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Last update: 18 May 2022
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Bruno Official   1931 Saskatchewan, Canada Iron, IIAB 13 kg Google Earth   
Okahandja Official   1926 Okahandja, Namibia Iron, IIAB 6.58 kg Google Earth   
Patos de Minas (hexahedrite) Official   1925 Minas Gerais, Brazil Iron, IIAB 32 kg Google Earth   
Sandia Mountains Official   1925 New Mexico, USA Iron, IIAB 45 kg Google Earth   
Navajo Official   1921 Arizona, USA Iron, IIAB 2.18 t Google Earth   
Santa Luzia Official   1921 Goias, Brazil Iron, IIAB 1.92 t Google Earth   
Mayodan Official   1920 North Carolina, USA Iron, IIAB 15.4 kg Google Earth   
Boguslavka Official Y 1916 Primorskiy kray, Russia Iron, IIAB 256 kg Google Earth   
Chico Mountains Official   1915 Texas, USA Iron, IIAB 212 g Google Earth   
Kopjes Vlei Official   1914 Northern Cape, South Africa Iron, IIAB 13.6 kg Google Earth   
Avce Official Y 1908 Slovenia Iron, IIAB 1230 g Google Earth   
Ainsworth Official   1907 Nebraska, USA Iron, IIAB 80.65 kg Google Earth   
Okano Official Y 1904 Kinki, Japan Iron, IIAB 4.74 kg Google Earth   
Uwet Official   1903 Cross River, Nigeria Iron, IIAB 54 kg Google Earth   
Yarroweyah Official   1903 Victoria, Australia Iron, IIAB 9.6 kg Google Earth   
Murphy Official   1899 North Carolina, USA Iron, IIAB 7.7 kg Google Earth   
Cedartown Official   1898 Georgia, USA Iron, IIAB 11.3 kg Google Earth   
Iredell Official   1898 Texas, USA Iron, IIAB 1500 g Google Earth   
Sierra Gorda Official   1898 Antofagasta, Chile Iron, IIAB 26 kg Google Earth   
Forsyth County Official   1891 North Carolina, USA Iron, IIAB 22.7 kg Google Earth   
Summit Official   1890 Alabama, USA Iron, IIAB 1000 g Google Earth   
Pirapora ** Official   1888 Minas Gerais, Brazil Iron, IIAB 6.18 kg 8 Google Earth   
Holland's Store Official   1887 Georgia, USA Iron, IIAB 12.2 kg Google Earth   
Indian Valley Official   1887 Virginia, USA Iron, IIAB 14.1 kg Google Earth   
Mount Joy Official   1887 Pennsylvania, USA Iron, IIAB 384 kg Google Earth   
São Julião de Moreira Official   1883 Viana do Castelo, Portugal Iron, IIAB 162 kg Google Earth   
Hex River Mountains Official   1882 Western Cape, South Africa Iron, IIAB 60 kg Google Earth   
Smithsonian Iron Official   1881 (unknown) Iron, IIAB 3.51 kg    
Bingera Official   1880 New South Wales, Australia Iron, IIAB 10.84 kg Google Earth   
Lick Creek Official   1879 North Carolina, USA Iron, IIAB 1240 g Google Earth   
Mejillones Official   1875 Antofagasta, Chile Iron, IIAB 14.83 kg Google Earth   
North Chile Official   1875 Antofagasta, Chile Iron, IIAB 300 kg Google Earth   
Nenntmannsdorf Official   1872 Sachsen, Germany Iron, IIAB 12.5 kg Google Earth   
Cincinnati Official   1870 Ohio, USA Iron, IIAB 1500 g Google Earth   
San Francisco del Mezquital Official   1868 Durango, Mexico Iron, IIAB 7.5 kg Google Earth   
Scottsville Official   1867 Kentucky, USA Iron, IIAB 10 kg Google Earth   
Locust Grove Official   1857 Georgia, USA Iron, IIAB 10 kg Google Earth   
Chesterville Official   1849 South Carolina, USA Iron, IIAB 16.5 kg Google Earth   
Braunau Official Y 1847 Královéhradecký, Czech Republic Iron, IIAB 39 kg Google Earth   
Coahuila Official   1837 Coahuila, Mexico Iron, IIAB 2.1 t Google Earth   
Walker County Official   1832 Alabama, USA Iron, IIAB 74.8 kg Google Earth   
Siratik Official   1716 Kayes, Mali Iron, IIAB 1700 g Google Earth   
Squaw Creek ** Official     Texas, USA Iron, IIAB 14.5 kg 62 Google Earth   
Uakit ** Official     Respublika Buryatiya, Russia Iron, IIAB 3.96 kg 106 Google Earth   
Uasara ** Official     Antofagasta, Chile Iron, IIAB 3.14 kg 100    

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

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