State Changes: Macro to Nano-Phases on Planets, Satellites and Asteroids, Y. Miura [Abstract 3098], Poster Location: 269

New Concept of Planetary Surfaces by Impact Growth Process with Remnants of Phase Changes, Y. Miura [Abstract 1654], Poster Location: 270

Poster Session II: Lunar Impact Cratering: Where, When, What, and How?
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Fresh Transitional Lunar Impact Craters, J. Clayton, G. R. Osinski, L. L. Tornabene, J. D. Kalynn, C. L. Johnson [Abstract 2345], Poster Location: 278

Revised Lunar Cratering Chronology for Planetary Geological Histories, S. J. Robbins [Abstract 1619], Poster Location: 282

Poster Session II: Lunar Remote Sensing
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Geologic Discoveries in Maria Basaltic Flow as Revealed by CE-2's Microwave Observation, Y. C. Zheng, Y. C. Zhu, K. T. Tsang, K. L. Chan [Abstract 1445], Poster Location: 290

Chang'e Microwave Brightness Temperature Data and Lunar Surface Characteristics, K. T. Tsang, Y. C. Zheng, K. T. Chan [Abstract 1947], Poster Location: 291

Chang’e-1 and Chang’e-2 Lunar Microwave Radiometer Data Analysis and Lunar Subsurface Temperature Profile Modelling, W. Zhang, N. E. Bowles [Abstract 2025], Poster Location: 292

Identification of Surface Hydrogen Enhancements Within Shackleton Crater at the Moon’s South Pole, R. S. Miller, D. J. Lawrence [Abstract 2228], Poster Location: 299

Water Ice on the Moon, H. W. Yang, W. J. Zhao, Z. H. Wu [Abstract 1885], Poster Location: 300

Photometry of Lunar Landing Sites Using LROC NAC Images and Hapke Modeling, R. N. Clegg, B. L. Jolliff, M. S. Robinson, B. W. Hapke, J. B. Plescia [Abstract 2171], Poster Location: 307

Impact Melt Deposits at Tsiolkovskiy Crater: Constraints on Crater Age, C. D. Neish, B. T. Greenhagen, G. W. Patterson, J. T. S. Cahill, J. L. Bandfield, N. E. Petro, B. R. Hawke [Abstract 1585], Poster Location: 310

Inferred Age of Mare Fill in Tsiolkovskiy Crater: Constraints on the Preservation of Exterior Impact Melt Deposits, J.-P. Williams, N. E. Petro, B. T. Greenhagen, C. Neish [Abstract 2756], Poster Location: 311

The Coldest Place on the Moon, K.-M. Aye, D. A. Paige, M. C. Foote, B. T. Greenhagen, M. A. Siegler [Abstract 3016], Poster Location: 313

Study of Plato Crater with the Mini-RF, O. P. N. Calla, S. Mathur, M. Jangid [Abstract 1854], Poster Location: 315

Thermal Extremes in Permanently Shadowed Regions at the Lunar South Pole, E. Sefton-Nash, M. A. Siegler, D. A. Paige [Abstract 2617], Poster Location: 319

Thickness of Pyroclastic Deposits for Aestuum Region: Initial Results from Kaguya Lunar Radar Sounder, Y. Xiao, W. Fa, T. Kobayashi [Abstract 1341], Poster Location: 321

Multispectral Analyses of Kovalevskaya Crater on the Lunar Farside, B. Shankar, G. R. Osinski, I. Antonenko [Abstract 2094], Poster Location: 329

Deep Crustal Lunar Lithologies Exposed in the South-Western Peak Ring of the Schrödinger Basin, M. Chandnani, G. Y. Kramer, B. Fessler, T. Öhman, D. A. Kring [Abstract 1938], Poster Location: 343

Modeling the South Pole-Aitken Basin Subsurface, W. M. Vaughan, J. W. Head [Abstract 2012], Poster Location: 344

Effects of Incidence Angle on Crater Detection and the Lunar Ioschron System: Preliminary Results from the CosmoQuest MoonMappers Citizen Science Project, I. Antonenko, S. J. Robbins, P. L. Gay, C. Lehan, J. Moore [Abstract 2705], Poster Location: 351

