— June 2004 —


Hosted by —
Centro Brasileiro de
Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF/MCT)

Sponsored by —
Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia (MCT),
Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF/MCT),
Lunar and Planetary Institute,
National Aeronautics and Space Administration,
Barringer Crater Company,
Planetary Studies Foundation,
Pallasite Press,
International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP),
Centro Latino Americano de Física (CLAF),
Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq),
Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES),
Fundação Carlos Chagas Filho de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ),
Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos (FINEP),
Banco do Brasil,
GPC Engenharia LTDA

Supported by —
Sociedade Brasileira de Física (SBF),
Fundação Planetário da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro,
Instituto de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE),
Observatório Nacional/MCT,
Museu Nacional/UFRJ,
Instituto de Geociências/USP,
Instituto de Astronomia, Geofísica e Ciências Atmosféricas/USP,
Sociedade Astronômica Brasileira (SAB),
Secretaria Especial de Turismo (SETUR),
VARIG Airlines,
Rio Convention and Visitors Bureau

Organizing Committee
Rosa B. Scorzelli, Chair
Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas,
Izabel de Souza Azevedo, Secretary
Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas,
Klaus Keil, Program Committee Chair
Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology,
Joseph Goldstein,
University of Massachusetts

Local Organizing Committee
Rosa B. Scorzelli, Chair
Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas,
Izabel de Souza Azevedo, Secretary
Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas,
Daniela Lazzaro,
Observatório Nacional/MCT
Enos Picazzio,
Instituto de Astronomia, Geofísica e Ciências Atmosféricas/USP
Rafael Romano,
Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto
Maria Eugenia Varela,
Universidad Nacional del SUR/CONICET,
Marcos Vasconcellos,
Instituto de Física, UFRGS
Elizabeth Zucolotto,
Museu Nacional/UFRJ

Scientific Program Committee
Klaus Keil,
Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, Program Committee Chair
Marc Chaussidon,
Centre de Recherche en Pétrographie et Géophysique, CNRS
Joseph Goldstein,
University of Massachusetts
Gary Huss,
Arizona State University, Ex Officio
Sasha Krot,
Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
Rosa B. Scorzelli,
Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas
Ed Scott,
Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
Dieter Stöffler,
Museum für Naturkunde
Jeff Taylor,
Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
Hisayoshi Yurimoto,
Tokyo Institute of Technology


  You are cordially invited to attend the 67th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, to be held August 2–6, 2004, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The meeting is being hosted by the Brazilian Center for Physics Research (CBPF/MCT).

Location: The oral and poster sessions will be held at the Sofitel Hotel, which will also provide the primary accommodations for meeting attendees. The hotel is strategically located between Copacabana and Ipanema beaches and is within easy walking distance of many shops, restaurants, and the Leblon beach. The currency is the Real (R$). One U.S. dollar is worth about R$3.00, as of April 2004.

Transportation: Rio de Janeiro is served by the Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport, 23 km from the city, with regular flights from several countries. The city center can be reached by taxi for about $20.00 USD. We strongly recommend the use of official airport taxis, which are large and air conditioned. Do NOT take the yellow taxis outside the airport. The official airport taxi counters are located in the main arrival lobby and accept all credit cards. The ticket for the taxi must be purchased before leaving the arrival area.

Additional information regarding travel, accommodations, and local activities, may be accessed through the Rio Meeting Web site. Information about Rio de Janeiro, including city maps, restaurant guides, and tourist guides can be found at

Visa: The Organizing Committee recommends that participants contact the nearest Brazilian Consulate to inquire about visa requirements and vaccination policies.

Important Reminder: Rio de Janeiro is a cosmopolitan city. As when visiting any of the world's other large cities, it is important to take some safety precautions. It is recommended that when going out in public, you avoid wearing jewelry, carrying large amounts of money, and leaving cameras in plain sight at busy places. Furthermore, avoid taking your passport when going out, especially when going to the beach; if you must bring it with you, take a photocopy and leave the original passport in the hotel safe. It is highly recommended that you use the services offered by the hotel for safekeeping of valuable objects.

