Final Announcement
May 1999


June 1, 1999        Preregistration deadline
July 1-10 1999        Preconference field trips
July 11-16, 1999        62nd Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society
July 17-21, 1999        Postconference field trips

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You are cordially invited to participate in the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, to be held at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in Johannesburg, South Africa, from Sunday, July 11, to Friday, July 16, 1999. The campus of Wits University is centrally situated within the city of Johannesburg, in the suburb of Braamfontein. The conference venue will be on the East Campus, which is conveniently located close to all conference accommodations: 500 meters from the University hostel accommodation, about 1.5 kilometers from the three-star Milpark Holiday Inn Garden Court Hotel, and about 3 kilometers from the five-star Westcliff Hotel. Registration and welcome reception on Sunday, July 11, 1999, will take place on the West Campus. In order to facilitate your stay in Johannesburg, and in the interest of personal security, the Organizing Committee will provide transportation for all conference participants between the conference hotels and the conference venue. Transportation will also be provided for all other social and scientific functions arranged during the course of this week. In addition, the organizers will assist with transportation arrangements between Johannesburg International Airport and local accommodations.

It is the Johannesburg is southern Africa's largest and most vibrant city. It is the capital of Gauteng (Sotho, for "Place of Gold") Province, and, since the discovery of gold in the former Transvaal in 1886, has been the hub of Africa's largest economy. Johannesburg is in a central location in South Africa, providing easy access to the country's world-famous attractions. Johannesburg International Airport is served by most major airlines, connecting South Africa with all continents. South African Airways has been selected as the preferred conference carrier and is offering MetSoc '99 participants substantial benefits (see Transportation section). The weather during July will be typical Johannesburg winter weather [dry and sunny, with average daytime and nighttime temperatures of 20 degrees and 6 degrees C, respectively (68 degrees and 43 degrees F)]. Daytime temperatures may be as high as 25 degrees C, but evenings are cool, and an occasional cold front cannot be excluded during this month.

In addition to the venues on the Guest Program, the city has a number of other notable attractions, including Museum Africa (cultural/historical), the Johannesburg Art Gallery, and several art galleries and exhibits on the Wits campus (Rock Art Museum, James Kitching Gallery/Palaeontological Museum, Bleloch Museum/Geological Museum, and the Gertrude Posel Art Gallery, which features an outstanding permanent exhibition of African art called "Clothing and Identity." For your convenience, maps of central Johannesburg and the Wits campus (in pdf format) are available at this site.

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Oral sessions will be held from Monday morning to Friday afternoon, with the exception of Wednesday. The lecture theaters (SH5 and SH6) for the two planned parallel sessions are located on the ground floor and first floor (one directly above the other) of the Senate House, the main administrative and lecturing center of the East Campus of the University. Not only will this building host all scientific conference functions, but it also has a number of amenities such as a cafeteria, post office, gift shop, and banks. The plenary sessions (opening session and medalist lectures) will take place in the main university auditorium, the Great Hall, in the Central Block Building adjacent to Senate House.

Two hundred and thirty-six abstracts have been submitted, of which 137 will be presented orally and 70 as posters. The program and abstracts, along with downloadable session files (for people with slow remote access), are available now at this site.

A preliminary meeting calendar is also available for viewing. Morning sessions will begin at 08.30 with the exception of the Monday plenary session, which will begin at 09.00. Lunch breaks are scheduled to begin at approximately 12.30, and afternoon sessions will commence at 14.00. The lectures by the Leonard and Barringer medalists will be presented on Thursday afternoon, following the business meeting of the Meteoritical Society.

There will be a formal poster session on Monday afternoon, from 16.30-18.30, in the Gertrude Posel Art Gallery on the ground level of Senate House (less than 100 meters from the lecture theatres and next to the main concourse of Senate House). Refreshments will be served, and the poster session will be followed by a Mayoral Reception. Posters will remain on display for the duration of the conference week. The maximum poster size that can be accommodated is about 1.15 x 1.15 meters (4 x 4 feet). Authors of posters needing larger display areas should contact the organizers well in advance of the conference. Posters must be mounted with velcro or prestik (provided by the organizers).

Abstracts will be published as a supplementary issue of Meteoritics & Planetary Science, which will be part of the registration package at the meeting.

On Tuesday evening, a public lecture sponsored by the International Planetary Society, the Mineralogical Association of South Africa, and Anglogold will be presented by Dr. Carolyn Shoemaker in the SANLAM Auditorium of Rand Afrikaans University.