Poster Session II: Getting Results for the Moon: Data Fusion, Model Improvements, and Emerging Technology
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Lunar Swirls and Mini-Magnetospheres: Laboratory Experiments and Kinetic Simulations of the Plasma Processes of the Very Small, R. A. Bamford, E. P. Alves, B. Kellett, W. J. Bradford, L. Silva, I. A. Crawford, R. M. G. M. Trines, K. J. Gibson, A. Thornton, R. A. Fonseca, L. Gargate, R. A. Cairns, R. Bingham [Abstract 1292], Poster Location: 353

Lunar Exospheric Argon Modeling, C. Grava, J.-Y. Chaufray, K. D. Retherford, G. R. Gladstone, D. M. Hurley, R. R. Hodges [Abstract 2804], Poster Location: 356

Polar Regolith Environment Molecular Impact Simulation Experiment (PREMISE), E. L. Patrick, K. E. Mandt, S. Escobedo, G. Winters, G. Miller, J. N. Mitchell [Abstract 2996], Poster Location: 357

Plagioclase Influence in Mixtures with very low Mafic Mineral Content, G. Serventi, C. Carli, M. Sgavetti [Abstract 1490], Poster Location: 372

Automatic Extraction of Unique Spectral Signatures from the M^3 Database, A. M. Saranathan, M. Parente [Abstract 3056], Poster Location: 374

Mapping Lunar TiO2 and FeO with Chandrayaan-1 M^3 Data, W. Zhang, N. E. Bowles [Abstract 1212], Poster Location: 376

Modifications to the Iron Abundance Algorithm Based on Moon Mineralogy Mapper Imager On-Board Chandrayaan-1, M. Bhatt, U. Mall, C. Wöhler, R. Bugiolacchi, A. Berezhnoy, A. Grumpe [Abstract 1590], Poster Location: 377

Re-Examining the Identification of Dark-Haloed Impact Craters: New Criteria for Modern Data Sets, I. Antonenko [Abstract 2607], Poster Location: 382

Rover Wheel Charging Within a Lunar Crater, T. L. Jackson, W. M. Farrell [Abstract 1569], Poster Location: 383

Poster Session II: Mars Petrology: Experiments, Samples, and Remote Sensing
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Solubility of C-O-H Volatiles in Water-Poor Martian Basalt: The Effect of fCO Variation, L. S. Armstrong, M. M. Hirschmann [Abstract 3046], Poster Location: 389

Melting of a Primitive Martian Mantle at 1–2 GPa: Experimental Constraints on the Origin of Basalts on Mars, M. Collinet, E. Médard, J. Vander Auwera, B. Charlier [Abstract 2542], Poster Location: 394

Polybaric Crystallization of Gusev Alkaline Basalts, A. Udry, J. B. Balta, H. Y. McSween Jr. [Abstract 1265], Poster Location: 396

Small Melt Inclusions in Olivines from Martian Meteorites: Value for Constraining Original Melt Compositions, Y. Sonzogni, A. H. Treiman [Abstract 1049], Poster Location: 409

Ar/Ar Systematics of Martian Meteorite NWA 2975, F. N. Lindsay, J. Osmond, J. S. Delaney, G. F. Herzog, B. Turrin, J. Park, C. C. Swisher III [Abstract 2911], Poster Location: 412

Compositional Similarities Among Martian Meteorites, Regional Gamma Ray Data, and In Situ Lander Measurements: Implications for Igneous Processes, S. R. Gordon, H. E. Newsom, F. M. McCubbin, C. B. Agee, C. K. Shearer [Abstract 2472], Poster Location: 418

Hyperspectral Data Processing Using Neural Networks: Preliminary Results for Mafix Minerals in SNC's Meteorites, A. Rozel, H. Clenet, S. Douté, C. Quantin [Abstract 1469], Poster Location: 420

Reanalysis of MGS-TES Data with Detected/Known Minerals and its Implications for Geologic Evolution of Mars Crust, S. Gou, K. Di, Z. Yue, J. Wang [Abstract 1255], Poster Location: 424

