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Meteoritical Bulletin Information for Vernad

Abbreviation: Vernad
Synonym for:
Collection type: Institutional collection
First bulletin with this collection: 89
Collection name: Meteorite Collection of Russian Academy of Sciences
Host institution: Vernadsky Institute
Permanent custody/ownership: Russian Academy of Science
Curator: Mikhail A. Nazarov
Curator's address: Vernadsky Insitute, Kosygin St. 19, Moscow 119991, Russia
Curator's phone: +7-495-939-7070
Curator's email: Second part of address after at sign: geokhi.ru
First part of address: nazarov
Shipping address: Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry
Country: Russia
# meteorites: ~1500
Online catalog:
Make loans: The collection only makes loans of meteorite samples
weiging <20 g with the approval of the Russian Meteorite Committee
Written policy: Yes, there is a written curation policy (in Russian). It was written by Russian Academy of Sciences.
Revision date: 2016-02-21
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