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Meteoritical Bulletin: Oxygen Isotope Plots

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Oxygen isotope composition of ordinary and R chondrites. Data for ordinary chondrites from Clayton et al. (1991). Data for R chondrites from: Weisberg et al. (1991), Schultze et al. (1994), Jackel et al. (1996),Kallemeyn et al. (1996), Weber et al. (1997), Bischoff et al. (1998), McBride et al. (2003). Entry for NWA 1668, Met. Bull. 88. Δ17O calculated as: Δ17O = δ17O – 0.52δ18O


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δ18Oδ17OΔ17O: givenΔ17O: linearComment

Nearest neighbors in MBDB (within 0.5 permil):
NameClassδ18Oδ17OΔ17O: calcΔ δ18OΔ δ17OΔ Δ17O
Northwest Africa 13511R46.04905.59702.4520.02 0.13 0.12
Dar al Gani 013R3.5-65.88005.38002.322-0.15 -0.09 -0.01
Acfer 217R3.8-55.86005.51002.463-0.17 0.04 0.13
Northwest Africa 13511R45.92205.65102.572-0.11 0.18 0.24
Northwest Africa 11263R35.99005.24002.125-0.04 -0.23 -0.21
Northwest Africa 13511R45.96305.77202.671-0.07 0.3 0.34
Northwest Africa 10067R35.65505.24402.303-0.38 -0.23 -0.03
Ramlat as Sahmah 201R55.83805.90902.873-0.19 0.44 0.54
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