Complications in Correlating Thermal Inertia and Olivine Abundance on Mars, R. D. Hanna, V. E. Hamilton [Abstract 2235], Poster Location: 429

Poster Session II: Fluids on Mars: Oceans, Lakes, Valleys, Gullies, RSLs, and Analogs
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

New Support for Hypotheses of an Ancient Ocean on Mars, D. Z. Oehler, C. C. Allen [Abstract 1162], Poster Location: 433

Evidence for Groundwater Sapping on Mars from Junction Angles of Nirgal Vallis Tributaries, N. H. Glines, C. I. Fassett [Abstract 2011], Poster Location: 435

Geologic History of Runanga-Jorn Basin, Northeast Hellas, Mars: Based on Modeled Crater Ages, C. M. Fortezzo, J. A. Skinner Jr. [Abstract 2104], Poster Location: 440

Local-Scale Stratigraphy of Inverted Fluvial Features in Aeolis Dorsa, Western Medusae Fossae Formation, Mars, R. E. Jacobsen, D. M. Burr [Abstract 2165], Poster Location: 447

Surface Features and Brine Convection in the Martian Near-Surface, B. J. Travis, W. C. Feldman [Abstract 2820], Poster Location: 450

Diagnostic Morphology for Martian Groundwater Outflows from Flume Experiments, W. A. Marra, M. G. Kleinhans, E. Hauber, S. J. McLelland, B. J. Murphy, D. P. Parsons, S. J. Conway [Abstract 1899], Poster Location: 456

Tunnel Valleys as Terrestrial Analogs of the Inner Channels of Kasei Valles, Mars, J. D. Arfstrom [Abstract 1001], Poster Location: 457

Radar Imagery of the Chryse-Xanthe Region, Mars, J. K. Harmon [Abstract 1411], Poster Location: 459

Poster Session II: Martian Water and Secondary Mineralogy
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Theoretical and Experimental Constraints on the Formation and Alteration of Iron-Bearing Phyllosilicates on Mars, J. G. Catalano, A. R. Beehr [Abstract 1294], Poster Location: 465

Low Temperature Near-Surface Thermochemical Modelling of the Alteration Assemblage in Martian Meteorite ALH 84001, M. Melwani Daswani, S. P. Schwenzer, I. P. Wright, M. M. Grady [Abstract 2712], Poster Location: 485

Amorphous Mars: Interpreting Growing Evidence for Poorly/Non-Crystalline Phases in Martian Materials, S. W. Ruff, V. E. Hamilton [Abstract 1753], Poster Location: 489

Studying Carbonate Globules in Allan Hills 84001 to Better Understand Aqueous Alteration in Early Mars, C. E. Moyano-Cambero, J. M. Trigo-Rodríguez, N. Mestres, J. Fraxedas, J. Alonso-Azcárate [Abstract 2063], Poster Location: 492

Spectral Properties of Ca-, Mg- and Fe-bearing Carbonates, J. B. Bishop, M. D. Lane, A. J. Brown, T. Hiroi, G. A. Swayze, J.-F. Lin [Abstract 1719], Poster Location: 493

Identification of Spectral Endmembers in CRISM Data Using Factor Analysis and Target Transformation, N. H. Thomas, J. L. Bandfield [Abstract 1325], Poster Location: 494

Secondary Minerals in Basaltic Caves: Analog for Mars Surface and Subsurface Mineralogy, L. J. McHenry, J. M. Ruffini, T. L. Gerard, G. L. Walters [Abstract 2758], Poster Location: 500

Deliquescence of Calcium Perchlorate: An Investigation of Stable Aqueous Solutions Relevant to Mars, D. L. Nuding, R. V. Gough, V. F. Chevrier, M. A. Tolbert [Abstract 2584], Poster Location: 504

Spectral Reflectance Properties of Common Metal-Oxalates Exposed to Simulated Mars Surface Conditions: Implications in the Search for Extinct or Extant Life on Mars, D. M. Applin, E. A. Cloutis, M. R. M. Izawa [Abstract 2839], Poster Location: 510

Mid-Infrared Spectral Effects of Thermally Isolated Dust Coated Surfaces, F. Rivera-Hernández, J. L. Bandfield, S. W. Ruff [Abstract 2674], Poster Location: 511