Several other keynote lectures will be scheduled throughout the scientific program. The Working Group on Cosmic Mineralogy of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA) and the Mineralogical Association of South Africa are sponsoring a special session of oral presentations and posters on Mineralogy of Impact-Related Phenomena. The Working Group on Extraterrestrial Geochemistry of the International Association of Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry (IAGC) is sponsoring a special session on The Thermal History of Meteorites.

Council Meeting and Other Committee Meetings
Committees will meet in the Committee Room (CB8) in Central Block. This room is located at ground level to the right of the main entrance, past the University Security office. The Council of the Meteoritical Society will meet here at 13.00 on Sunday, the MAPS Editorial Committee on Tuesday at 12.30, and the IGCP Global Impact Advisory Committee on Friday at 12.30. Light snacks and refreshments will be served at these meetings.

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A registration form is available at this site. The form must be returned to the organizers in Johannesburg (either by express mail or fax) and NOT to the LPI. Reduced conference fees are applicable only until June 1, after which date participants may still register but at the higher rate. We would like to encourage people to register well ahead of the meeting. Failing this, a brief fax or e-mail message indicating your intent to register at the meeting would be most helpful. Every effort has been made to keep registration fees within the level set for recent meetings. Guest registration fees include all social functions, including the conference banquet and all conference transportation.

Cancellation Policy
Registration fees will be refunded in full (less any bank charges) for cancellations received before June 10, 1999. From June 10 through July 1, a 50% refund will be made. No refund will be made for cancellations after July 1, 1999.

Registration Location and Conference Shuttle
Registration will commence on Sunday, July 7, 1999, at 16.00 in The Barn at the Wits Club on the West Campus. The Welcome Function, which includes a light supper and traditional entertainment, starts at 16.30 in the Cape Dutch Cottage of the Wits Club and will last until 20.00. Beverages will be provided, but a cash bar will also be available. Conference shuttle transportation from the conference hotels will commence at 15.40 and continue at 20-minute intervals thereafter. Return shuttles will be available first upon request and from 19.00 until 20.30 approximately every 15 minutes. Conference shuttle minibuses and buses will prominently display conference posters on their windscreens. Those participants staying in university accommodations can cross Yale Road just above the Planetarium, turn right into Yale Road, walk through the tunnel underneath the M1 Freeway, and follow signs to the Wits Club (~500 meters). Several shuttles will also run between Jubilee Hall and the Wits Club.

Access to Campus
To facilitate access to campus (especially for those in private cars) at traffic check-points at the lower and upper ends of Yale Road, have your copy of this announcement handy to show to university traffic personnel. Parking for conference participants for the registration on Sunday is provided near the Wits Club; for the remainder of the conference, you are requested to park at The Wedge, close to the upper end of Yale Road (signs will be posted). Registration shuttles will transport participants to and from hotels and to and from the Wits Club on Sunday; thereafter the university shuttle stop for hotel-university transportation will be at the upper Yale Road entrance to the East Campus.

Registration Hours
You are asked to register between 16.00 and 19.00 on Sunday, but you may register thereafter at the permanent Registration and Help Office, which will be open starting Monday morning at 07.30 at the Senate House conference venue (Room SHB1A) near lecture hall SH5 on the B1 level of Senate House (as for all conference amenities, signs will be posted). From Monday morning until Wednesday at 09.30, a Conference Banquet Dinner Table Plan will be displayed at the registration desk for you to indicate with whom you would prefer to share a table.

The registration form also serves as the booking form for accommodations, field trips, and other events. Please pay for all these items in one amount! Every effort has been made to keep the registration fee as low as in previous years. In this regard, please note that fees for the Johannesburg meeting include a number of services/bonuses that have traditionally been at the expense of the delegate. Registration fees include the Welcome and Farewell functions, lunches during the conference week, the banquet, all transportation during the conference week to and from hotels and the conference venue and to and from the airport to conference accommodations, and the Wednesday excursion (with lunch and entertainment).

Messages and E-Mail Access
Personal messages will be posted at the registration desk. A number of computer terminals will be provided in the Senate House, near the conference venue, to allow meeting participants to read their e-mail. Phone and fax messages can be conveyed to the secretary of the Department of Geology (phone: +27 11 716 2608; fax: +27 11 339 1697), who will transfer them to the registration desk. Several pay phones for outgoing calls are available in and around Senate House Concourse. Photocopying can be done in the Department of Geology, after making arrangements with the departmental secretary.

