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Meteoritical Bulletin: Oxygen Isotope Plots

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Oxygen isotope composition of main-group pallasites and mesosiderites. Data for main-group pallasites and mesosiderites from Greenwood et al. (2006). Solid lines through data points show the mean Δ17O value for each group. Grey-shaded boxes depict the 2σ error on the mesosiderite and main-group pallasite population Δ17O and δ18O mean values. Open squares are individual mesosiderite analyses, open circles individual pallasite analyses. The dashed line labelled (1) is the eucrite fractionation line of Greenwood et al. (2005); the dashed line labelled (2) shows the range of HED values obtained by Weichert et al. (2004). Δ17O is linearized using the format of Miller (2002): Δ17O = 1000 ln (1+ (δ17O/1000)) – λ1000 ln (1+ ( δ18O/1000)) where λ = 0.5247. TFL = Terrestrial Fractionation Line.


Data summary:
δ18Oδ17OΔ17O: givenΔ17O: Miller (2002)Comment
0.52002.8700Not given2.593 

Nearest neighbors in MBDB (within 0.5 permil):
NameClassδ18Oδ17OΔ17O: calcΔ δ18OΔ δ17OΔ Δ17O
MiltonPallasite, ungrouped0.52002.87002.5930 0 0
Northwest Africa 1669Martian (shergottite)0.30002.85002.688-0.22 -0.02 0.1
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