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Meteoritical Bulletin: Oxygen Isotope Plots

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Oxygen isotope composition of primitive achondrites (SNCs shown for comparison). Data for brachinites, winonaites, acapulcoite-lodranite clan from Greenwood et al. (2012). Data for ureilites from Clayton and Mayeda (1999). Data for Martian meteorites (SNCs) from Franchi et al. (1999) and compiled from laser fluorination analyses in the Meteoritical Bulletin. Δ17O calculated as: Δ17O = δ17O – 0.52δ18O. Individual winonaite and acapulcoite-lodranite clan samples are very highly susceptible to terrestrial weathering resulting in large shifts in δ18O and to a lesser extent Δ17O. Most analysis points for these two groups plotted on this diagram have been cleaned in EATG (ethanolamine thioglycollate) in order to reduce the influence of terrestrial weathering (see Greenwood et al., 2012 for further details). TFL: terrestrial fractionation line, Y&R: slope 1 line (Young and Russell, 1998), CCAM: carbonaceous chondrite anhydrous mineral line (Clayton et al., 1977; Clayton and Mayeda 1999).


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Nearest neighbors in MBDB (within 0.5 permil):
NameClassδ18Oδ17OΔ17O: calcΔ δ18OΔ δ17OΔ Δ17O
Northwest Africa 12206Ureilite7.00002.3000-1.340 0 0
Northwest Africa 7306CM-an7.05202.2950-1.3720.05 -0 -0.03
Northwest Africa 7680Achondrite-ung7.04002.6500-1.0110.04 0.35 0.33
Northwest Africa 10085K46.87302.6740-0.9-0.13 0.37 0.44
Northwest Africa 5517Achondrite-ung6.80702.6510-0.889-0.19 0.35 0.45
Northwest Africa 11558Achondrite-ung6.99002.7160-0.919-0.01 0.42 0.42
Northwest Africa 7531CR77.04802.7290-0.9360.05 0.43 0.4
Northwest Africa 11511Ureilite-an6.63202.0180-1.431-0.37 -0.28 -0.09
Northwest Africa 5517Achondrite-ung6.61802.5700-0.871-0.38 0.27 0.47
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