From Monday 07.30 until Friday 15.00, tea, coffee, water, and cold drinks will be available in Room SHB1B near lecture hall SH5. Refreshments can also be obtained in the Senate House Concourse area and in the Wits Theatre's "Couch and Coffee" lounge venue and cafe, only 50 meters east of Senate House.

Lunches will be served in the Student Union Building. Details will be provided at registration.

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After the official opening of the conference on Monday, July 12, at 09.00, the Nier, Leonard, and Barringer Medals will be awarded. This will take place in the Great Hall of the Central Block of the University.

Monday, July 12:  The poster session, along with a cocktail party will be held in the Gertrude Posel Art Gallery (Senate House Building), 50 meters from the lecture theaters. This will be followed by a civic reception hosted by the Mayor of Johannesburg, to which conference buses will leave from Yale Road at 18.30. This reception will last until about 21.00 and include a light supper.

Tuesday, July 13:  There will be a public lecture by Dr. Carolyn Shoemaker on Tuesday evening (at 18.30) at Rand Afrikaans University, located some 15 minutes by bus from Wits. Transportation will be provided and will depart from the Yale Road bus "terminal" after the last afternoon lecture. Shuttle buses will transport spouses and delegates who are in hotels to the Yale Road bus stop 15 minutes before bus departure. The lecture is sponsored by The Planetary Society, the Mineralogical Association of South Africa, and Anglogold.

Wednesday, July 14:  All conference participants have the opportunity to enjoy a free day trip to the Pretoria Saltpan (Tswaing) meteorite crater. This 220,000-year-old feature is one of the world's best-preserved, bowl-shaped impact craters. The crater is the center of a 2000-hectare conservation area, currently being developed by the National Cultural History Museum in Pretoria, in partnership with other research institutions and local communities, as the first meteorite crater museum in Africa. After arrival at Tswaing, delegates will be introduced to the museum project. The unveiling of a plaque in commemoration of the late Dr. E. M. Shoemaker will be followed by a traditional African lunch, accompanied by choral, dance, and jazz performances by local artists. The afternoon will be dedicated to a tour of the crater, during which there will be an opportunity for the more energetic to descend on foot to the crater floor (100 meters below the rim crest). Delegates are once again urged to wear walking shoes, and to bring a hat and sunglasses, and a warm jacket (just in case). Return to Johannesburg will be at about 18.00.

No event is planned for Wednesday evening. An extensive list of recommended restaurants, as well as recommendations for university accommodation lodgers, will be included with the registration package for those wishing to dine out.

Thursday, July 15:  The annual conference banquet will be held at 19.30 in the ballroom of the Wanderers Club in northern Johannesburg. This is one of the oldest clubs in the city, and is also the site of one of the best-known international cricket stadiums in the world. The banquet will be a traditional sit-down dinner affair. Semiformal to formal dress (jacket and tie) would be appreciated. The Thursday afternoon lecture program will terminate at 17.00, after which time buses will take participants to their hotels. Conference buses will leave from hotels and university accommodations at 18.30 and return to the hotels between 22.00 and 23.00.

Friday, July 16:  There will be a farewell function (cheese and wine) in the Bleloch Museum of the Department of Geology. For those interested, there will be an opportunity for tasting a range of South African wines (purchases and delivery can be arranged). The function will begin at 15.30.

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Daily tours have been arranged from Sunday, July 11, through Friday, July 16. Details on these tours, including departure times, are listed below. Please note that participation in these organized tours is not included in the registration fee and will be at the participant's discretion and expense. The following trips are available:

Sunday, July 11, 1999

Option A:  Diamond Mine Visit
Cost:  $55.00 (includes transportation, snack, and tour guide)
Departure ~08.00 from accommodations, return ~14.15.

Note:  Diamond purchasing, at wholesale prices and by appointment with a registered diamond dealer, can be arranged during the conference week. For details contact Dr. Gillian Drennan at [email protected].

Option B: Rosebank Rooftop Flea Market
Cost:  $15.00 (includes transportation and tour guide)
Departure ~09.30, return ~13.00.

Option C (NEW):  Tour of Gertrude Posel Art Gallery
Cost:  FREE

Beginning at 15.00, a tour of the Gertrude Posel Art Gallery's permanent exhibition on African art will be conducted by Ms. R. Becker. Meet at 14.55 at the entrance to Senate House between the Central Block and Senate House (see campus map).

Monday, July 12, 1999

Option A:  Lesedi Cultural Village
Cost:  $55.00 (includes transportation, lunch, and tour guide)
Departure, after official conference opening, 10.15, return ~16.00.

