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Meteoritical Bulletin: Oxygen Isotope Plots

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Oxygen isotope composition of ordinary chondrites. All data from Clayton et al. (1991).


Data summary:
δ18Oδ17OΔ17O: givenΔ17O: linearComment
6.72403.88200.33200.386Δ17O off by 0.054
6.53304.09800.64900.701Δ17O off by 0.052
6.99904.26200.56700.623Δ17O off by 0.056
7.23704.39600.57500.633Δ17O off by 0.058
8.15504.76200.45600.521Δ17O off by 0.065
8.12404.83800.54900.614Δ17O off by 0.065
8.66804.98800.41100.481Δ17O off by 0.07

Nearest neighbors in MBDB (within 0.5 permil):
NameClassδ18Oδ17OΔ17O: calcΔ δ18OΔ δ17OΔ Δ17O
Northwest Africa 8114Martian (polymict breccia)7.25004.36000.59-0.24 -0.1 0.02
Northwest Africa 8171Martian (polymict breccia)7.18004.41000.676-0.31 -0.05 0.11
Northwest Africa 12273Chondrite-ung7.24904.78601.017-0.24 0.33 0.45
Hammadah al Hamra 180Chondrite-ung7.07004.40000.724-0.42 -0.06 0.16
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