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Meteoritical Bulletin Information for MHNUSC

Abbreviation: MHNUSC
Synonym for:
Collection type: Institutional collection
First bulletin with this collection: 111
Collection name: MHNUSC-MET
WWW: www.usc.gal/museohn
Host institution: Santiago de Compostela University (Spain)
Permanent custody/ownership: Natural History Museum of Santiago de Compostela University (Spain)
Curator: Juan Manuel Cutrin Lobato
Curator's address: Parque de Vista Alegre, s/n.
15705 Santiago de Compostela
Curator's phone: +34 881826349
Curator's email: Second part of address after at sign: usc.es
First part of address: museohn
Shipping address: Natural History Museum of the University of Santiago de Compostela
Country: Spain
# meteorites: 12
Catalog: Catalog document   
Online catalog:
Make loans: 1. It is the general policy of our museum to make its valuable collection of type specimens available to qualified researchers, as is usual in European science museums.
2. It is possible to consult material at the Museum itself, upon prior request, justifying the reason for it. In addition, the USC (Research Infrastructure Area), in coordination with the Museum, could provide analytical services that would facilitate the carrying out of studies, without the need to use destructive techniques for the material.
3. Non-destructive methods will always prevail, but if it is imperative to alter or cut any fragment of the specimen, there will only be restrictions for samples of very small size or of great heritage value.
4. In any case, for moving a piece out of the museum, researchers (preferably supported by scientific institutions) must fill out a form and meet delivery and return deadlines.
Written policy: The meteorites, like the entire geological and mineralogical collection, are kept in rooms in which basic factors such as relative humidity, temperature and exposure to light are controlled.
Revision date: 2022-06-20
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