Option B:  De Wildt Cheetah and Research Centre
Cost: $55.00 (includes transportation, lunch, and tour guide)
Departure ~08.15, return 15.00.

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Option A:  Rhino and Lion Park/Sterkfontein Caves/Wondercave
Cost: $50.00 (includes transportation, lunch, and tour guide)
Departure 08.00, return ~16.00.

Option B:  Full-day Tour of Soweto and Johannesburg
Cost:  $45.00 (includes transportation, lunch, and tour guide)
Departure ~08.00, return 16.00.

Option C (NEW):  Witwatersrand Gold Mine Underground Visit
Cost:  $55.00 (includes transportation, underground clothing, and all refreshments)
This full-day tour, which involves a visit to a deep-level gold mine, has been arranged at the explicit request of some participants and was not advertised in previous announcements. Please indicate at your earliest convenience if you would like to take part in this event. Witwatersrand gold mines are the deepest mines in the world. Participants should be in good health (claustrophobia sufferers should not proceed underground and pregnant ladies will not be admitted). Make your reservations early! Reservations can be e-mailed to Brenda ([email protected]) or Gillian ([email protected]). Departure ~05.30 from accommodations.

Thursday, July 15, 1999

Option A:  Gold Reef City and Soweto
Cost:  $80.00 (includes transportation, lunch, entrance fees, and tour guides)
Departure 08.00, return 16.00.

Option B:  Pretoria/De Wildt Cheetah and Wild Dog Research Centre
Cost:  $60.00 (includes transportation, lunch, and tour guide)
Departure 08.15, return 16.00.

Friday, July 16, 1999

Cost:  $15.00 (includes transportation and tour guide)
Departure 08.30, return ~13.00.

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Wits University Residence Accommodation
One hundred and thirty rooms have been reserved in Jubilee Hall, on the East Campus of Wits University, about 5 minutes walking distance from the conference venue. Jubilee Hall is a modern high-rise building. Breakfast will be served between 07.00 and 8.30 in the dining hall, and amenities include a telephone in each room for receiving calls, a laundry, two television lounges, a game room, and public telephones. Each room has a Sealy bed, a study desk and chair, a wash basin, and built-in cupboard. There are toilets and bathrooms (with two showers and three baths) in close proximity to every room. Most rooms provide single accommodation, but 40 rooms are reserved for double accommodation.

Upon arrival at Jubilee Hall Residence, proceed to the Security/Reception Desk on the ground level. You will be asked to sign the visitors' book and will be given your room key. You will also be designated a telephone number for the purpose of receiving incoming calls only. To be contacted, the following number can be used to obtain a delegate's direct number: +27 11 716 4242. This is not a switchboard and calls cannot be transferred.
Cost:  $20.00 per night (breakfast included)

Holiday Inn Garden Court Milpark
Situated about 1.5 kilometers from the University of the Witwatersrand, this comfortable and modern three-star hotel boasts 251 double rooms and one suite for the disabled. At double occupation, one or two children under 18 can be accommodated in the same room (four people maximum per room; two double beds), at no extra charge; no extra beds can be provided though. Children under 18 years of age stay free. All suites have private bathrooms with shower, radio, telephone, color television with M-Net, individually controlled air-conditioning, and tea- and coffee-making facilities.
Cost:  Single:  $65.00 per room/night; Double:  $75.00 per room/night ($37.50 per person sharing)
Note:  Breakfast charges are not included.

Westcliff Hotel
For those looking for five-star hotel accommodations, the Westcliff Hotel is the right option! The Westcliff is situated about 3 kilometers from the University. It offers the most sought-after luxury accommodation in Johannesburg. All 106 spacious bedrooms are luxuriously appointed with en-suite bathrooms, digital safes, VCR players, dedicated computer and fax lines, and butler stations with mini bars. Children under 12 stay free, and a 50% room tariff will be charged for children up to the age of 18.
Cost:  Executive Luxury Room $200.00/night (breakfast included)

If you have need for further information, please contact the Conference Organizer, Brenda Lacey-Smith [e-mail:  [email protected]; phone:  +27 (0) 11 837 1398; mobile phone:  +27 (0) 11 82 854 5654.]

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Daycare facilities can be arranged on request (though no inquiries have yet been received). Please contact the organizers well in advance with your requirements. Both conference hotels provide evening babysitters.

