Workshop on Lunar Swirls

Hosted online by the NLSI
September 7, 2011
11:30am - 6pm EDT

Swirls are among the most puzzling features on the surface of the Moon. Their bright, looping patterns are unlike anything seen in the solar system. The origin of the lunar swirls has been discussed for many years, but a universally accepted explanation for their formation remains elusive.
Current space missions are returning new views of the lunar swirls, at resolutions and wavelengths never before considered.  These new data have the potential to provide tremendous new insights into swirl formation. We are therefore hosting an informal one day Workshop without Walls on lunar swirls using NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) remote communications tools. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss recent advances in the study of lunar swirls. There will be invited and submitted talks, as well as time for informal discussions.

Participation in this workshop will require only an internet connection, and it will be available to interested scientists from around the world.

Co-conveners : Sebastien BesseCatherine Neish and Georgiana Kramer

Scientific organizing committee:
  • Bill Farrell, NASA GSFC
  • Carle Pieters, Brown University
  • Mihaly Horanyi, University of Colorado
  • Ben Bussey, JHU/APL
  • Greg Schmidt, NLSI
  • Brad Bailey, NLSI
  • Yvonne Pendleton, NLSI

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