Enhancement of JMARS, J. Yin, B. Ayhan, C. Kwan, W. Wang, S. Li, H. Qi, S. Vance [Abstract 1273], Poster Location: 518

Poster Session II: Ice, Glaciers, and Polar Processes on Mars
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Spring Sublimation on Mars: Do Northern and Southern Hemispheres tell us the Same Story?, G. Portyankina, A. Pommerol, K.-M. Aye, C. Hansen, N. Thomas [Abstract 1776], Poster Location: 526

Object Based Image Analysis for Remote Sensing of Planetary Surfaces, S. F. Sholes, V. F. Chevrier, J. A. Tullis [Abstract 1527], Poster Location: 530

Fracturing the Icy Polar Cliffs of Mars, S. Byrne, P. Russell, A. V. Pathare, P. Becerra, J. Molaro, S. Matson, M. T. Mellon [Abstract 1659], Poster Location: 532

Estimating the Volume of Non-Polar Ice on Mars: Geometric Constraints on Concentric Crater Fill Along the Martian Dichotomy Boundary, J. S. Levy, C. I. Fassett, J. W. Head [Abstract 1013], Poster Location: 534

Ground-Based Thermal Analysis of a Terrestrial Rock Glacier as an Analog to Martian Lobate Debris Aprons, J. L. Piatek, C. J. Hardgrove, J. E. Moersch [Abstract 2936], Poster Location: 535

Inter-Laboratory Investigations of the Effects of Particulates on flow of Fine-Grained Ice, D. L. Goldsby, W. B. Durham, A. V. Pathare, L. Stern [Abstract 2739], Poster Location: 536

Impact Crater Analysis of Southcentral Arabia Terra and Implications for Volatiles, M. E. Landis, N. G. Barlow [Abstract 1293], Poster Location: 542

Poster Session II: Mars Glacial and Periglacial
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Glacial Flow Modeling of Martian Lobate Debris Aprons, A. Pathare, D. Winebrenner, M. Kountik, E. Waddington [Abstract 2687], Poster Location: 543

Constraints on the Timing of Obliquity Variations During the Amazonian from Dating of Glacial-Related Concentric Crater Fill Deposits on Mars, M. J. Beach, J. W. Head [Abstract 1161], Poster Location: 545

A Valley Glacier Remnant of the Main Trough of Kasei Valles, Mars, J. D. Arfstrom [Abstract 1002], Poster Location: 546

A Comparitive Analysis of Semi-Arid and Periglacial Gullies — Implications for Mars, S. W. Hobbs, D. J. Paull, J. D. A. Clarke [Abstract 1095], Poster Location: 549

Poster Session II: Planetary Aeolian Processes: Erosion, Deposition, Bedforms, and Simulations
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Mars Global Digital Dune Database: Global Wind Direction Observations, R. K. Hayward, L. K. Fenton, T. N. Titus [Abstract 1075], Poster Location: 554

Comparison of Short and Long-Lived Aeolian Feature Orientation with GCM Vectors to Infer Past Climate Variability on Mars, E. Sefton-Nash, N. A. Teanby, R. Clancy, C. Newman [Abstract 3074], Poster Location: 555

Temporal Contrast Changes in Dark Slope Streak on Mars, H. Chilton, C. Phillips [Abstract 3109], Poster Location: 557

Automated Determination of Martian Dust Devil Tracks Main Direction, T. Statella, P. Pina, E. A. Silva [Abstract 1092], Poster Location: 560

Albedo Contrast Determination in the Neighbourhood of Martian Dust Devil Tracks, T. Statella, P. Pina, E. A. Silva [Abstract 1091], Poster Location: 561

Aeolian Bedforms in Tharsis, Mars: New Insight from Populations of Small Craters, M. A. Baskakova, M. A. Kreslavsky, I. P. Karachevtseva [Abstract 1104], Poster Location: 568

Characterization of Small Sand Dunes on Mars, M. B. Johnson, J. R. Zimbelman [Abstract 2111], Poster Location: 569

Poster Session II: Planetary Atmospheres
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