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Public transportation is available in and between major centers; how-ever, since South Africa is geared toward private transportion, there is a well-maintained network of roads and motorways. Traffic travels on the left, and speed limits are 60 kilometers/hour in urban areas, 100 kilometers/hour on secondary roads, and 120 kilometers/hour on national highways.

South African Airways
South African Airways (SAA), the national carrier of South Africa, has been appointed as the preferred carrier for the conference. SAA services most major cities in Europe and has direct flights into North America (Miami and New York). The airline code-shares with seven of the largest international air carriers, including American Airlines and Lufthansa. The international delegates can contact their nearest SAA office and will qualify for the best market fares on the Intercontinental Services of South African Airways. They should quote the following reference number:  AIR/MX.C/1285/98. Participants from overseas can also ask about the African Explorer Fares for travel within South Africa (this works on the coupon-pass principle). Domestic delegates will receive 50% discounted tickets and can make their reservations by contacting the telephone numbers (+27 11) 978 2035/54/9899 and quoting the above reference number. Your travel agent or nearest SAA office can still issue the tickets.

All travelers arriving in Johannesburg will land at Johannesburg International Airport. South Africa's international airports are located in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. South African Airways, the appointed conference air carrier, and other domestic airlines fly to many local destinations, including all major and regional centers.

A number of taxi services are available in Johannesburg. Please remember that taxis are not free-roaming and do not drive around looking for passengers. Taxis can be ordered by telephone, but can also be found at designated taxi-ranks, for example, at airports and railway stations. Hotel or restaurant staff will assist with arranging for taxi services.

Rental Cars
The easiest form of transportation for travel throughout the country comes in the form of rental cars. All major car rental companies are represented in South Africa. Foreign driver's licenses are valid as long as they carry the photograph and signature of the holder. If the license is not in English, a certificate of authenticity from an embassy written in English is required.

Avis Rent-A-Car and Hertz-Alisa Car Rental (Pty) Ltd. have offered conference delegates special discounted rates. If you are reserving a car through Avis, please quote Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) reference number K031503. International rates are available through Avis Reservation Centers worldwide. Hertz-Alisa customers should quote reference number CDP904308 and should reserve rentals through their local agency. See the meeting Web site for details regarding makes, models, and rates (all rates in Rands).

Should you wish to drive yourself, take the Johannesburg Freeway from the airport, then (after ~8 kilometers) make a loop around the southern side of the Central Business District. Turn into the N3 Freeway in the direction of Durban, then (after ~4 kilometers) into the M2 (to Johannesburg), and finally (after~6 kilometers) the M1 North (toward Sandton). Take the Jan Smuts Avenue (~3 kilometers) exit and follow signs to Wits (right at two lights), if you have reserved University accommodations. Delegates staying in hotel accommodations should take the Empire Road exit (2 kilometers) and turn left on Empire Street toward the Holiday Inn, or take the Jan Smuts Avenue exit and turn left on Jan Smuts Avenue toward the Westcliff Hotel (about 1.5 kilometers on the left; see enclosed maps).

If you have provided the organizers with your arrival time and flight number well in advance, please make your way to the Magic Bus counter in Terminal 3 (Domestic Arrivals, on same level as International Arrivals), where they will arrange transportation to your conference accommodation. Costs for this service are included with the registration fee.

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Most restaurants and shops, all hotels, and many other businesses accept all major credit cards. We recommend that, upon arrival, you exchange some funds at any of the exchange bureau counters in the International Arrivals Hall at Johannesburg International Airport. The conference hotels also provide a convenient currency exchange service. So that delegates do not have to leave the University campus to visit banks, one of South Africa's major banks, First National Bank, which has a branch in the Senate House Concourse area, will provide at certain convenient times a staff member in the immediate vicinity of the conference venue to assist participants with currency exchange. Visa and Mastercard can also be used at ATMs (e.g., in the Senate House Concourse) for the purpose of withdrawing money.

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As with most cities and towns around the world, please remember to be aware of personal safety at all times. To ensure that you enjoy your stay, be aware of the following tips:

    Avoid walking alone in the streets, especially after dark or on the weekends.

    It is advisable to use taxis at night, and only those that have been booked through a reputable taxi company or arranged by hotels.

    Try not to attract attention by overtly carrying cameras or wearing expensive jewelry; leave valuables with hotel security.

    If you have rented a car, always remember to keep your car doors locked. In cities, it is recommended that windows be kept closed, even while driving.

    Try not to carry large amounts of cash; instead use traveler's checks or credit cards.

The organizers recommend that you avoid the Johannesburg Central Business District unless you join a guided tour.