Weather: In August the average daytime temperature in Rio de Janeiro is ~23°C (73.4°F); however, it can typically be as warm as ~28°C (82.4°F).

  The meeting will be organized by topical sessions of 151 oral presentations and 72 posters. Oral sessions will be held from Monday morning through Friday noon, with the exception of Wednesday afternoon. Two poster sessions are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday evening, following the oral sessions. Posters should be set up during Monday's lunch break. More detailed information is available via the program and abstracts. An author index is also provided.

  Oral Presentations: Audio-visual equipment available for oral presentations includes two overhead projectors for transparencies and one LCD projector for electronic presentations. Slides will not be accommodated.

IMPORTANT NOTE!! LCD projector usage entails the risk of unforeseen hardware/software issues, so any speaker planning to use LCD projection is strongly advised to also bring overhead transparencies as backup.

Special Requirements for Electronic Presentations: Participants who want to use electronic presentations must turn in their presentation at least 24 hours prior to the start of the session in which it will be presented. Presentations for Monday's sessions must be turned in Sunday afternoon during registration. The CD-ROM should be labeled with the speaker's name, presentation date and time, and session name.

Presenters will be required to verify their presentations on conference-provided PCs at the time they are turned in. After readability is confirmed, presentations will be loaded in speaker order on session laptops. Presenters CANNOT use their own laptop PCs!

Revisions to presentations will not be accepted after the presentations have been loaded. If revisions to presentation content are necessary, presenters must bring the revisions on overhead transparencies.

Only PC laptops with Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system will be available — do not bring any CD not readable by this kind of system! Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 as well as Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 are available on conference PCs. Unfortunately, other formats will not be accepted. Please be sure that all graphics are embedded in the presentation file. Fonts should be standard fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier. If nonstandard fonts must be used, they should be embedded in the presentation files.

Poster Presentations: The poster sessions will be held on Monday and Tuesday evening at the Sofitel Hotel. There will be a poster-party session on Monday evening. Maximum poster size is 0.95 cm × 0.95 cm.

  Approximately 180 rooms have been reserved at the Sofitel Hotel at Copacabana Beach and will be held until May 25, 2004. A special rate for single or double occupancy was negotiated for Meteoritical Society attendees and will also be available for the weekends before and after the meeting. One child under 12 years old can stay free of charge when sharing a room with one or two adults. In case of more than one child, an extra room must be requested at the hotel. Participants are responsible for making their own reservations directly to the Sofitel Hotel. In order to make your reservation, you must fill out the Accommodation Form and fax it to the hotel.

The Sofitel Hotel's facilities include two pools, a fitness center providing the latest in exercise equipment, sauna, steam room, and spa. In addition to beach service in front of the hotel, there is an adjoining shopping mall with many boutiques, antique stores, and jewelry shops.

The deadline for submitting room reservation requests to the Sofitel Hotel at the special rate is May 25, 2004.

Assistance will be provided by the meeting organizers in arranging for roommates for students and other meeting attendees who are interested in sharing the cost of a hotel room. Please contact the meeting secretariat at Congrex do Brasil at [email protected] if such assistance is required.

In case you are unable to make reservations at the conference hotel, information regarding other lodging options can be obtained at

  Registration will take place from 16:00 to 18:00 on Sunday, August 1, at the Sofitel Hotel and will be followed by a Welcome Reception from 18:00 to 20:00.

On Monday evening, from 17:30 to 21:30, there will be a poster-party session at which typical Brazilian drinks and food will be served.

On Wednesday after the excursions, there will be a barbecue dinner (not included in the registration fee) at Porcao Rio's. While sampling the delicious brazilian-style grilled meats for which the restaurant is famous, participants can also enjoy a beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro.

The Awards Ceremony will take place before the banquet on Thursday evening, August 5, from 17:45 until 18:45 at the Sofitel Hotel.

