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Last update: 18 Sep 2021
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Avce Official Y 1908 Slovenia Iron, IIAB 1230 g Google Earth   
Avoca (Western Australia) Official   1966 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 37.85 kg Google Earth   
Awsserd 002 ** Official   2020 Western Sahara Pallasite 427 g 110 Google Earth   
Ayagoz ** Official   2018 Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan Iron, IIIE 45.9 kg 108 Google Earth   
Babb's Mill (Blake's Iron) Official   1876 Tennessee, USA Iron, ungrouped 136 kg Google Earth   
Babb's Mill (Troost's Iron) Official   1842 Tennessee, USA Iron, ungrouped 6.4 kg Google Earth   
Bacubirito Official   1863 Sinaloa, Mexico Iron, ungrouped 22 t Google Earth   
Bagdad ** Official   1959 Arizona, USA Iron, IIIAB 2.2 kg 25 Google Earth   
Bagnone Official   1904 Toscana, Italy Iron, IIIAB 48 kg Google Earth   
Bahjoi Official Y 1934 Uttar Pradesh, India Iron, IAB-sLL 10.32 kg Google Earth   
Baja California ** Official     Baja California, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 10 kg 109 Google Earth   
Balambala ** Official   2018 North-Eastern, Kenya Iron, IIF 60.5 kg 109 Google Earth   
Bald Eagle Official   1891 Pennsylvania, USA Iron, IIIAB 3.2 kg Google Earth   
Balfour Downs Official   1962 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IAB-sLL 2.4 kg Google Earth   
Ballarat ** Official   1867 Victoria, Australia Iron, IAB complex 15 g 87 Google Earth   
Ballinger Official   1927 Texas, USA Iron, IAB-MG 1250 g Google Earth   
Ballinoo Official   1892 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIC 42.2 kg Google Earth   
Balsas ** Official   1974 Maranhao, Brazil Iron, IIIAB 41 kg 82 Google Earth   
Ban Rong Du ** Official Y 1993 Phetchabun, Thailand Iron, ungrouped 16.7 kg 82 Google Earth   
Bañobárez ** Official   1981 Castilla y Leon, Spain Iron, IIIAB 132 g 107 Google Earth   
Baquedano Official   1932 Antofagasta, Chile Iron, IIIAB 22 kg Google Earth   
Barbacena Official   1918 Minas Gerais, Brazil Iron, ungrouped 9.03 kg Google Earth   
Barbianello ** Official   1960 Lombardia, Italy Iron, ungrouped 860 g 86 Google Earth   
Barcis Official   1950 Veneto, Italy Pallasite, PMG 87 g Google Earth   
Barea Official Y 1842 La Rioja, Spain Mesosiderite-A1 3.2 kg Google Earth   
Barranca Blanca Official   1855 Atacama, Chile Iron, IIE-an 12 kg Google Earth   
Bartlett Official   1938 Texas, USA Iron, IIIAB 8.59 kg Google Earth   
Baygorria ** Official   1994 Durazno, Uruguay Iron, IAB complex 80 kg 80 Google Earth   
Bear Creek Official   1866 Colorado, USA Iron, IIIAB 227 kg Google Earth   
Bear Lodge Official   1931 Wyoming, USA Iron, IIIAB 48.5 kg Google Earth   
Bechuanaland Doubtful   1888 North West, South Africa Doubtful Iron   Google Earth   
Bella Roca Official   1888 Durango, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 33 kg Google Earth   
Bellsbank ** Official   1955 Northern Cape, South Africa Iron, IIG 38 kg 21 Google Earth   
Benares (b) Official     Uttar Pradesh, India Iron   Google Earth   
Bencubbin Official   1930 Western Australia, Australia CBa 118 kg Google Earth   
Bendegó Official   1784 Bahia, Brazil Iron, IC 5.36 t Google Earth   
Bendock Official   1898 Victoria, Australia Pallasite 27 kg Google Earth   
Benedict Official   1970 Nebraska, USA Iron, IIIAB 16.38 kg Google Earth   
Bennett County ** Official   1934 South Dakota, USA Iron, IIAB 89 kg 22 Google Earth   
Bernic Lake ** Official   2002 Manitoba, Canada Iron, IAB-MG 9.16 kg 100 Google Earth   
Bezerros Doubtful Y 1915 Pernambuco, Brazil Doubtful Iron   Google Earth   
Bilibino ** Official   1981 Chukotskiy avtonomnyy okrug, Russia Iron, IIAB 1 t 60 Google Earth   
Billings Official   1903 Missouri, USA Iron, IIIAB 24.5 kg Google Earth   
Bingera Official   1880 New South Wales, Australia Iron, IIAB 10.84 kg Google Earth   
Binya ** Official   1981 New South Wales, Australia Iron, IIIF 11.3 kg 84 Google Earth   
Birgi Doubtful Y 1332 Izmir, Turkey Doubtful Iron 50.8 kg Google Earth   
Bischtübe Official   1888 Kustanay, Kazakhstan Iron, IAB-sLL 48.25 kg Google Earth   
Bishop Canyon Official   1912 Colorado, USA Iron, IVA 8.6 kg Google Earth   
Bitburg Official   1805 Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Iron, IAB complex 1.5 t Google Earth   
Black Mountain Official   1839 North Carolina, USA Iron, IAB-MG 800 g Google Earth   

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

Information deriving from MetBull 110 or later is still subject to change by the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee.

** Click on the meteorite's name to see the full initial description.

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