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Meteoritical Bulletin Information for IPGP

Abbreviation: IPGP
Synonym for:
Collection type: Institutional collection
First bulletin with this collection: 86
Collection name:
Host institution: Institute de Physique du Globe de Paris
Permanent custody/ownership: Institute de Physique du Globe de Paris
Curator: Marc Chaussidon
Curator's address: IPGP,1 rue Jussieu,75252 Paris, Cedex 05, France
Curator's phone: 33 183957787
Curator's email: Second part of address after at sign: ipgp.fr
First part of address: chaussidon
Shipping address: Institute de Physique du Globe de Paris, 1 rue Jussieu, 75252 Paris, Cedex 05
Country: France
# meteorites: one
Online catalog:
Make loans: Yes. We start this small collection with samples that scientists from the IPGP are purchasing on their grants (ERC grants or ANR grants for instance), to make sure that these samples will be curated correctly over the long term by the institution (IPG is an observatory which has amongst its missions to curate data and make them available to the community, so quite close to a collection of samples).
Written policy: No. We are starting. But we will need one and the simplest for us will be to adopt (or modify) the policy of the nearby Museum of Natonal History or any policy recommended by the Meteoritical Society.
Revision date: 2014-11-03
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