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Last update: 7 Nov 2019
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Morradal Official   1892 Oppland, Norway Iron, ungrouped 2.75 kg   Google Earth   
Morrill Official   1920 Nebraska, USA Iron, IAB-an 1387 g   Google Earth   
Morristown Official   1887 Tennessee, USA Mesosiderite-A3 16.3 kg   Google Earth   
Mount Ayliff Official   1907 Eastern Cape, South Africa Iron, IAB-MG 13.6 kg   Google Earth   
Mount Dooling Official   1909 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IC 734 kg   Google Earth   
Mount Dyrring Official   1903 New South Wales, Australia Pallasite 11.3 kg   Google Earth   
Mount Edith Official   1913 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 326 kg   Google Earth   
Mount Howe 88403 ** HOW 88403 Official   1988 Antarctica Iron, ungrouped 2.48 kg 76 13(2) ANSMET Google Earth   
Mount Joy Official   1887 Pennsylvania, USA Iron, IIAB 384 kg   Google Earth   
Mount Magnet Official   1916 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IAB-sHH 16.6 kg   Google Earth   
Mount Morris (Wisconsin) Official   1937 Wisconsin, USA Iron, IAB-an 676 g   Google Earth   
Mount Ouray Official   1898 Colorado, USA Iron, IID 900 g   Google Earth   
Mount Padbury Official   1964 Western Australia, Australia Mesosiderite-A1 272 kg   Google Earth   
Mount Sir Charles ** Official   1942 Northern Territory, Australia Iron, IVA 22.9 kg 53   Google Earth   
Mount Vernon Official   1868 Kentucky, USA Pallasite, PMG 159 kg   Google Earth   
Mount Wegener ** Official   1988 Antarctica Iron, IIIAB 3.48 kg 68   Google Earth   
Mrirt ** Official   1937 Mekn√®s-Tafilalet, Morocco Iron 79.9 kg 40   Google Earth   
Muenatauray ** Official   1960 Bolivar, Venezuela Iron, IIAB 30 kg 86   Google Earth   
Mundrabilla ** Official   1911 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IAB-ung 24 t 61   Google Earth   
Mungindi Official   1897 Queensland, Australia Iron, IAB-sLM 51.3 kg   Google Earth   
Muonionalusta ** Official   1906 Norrbottens, Sweden Iron, IVA 230 kg 28   Google Earth   
Murchison Downs Official   1925 Western Australia, Australia Iron, ungrouped 33 g   Google Earth   
Murfreesboro Official   1847 Tennessee, USA Iron, ungrouped 8.6 kg   Google Earth   
Murnpeowie Official   1909 South Australia, Australia Iron, IC 1.14 t   Google Earth   
Murphy Official   1899 North Carolina, USA Iron, IIAB 7.7 kg   Google Earth   
Muzaffarpur ** Official Y 1964 Bihar, India Iron, IAB-sHL 1245 g 32   Google Earth   
Nagara ** Official   2012 Chubu, Japan Iron, IAB-MG 16.24 kg 107   Google Earth   
Nagy-Vázsony Official   1890 Veszprem, Hungary Iron, IAB-sLL 2 kg   Google Earth   
Naifa Official   1932 Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia Iron 8 g   Google Earth   
Nantan Official   1958 Guangxi, China Iron, IAB-MG 9.5 t   Google Earth   
Narraburra Official   1855 New South Wales, Australia Iron, IIIAB 32.2 kg   Google Earth   
Nashville (iron) Official   1934 North Carolina, USA Iron 18 kg   Google Earth   
Naunhof Doubtful Y 1540 Sachsen, Germany Doubtful Iron     Google Earth   
Navajo Official   1921 Arizona, USA Iron, IIAB 2.18 t   Google Earth   
Naviska Official   2004 Arizona, USA Iron, IAB complex 147 g 95   Google Earth   
Nazareth (iron) ** Official   1968 Texas, USA Iron, IIIAB 11.31 kg 65   Google Earth   
Nedagolla Official Y 1870 Andhra Pradesh, India Iron, ungrouped 4.5 kg   Google Earth   
Needles Official   1962 California, USA Iron, IID 45.3 kg   Google Earth   
Negrillos Official   1936 Tarapaca, Chile Iron, IIAB 28.5 kg   Google Earth   
Nejed (no. 2) Doubtful   1969 Namibia? Doubtful Iron 159 g     NHM-change to doubtful 
Nelson County Official   1856 Kentucky, USA Iron, IIIF 73.03 kg   Google Earth   
Nenntmannsdorf Official   1872 Sachsen, Germany Iron, IIAB 12.5 kg   Google Earth   
Neptune Mountains ** Official   1964 Antarctica Iron, IAB complex 1070 g 34  NSF Google Earth   
Netschaëvo Official   1846 Kaluzhskaya oblast', Russia Iron, IIE-an 250 kg   Google Earth   
New Baltimore Official   1922 Pennsylvania, USA Iron, ungrouped 20 kg   Google Earth   
New Leipzig Official   1936 North Dakota, USA Iron, IAB-MG 20 kg   Google Earth   
New Mexico Official   1935 New Mexico, USA Iron 130 g   Google Earth   
New Westville Official   1941 Ohio, USA Iron, IVA 4.8 kg   Google Earth   
New York ** Official   1965 (unknown) Iron, IIIAB 2.95 kg 101      
Newport Official   1923 Arkansas, USA Pallasite, PMG 5.6 kg   Google Earth   

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

Information deriving from MetBull 107 or later is still subject to change by the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee.

** Click on the meteorite's name to see the full initial description.

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