For further information regarding security at the 1999 Meteoritical Society Meeting, please see the Bulletin on Security and Personal Safety.

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As with all international travel, visitors to South Africa are required to be in possession of a valid passport. Travelers from certain countries also need a visa. Inquiries can be directed to South African diplomatic representatives abroad, the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria, Private Bag X114, Pretoria, 0001 (phone: +27 12 314 8911; fax: +27 12 314 8516), or the agencies of the South African Tourism Board (SATOUR), which are located in many cities worldwide.

Visitors who intend to travel to South Africa's neighboring countries and back to South Africa are advised that they may need to apply for multiple reentry visas. In terms of existing arrangements, passport holders of certain countries (for example, many European, North American, and Commonwealth countries) are exempt from visa requirements.

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JULY 6-8, 1999

A number of places for the two-day Workshop on Extraterrestrial Materials from Hot and Cold Deserts are still available. The workshop will deal with all aspects of extraterrestrial matter from Antarctica and the Arctic, as well as from other deserts (this includes topics as diverse as meteorites, micrometeorites, cosmic dust, weathering effects, and terrestrial and exposure ages). It will be held in the beautiful Kwa-Maritane Resort, about 130 kilometers northwest of Johannesburg in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. A special conference discount rate has been negotiated: accommodation, full board, a number of cultural activities as well as a game drive, and transportation to and from Johannesburg will cost only $400. The registration fee will be $50. Workshop participants ought to arrive in Johannesburg on (or prior to) July 6, 1999. Buses will depart from the appointed conference hotels at 12.00 on July 6 to Kwa-Maritane. The group will return to Johannesburg on the evening of Thursday, July 8, 1999.

For further information about this workshop, please contact Ludolf Schultz (phone:  +49 6131 305279; fax:  +49 6131 305483; e-mail:  [email protected]), or visit the workshop Web site at

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A number of exciting field excursions have been planned, based on the interest expressed by members of the Society. The response to the earlier announcements is such that most advertised field excursions are likely to take place (subject to a minimum number of participants, as indicated below for certain excursions). Please register for excursions as early as possible to guarantee yourself a slot and to facilitate organizers' scheduling efforts. Note:  Registration for the Namibia excursion has been closed due to the need for prior application of permits for access into the Restricted Diamond Area. The Zimbabwe excursion is now closed because it is fully subscribed. Unless otherwise stated, the excursions will involve a minimum of strenuous activity. Participants are urged to bring sensible walking shoes. Although daytime temperatures may reach 25 degrees C (77 degrees F) in South Africa (higher in Namibia and Zimbabwe) during July, the weather may turn cold (10-15 degrees C; 50-60 degrees F) and nighttime temperatures can drop to freezing, so please bring warm clothing. Antimalarial prophylactics need to be taken for certain excursions, such as those into the Barberton Mountain Land and Zimbabwe. Where not otherwise stated, excursion costs include all ground transportation and meals.

Bushveld Complex
Preconference:  July 7-10; postconference: July 17-20
Excursion leaders:  Prof. Grant Cawthorn (Wits), Dr. Wolfgang Maier (University of Pretoria), Mr. Jochen Schweitzer (CSIR Mining Technology) - not necessarily all three on both excursions
Participants:  20-40 maximum
Accommodation:  Gethlane Lodge, Burgersfort (3 nights)
Cost:  $500

Vredefort Dome
Preconference:  July 9-10; postconference:  July 17-18
Excursion leaders:  Dr. Roger Gibson, Prof. Uwe Reimold, Dr. Gary Stevens (all Wits), Dr. W. P. Colliston (Univ. of the Free State)
Participants:  15-40 maximum
Accommodation:  Smilin Thru Resort, Parys (1 night)
Cost:  $180
(The preconference excursion will return to Johannesburg in time to attend the Welcome Function.)

Barberton Mountain Land
Postconference:  July 17-20
Excursion leader:  Prof. C. Anhaeusser (Economic Geology Research Unit, Wits)
Participants:  36 maximum
Accommodation:  Avontuur Hotel, Badplaas (3 nights)
Cost:  $650

Postconference:  July 17-24
Excursion leader:  Dr. Sharad Master (Wits);
[email protected]
This excursion has been closed due to strong, early subscription.

Preconference:  July 3-11
Excursion Leader:  Dr. Roy McG. Miller (Windhoek); [email protected]
This excursion has been closed due to time limitations on permit applications for the Restricted Diamond Area.

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