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Meteoritical Bulletin: Silicate Plots

This diagram plots data for ordinary chondrites extracted from MetBase. The data were screened by removing all samples of petrologic type 3, as well as removing all data reported only to the nearest integer (this has the effect of removing all the determinations by oil immersion at the Smithsonian as well as a large amount of other data). The resulting data set contains ~4600 H chondrites, ~2950 L chondrites, and ~570 LL chondrites. Of the total of 8179 samples, 90% contain both olivine and pyroxene compositions.

Colors of each point correspond to the published classification of the meteorite. The light blue squares represent operational limits on Fa and Fs in each group currently in use by the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee. — Source: Grossman and Rubin (2006).


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