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Last update: 27 Nov 2021
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Aioun el Atrouss ** Official Y 1974 Hodh el Gharbi, Mauritania Diogenite-pm 1000 g 56 Google Earth   
Alby sur Chéran ** Official Y 2002 Rhone-Alpes, France Eucrite-mmict 252 g 88 Google Earth   
Aouinet Legraa ** Official Yp 2013 Tindouf, Algeria Eucrite-unbr 58 kg 105 Google Earth   
Béréba Official Y 1924 Houet, Burkina Faso Eucrite-mmict 18 kg Google Earth   
Berthoud ** Official Y 2004 Colorado, USA Eucrite-mmict 960 g 94 Google Earth   
Bholghati Official Y 1905 Orissa, India Howardite 2.5 kg Google Earth   
Bialystok Official Y 1827 Bialystok, Poland Eucrite-pmict 4 kg Google Earth   
Bilanga ** Official Y 1999 Gnagna, Burkina Faso Diogenite 25 kg 84 Google Earth   
Brient Official Y 1933 Orenburgskaya oblast', Russia Eucrite-pmict 219 g Google Earth   
Bunburra Rockhole ** Official Y 2007 South Australia, Australia Eucrite 324 g 95 Google Earth   
Bununu ** Official Y 1942 Bauchi, Nigeria Howardite 357 g 5 Google Earth   
Chaves Official Y 1925 Vila Real, Portugal Howardite 2.95 kg Google Earth   
Chervony Kut Official Y 1939 Sumy, Ukraine Eucrite-mmict 1700 g Google Earth   
Ellemeet Official Y 1925 Zeeland, Netherlands Diogenite 1470 g Google Earth   
Emmaville Official Y 1900 New South Wales, Australia Eucrite-mmict 127 g Google Earth   
Erevan ** Official Y 1911 Armenia Howardite 107.2 g 55 Google Earth   
Frankfort (stone) Official Y 1868 Alabama, USA Howardite 650 g Google Earth   
Garland Official Y 1950 Utah, USA Diogenite-pm 102 g Google Earth   
Haraiya Official Y 1878 Uttar Pradesh, India Eucrite-mmict 1000 g Google Earth   
Ibbenbüren Official Y 1870 Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany Diogenite 2 kg Google Earth   
Ibitira ** Official Y 1957 Minas Gerais, Brazil Eucrite-mmict 2.5 kg 6 Google Earth   
Jodzie Official Y 1877 Lithuania Howardite 30 g Google Earth   
Johnstown Official Y 1924 Colorado, USA Diogenite 40.3 kg Google Earth   
Jonzac Official Y 1819 Poitou-Charentes, France Eucrite-mmict 5 kg Google Earth   
Juvinas Official Y 1821 Rhone-Alpes, France Eucrite-mmict 91 kg Google Earth   
Kapoeta Official Y 1942 South Sudan Howardite 11.36 kg Google Earth   
Kirbyville Official Y 1906 Texas, USA Eucrite-mmict 97.7 g Google Earth   
Lakangaon Official Y 1910 Madhya Pradesh, India Eucrite-mmict 213 g Google Earth   
Le Teilleul Official Y 1845 Basse-Normandie, France Howardite 780 g Google Earth   
Lohawat ** Official Y 1994 Rajasthan, India Howardite 40 kg 85 Google Earth   
Luotolax Official Y 1813 Kymi, Finland Howardite 885 g Google Earth   
Macibini Official Y 1936 KwaZulu/Natal, South Africa Eucrite-pmict 1995 g Google Earth   
Malvern ** Official Y 1933 Free State, South Africa Eucrite-pmict 807 g 53 Google Earth   
Manegaon Official Y 1843 Maharashtra, India Diogenite 50 g Google Earth   
Mässing Official Y 1803 Bayern, Germany Howardite 1600 g Google Earth   
Mazichuan ** Official Yc 2016 Shaanxi, China Diogenite 3.28 kg 107 Google Earth   
Medanitos ** Official Y 1953 Catamarca, Argentina Eucrite-cm 31 g 10 Google Earth   
Millbillillie ** Official Y 1960 Western Australia, Australia Eucrite-mmict 330 kg 51 Google Earth   
Molteno Official Y 1953 Eastern Cape, South Africa Howardite 150 g Google Earth   
Moore County Official Y 1913 North Carolina, USA Eucrite-cm 1880 g Google Earth   
Motopi Pan ** Official Yc 2018 Ghanzi, Botswana Howardite 215 g 110 Google Earth   
Nagaria Official Y 1875 Uttar Pradesh, India Eucrite-cm 20 g Google Earth   
Nobleborough Official Y 1823 Maine, USA Eucrite-pmict 2.3 kg Google Earth   
Orlando ** Official Y 2004 Florida, USA Eucrite 180 g 90 Google Earth   
Padvarninkai Official Y 1929 Lithuania Eucrite-mmict 3.86 kg Google Earth   
Pasamonte Official Y 1933 New Mexico, USA Eucrite-pmict 5.1 kg Google Earth   
Pavlovka Official Y 1882 Saratovskaya oblast', Russia Howardite 2 kg Google Earth   
Peckelsheim ** Official Y 1953 Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany Diogenite-pm 117.8 g 46 Google Earth   
Peramiho Official Y 1899 Ruvuma, Tanzania Eucrite-mmict 165 g Google Earth   
Petersburg Official Y 1855 Tennessee, USA Eucrite-pmict 1800 g Google Earth   

Yc Confirmed fall.

Yp Probable fall.

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

Information deriving from MetBull 110 or later is still subject to change by the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee.

** Click on the meteorite's name to see the full initial description.

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