How to Access the Downloadable Files

In response to numerous requests from the community, we have made downloadable files available for each session. These files contain the program listing and all abstracts for each session, and are available from the LPI's anonymous FTP site. (The titles in the program listing are NOT linked to the individual abstracts as they are in the online version.) Instructions for accessing the FTP site are provided below. The file names are shown to the right of each session title (e.g., "sess01.pdf").

If you have any questions regarding these files, please contact Renee Dotson at 281-486-2188 or (Please be aware that we do not have the staff available to train people how to use FTP to retrieve files; if necessary, contact your systems administrator for technical assistance.)

To access the LPI's FTP site, ftp to

User Name:  anonymous
Password:  your e-mail address

Change the directory to


and then retrieve the file(s) you are interested in (see listing below). Note:  The files must be downloaded in binary mode to ensure readability on your machine.

Monday Morning
09.00      Opening Plenary Session   sess01.pdf

Monday Afternoon
14.00      Carbonaceous Chondrites and Chondrite-forming Processes   sess02.pdf
14.00      Martian Rocks I   sess03.pdf

Monday Evening
16.30      Poster Session   sess04.pdf

Tuesday Morning
08.30      Ordinary Chondrites   sess05.pdf
08.30      Large Impact Structures (and the Bushveld Complex)   sess06.pdf
11.45      Tektites and Impact Breccias   sess07.pdf

Tuesday Afternoon
14.00      The Moon and Differentiated Meteorites   sess08.pdf
14.00      Tektites and Impact Breccias (continued)   sess09.pdf
15.15      IMA Special Session on Mineralogy of Impact-related Phenomena   sess10.pdf

Tuesday Evening
18.30      Public Lecture   sess11.pdf

Thursday Morning
08.30      Cosmogenic Nuclides and Trapped Noble Gases   sess12.pdf
08.30      Impact Cratering and Processes   sess13.pdf
11.00      New Generation of Nanoscale Analytical Techniques   sess14.pdf

Thursday Afternoon
14.00      Plenary Session (Medalist Lectures)   sess15.pdf

Friday Morning
08.30      Special Plenary Session:  Thermal History of Meteorites   sess16.pdf
10.00      Thermal History of Meteorites   sess17.pdf
10.00      Presolar Grains, Isotopic Anomalies, and the Early Solar System   sess18.pdf

Friday Afternoon
14.15      Martian Rocks II   sess19.pdf
14.15      Cosmic Dust and Micrometeorites   sess20.pdf

Print-Only Presentations    sess21.pdf