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Meteoritical Bulletin: Oxygen Isotope Plots

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Oxygen isotope composition of CK chondrites. All data from Greenwood et al. (2010). Field of CO3s based on the data of Greenwood and Franchi (2004). CCAM: carbonaceous chondrite anhydrous mineral line (Clayton et al., 1977; Clayton and Mayeda, 1999).


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δ18Oδ17OΔ17O: givenΔ17O: linearComment

Nearest neighbors in MBDB (within 0.5 permil):
NameClassδ18Oδ17OΔ17O: calcΔ δ18OΔ δ17OΔ Δ17O
Northwest Africa 772CK34.10104.92802.7950.15 -0.13 -0.21
Dhofar 1671R3-64.29105.24503.0140.34 0.19 0.01
Northwest Africa 10067R34.27104.79902.5780.32 -0.26 -0.43
Dhofar 1671R3-64.40205.01802.7290.45 -0.04 -0.28
Dhofar 1671R3-64.28304.74002.5130.34 -0.32 -0.49
Yamato 75302R3.84.11004.61002.4730.16 -0.45 -0.53
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