The Annual Banquet will be held Thursday evening from 19:30 to 23:00 at the Rio de Janeiro Yacht Club. The banquet will take place in an open-air area, so prepare for cool weather and bring a light jacket. During the banquet, there will be Brazilian music and a Capoeira performance. Note that bus transportation to events occurring at locations other than the conference hotel will be provided.

  Situated in southeastern Brazil, on the natural Baía de Guanabara (Guanabara Bay), Rio is a city of over 10 million people living between the ocean and the mountains. The famous landmarks of Corcovado and Sugar Loaf, as well as the beaches and music, explain why Rio is known as the Marvelous City. Rio boasts a wealth of attractions and activities, plus great food and entertainment — enough to keep a visitor busy for any length of stay.

Some activities and excursions are planned for meeting attendees and guests for Wednesday afternoon. These include tours to Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, and a jeep tour to Tijuca Forest. Please indicate on the Registration Form whether you and your guests (if any) would like to be included on any of these tours. For all registered meeting attendees and guests, the Wednesday afternoon excursions are included in the registration fee; however, for the barbecue dinner, following the excursions, there will be an additional fee. Since only a limited number of people can be accommodated for one of the excursions, participants are encouraged to make reservations early.

During the week of the conference, guests and families can arrange for other activities and excursions through the official travel agency, Havas Creative Tours, at [email protected]. The guest excursions are listed on the second page of the downloadable tour form.

Post-Conference Tours: Five post-conference tours are planned. The tours to Chapada Diamantina and Salvador, Iron-Ore Quadrangle, and Araguainha Crater will be accompanied by scientific guides. The other two scheduled tours include Iguassu Falls and Manaus and Amazon EcoPark Jungle Lodge. Airline tickets are not included in the excursion prices. Participants planning to attend one of the post-conference tours are strongly urged to contact their local travel agent for information about air passes, purchased outside of Brazil, with special fares. For further information, please consult the Rio Meeting Web site.

Participants can register for the tours by completing the downloadable tour form and returning it via fax to Havas Creative Tours.

  We ask participants to register for the meeting by submitting the downloadable meeting registration form. To take advantage of the reduced fee, the registration form should be sent by fax to Congrex do Brasil no later than May 25, 2004. Registration at the full rate will be accepted until July 15, 2004. Note that electronic registration is not provided for the meeting. All scientists attending sessions and their guests must pay the registration fee to help cover the meeting costs. Registration after July 15, 2004, will be accepted only in cash (U.S. dollars or Euros).

The following registration fees shall apply:
Registration Fees
CategoryUNTIL May 25AFTER May 25
Member$375 USD$425 USD
Student Member$195 USD$235 USD
Nonmember$425 USD$475 USD
Student Nonmember$235 USD$275 USD
Guest$180 USD$230 USD

Payments should be made in U.S. dollars by Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, or Bank Order.

Cancellation Policy: A 15% cancellation fee will be charged on cancellations received before July 19, 2004. No refunds will be given after July 19.

For refunds, written notification should be sent to Congrex do Brasil by e-mail or fax: 55 (21) 2509-1492, and not to the LPI, and should include information on your bank account number and the bank address. Refunds may take up to 45 days AFTER the meeting to be processed.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the Meteoritical Society or want to apply for membership, visit the Meteoritical Society Web site at

  For further information regarding the format and scientific objectives of the meeting, contact
    Conference Chair
    Rosa B. Scorzelli
    Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas
    Rua Xavier Sigaud, 150
    22290-180 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
    Phone: 55-21-2141-7188
    Fax: 55-21-2141-7274
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Conference Secretariat
    CONGREX do Brasil
    Av. Presidente Wilson, 164 - 9° andar
    20030-020 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
    Phone: 55-21-3974-2001
    Fax: 55-21-2509-1492
    E-mail: [email protected]

For information regarding meeting logistics and announcements, contact
    LPI Meeting Coordinator
    Kimberly Taylor
    Publications and Program Services Department
    Lunar and Planetary Institute
    3600 Bay Area Boulevard
    Houston TX 77058-1113
    Phone: 281-486-2151
    Fax: 281-486-2125
    E-mail: [email protected]

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