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Last update: 20 Jun 2022
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Willamette Official   1902 Oregon, USA Iron, IIIAB 15.5 t Google Earth   
La Porte Official   1900 Indiana, USA Iron, IIIAB 14.54 kg Google Earth   
Los Reyes Official   1897 Puebla, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 19.5 kg Google Earth   
San Angelo Official   1897 Texas, USA Iron, IIIAB 88 kg Google Earth   
Loreto ** Official   1896 Baja California Sur, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 94.8 kg 8 Google Earth   
Luis Lopez Official   1896 New Mexico, USA Iron, IIIAB 7 kg Google Earth   
Hayden Creek Official   1895 Idaho, USA Iron, IIIAB 270 g Google Earth   
Canton Official   1894 Georgia, USA Iron, IIIAB 7.03 kg Google Earth   
Sam's Valley Official   1894 Oregon, USA Iron, IIIAB 6.92 kg Google Earth   
El Capitan Official   1893 New Mexico, USA Iron, IIIAB 27.5 kg Google Earth   
Oroville Official   1893 California, USA Iron, IIIAB 24.5 kg Google Earth   
Plymouth Official   1893 Indiana, USA Iron, IIIAB 14 kg Google Earth   
Roebourne Official   1892 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 86.86 kg Google Earth   
Bald Eagle Official   1891 Pennsylvania, USA Iron, IIIAB 3.2 kg Google Earth   
Toubil River Official   1891 Kemerovskaya oblast', Russia Iron, IIIAB 22 kg Google Earth   
Augustinovka Official   1890 Zaporozh'ye, Ukraine Iron, IIIAB 400 kg Google Earth   
Franceville Official   1890 Colorado, USA Iron, IIIAB 18.8 kg Google Earth   
Jianshi Official Y 1890 Sichuan, China Iron, IIIAB 600 kg Google Earth   
Sacramento Mountains Official   1890 New Mexico, USA Iron, IIIAB 237.2 kg Google Earth   
Apoala Official   1889 Oaxaca, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 85 kg Google Earth   
Dexter Official   1889 Texas, USA Iron, IIIAB 1724 g Google Earth   
Hopper Official   1889 Virginia, USA Iron, IIIAB 1800 g Google Earth   
Kenton County Official   1889 Kentucky, USA Iron, IIIAB 194 kg Google Earth   
Bella Roca Official   1888 Durango, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 33 kg Google Earth   
Thurlow Official   1888 Ontario, Canada Iron, IIIAB 5.5 kg Google Earth   
Welland Official   1888 Ontario, Canada Iron, IIIAB 8.2 kg Google Earth   
Cabin Creek Official Y 1886 Arkansas, USA Iron, IIIAB 48.5 kg Google Earth   
Tonganoxie Official   1886 Kansas, USA Iron, IIIAB 11.8 kg Google Earth   
Lucky Hill Official   1885 Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica Iron, IIIAB 20.5 kg Google Earth   
Chañaral Official   1884 Atacama, Chile Iron, IIIAB 1207 g Google Earth  paired in cat with Ilimaes (iron) 
Joe Wright Mountain Official   1884 Arkansas, USA Iron, IIIAB 42.6 kg Google Earth   
Merceditas Official   1884 Atacama, Chile Iron, IIIAB 42.9 kg Google Earth   
Rancho de la Pila (1882) Official   1882 Durango, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 46.5 kg Google Earth   
Chilkoot Official   1881 Alaska, USA Iron, IIIAB 43 kg Google Earth   
Costilla Peak Official   1881 New Mexico, USA Iron, IIIAB 35.5 kg Google Earth   
Thunda Official   1881 Queensland, Australia Iron, IIIAB 62.1 kg Google Earth   
Greenbrier County Official   1880 West Virginia, USA Iron, IIIAB 5 kg Google Earth   
Ivanpah Official   1880 California, USA Iron, IIIAB 58 kg Google Earth   
Dalton Official   1879 Georgia, USA Iron, IIIAB 53 kg Google Earth   
York (iron) Official   1878 Nebraska, USA Iron, IIIAB 835 g Google Earth   
Rowton Official Y 1876 England, UK Iron, IIIAB 3.5 kg Google Earth   
Canyon City Official   1875 California, USA Iron, IIIAB 8.6 kg Google Earth   
Chulafinnee Official   1873 Alabama, USA Iron, IIIAB 16.22 kg Google Earth   
Ssyromolotovo ** Official   1873 Krasnoyarskiy kray, Russia Iron, IIIAB 217 kg 13 Google Earth   
Santa Apolonia Official   1872 Tlaxcala, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 1.32 t Google Earth   
Ilimaes (iron) Official   1870 Atacama, Chile Iron, IIIAB 51.7 kg Google Earth   
Caperr Official   1869 Chubut, Argentina Iron, IIIAB 113.9 kg Google Earth   
Iron Creek Official   1869 Alberta, Canada Iron, IIIAB 175 kg Google Earth   
Cacaria Official   1867 Durango, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 41.4 kg Google Earth   
Casas Grandes Official   1867 Chihuahua, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 1.55 t Google Earth   

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

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