What Controls the Tropopause Level of the Jovian Atmosphere?, Y. Takahashi, K. Kuramoto, G. L. Hashimoto, M. Onishi [Abstract 2571], Poster Location: 578

Seasonal Release of Water Vapor by Ground Ice on Mars: Implications for Surface Frosts and Atmospheric Water Abundance, J. Bapst, S. E. Wood [Abstract 2819], Poster Location: 590

Poster Session II: Planetary Cartography: Mapping
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Completed Digital Renovation of the 1:5,000,000 Lunar Geologic Map Series, C. M. Fortezzo, T. M. Hare [Abstract 2114], Poster Location: 607

Poster Session II: Planetary Cartography: Databases and Tools
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Relative Positon Determination Between Lunar Lander and Rover Using Same Beam VLBI Technique, Y. Huang, X. Hu, Q. Liu [Abstract 1083], Poster Location: 613

ISIS Support for NASA Mission Instrument Ground Data Processing Systems, K. J. Becker, J. A. Anderson, L. A. Weller, T. L. Becker [Abstract 2829], Poster Location: 621

Reference Images from Thin Sections of Lunar Regolith, D. L. Rickman, J. E. Edmunson [Abstract 2503], Poster Location: 628

Virtual Astronaut Developed for Selected Sites on Mars, J. Wang, K. J. Bennett, R. E. Arvidson, E. A. Guinness [Abstract 1204], Poster Location: 638

Systematic Utilization of Constant-Scale Natural Boundary Mapping for Interpreting Formation Processes of Celestial Objects, C. S. Clark, P. E. Clark [Abstract 1245], Poster Location: 641

Beta Testing the PDS4 Archive: Mars Phoenix Revisited, L. D. V. Neakrase, L. Huber, S. Rees, D. White, E. Gonzalez, R. Beebe, D. J. Crichton, J. S. Hughes, S. Hardman [Abstract 2150], Poster Location: 642

Poster Session II: Venus Surface and Interior
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Planetary Data Access Through the Venus Orbital Data Explorer from the PDS Geosciences Node, K. J. Bennett, J. Wang, D. M. Scholes, S. Slavney, E. A. Guinness, R. E. Arvidson [Abstract 1310], Poster Location: 652

Poster Session II: Exobiology
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Characterizing Rock-Water Interactions in a Simulated Martian Aquifer, P. Castleberry, R. P. Harvey [Abstract 2329], Poster Location: 657

Synthesis of Basalts as an Analog to Gusev Crater Basalts, Mars: Interest for Astrobiology, N. Bost, L. Loiselle, F. Foucher, C. Ramboz, F. Westall [Abstract 1457], Poster Location: 665

Pyrosequencing Analysis of Bacterial Communities in Rock Coatings from Swedish Lapland, C. L. Marnocha, J. C. Dixon [Abstract 1566], Poster Location: 667

Anaerobic Culturing Experiments of Sulfate Crusts, Fe/Mn Skins, and Aluminum Glazes from Kärkevagge, Swedish Lapland, R. L. Mickol, C. L. Marnocha [Abstract 1785], Poster Location: 668

Low Temperature Interaction of Humidity with the Lichens Buellia Frigida and Circinaria Gyrosa, J. Jänchen, J. Meessen, S. Ott, F. J. Sánchez, R. de la Torre [Abstract 1504], Poster Location: 669

Surveying the Survival of Cyanobacteria in Cryptobiotic Crust Under Martian Conditions, S. Dulai, J.-P. deVera, Á. Kereszturi, L. Koncz, A. Lorek, M. Marschall, D. Möhlmann [Abstract 1971], Poster Location: 670

Variation in Evaporation Rates of Liquid Media at Low Pressure, R. L. Mickol, J. M. González-Medina, T. A. Kral [Abstract 1782], Poster Location: 671

Testing Methanogen Growth at Low Pressure, J. M. González-Medina, R. L. Mickol, T. A. Kral [Abstract 1353], Poster Location: 672

A Novel Protocol to Analyze Short- and Long-Chain Fatty Acids using Nonaqueous Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis, M. L. Cable, A. M. Stockton, M. F. Mora, P. A. Willis [Abstract 2921], Poster Location: 676