This page will be updated after all speakers have been confirmed.

Note that the meeting will be divided into three main parts. Between each parts, we will have discussions to summarize the results and the working directions.


Part I: Background on Lunar Swirls

Part II: New Measurements - Surface Characteristics of Lunar Swirls
  • Chandrayaan-1: M3
  • LRO: LROC, Diviner, Mini-RF
  • Kaguya:  LISM
Part III: New Measurements - Electrical Environment associated with Lunar Swirls
  • Chandrayaan-1: SARA
  • Kaguya: MAP-LMAG, MAP-PACE

Confirmed Speakers:
  • Carle Pieters - "The enigmatic lunar swirls"
  • Mark Wieczorek - "The origin of lunar magnetic anomalies"
  • Patrick Pinet - “The impact model for swirls formation”
  • Ian Garrick-Bethell - “The dust levitation model for swirls formation”
  • Samuel Lawrence - "Observations of lunar swirls by LROC"
  • Sebastien Besse - "Observations of lunar swirls by M^3"
  • Timothy Glotch - "Observations of lunar swirls by Diviner"
  • Catherine Neish - "Observations of lunar swirls by Mini-RF"
  • Yoshifumi Futaana - "Observations of magnetic anomalies by SARA"
(Additional speakers will be announced as they are confirmed.)

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