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Last update: 18 Sep 2021
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Parambu ** Official Y 1967 Ceara, Brazil LL5 2 kg 52 Google Earth   
Paranaiba Official Y 1956 Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil L6 100 kg Google Earth   
Parauapebas ** Official Yp 2013 Para, Brazil H4-5 272 g 107 Google Earth   
Patos de Minas (hexahedrite) Official   1925 Minas Gerais, Brazil Iron, IIAB 32 kg Google Earth   
Patos de Minas (octahedrite) ** Official   1925 Minas Gerais, Brazil Iron, IAB complex 200 kg 93 Google Earth   
Patrimonio ** Official Y 1950 Minas Gerais, Brazil L6 2.12 kg 8 Google Earth   
Piedade do Bagre Official   1922 Minas Gerais, Brazil Iron, ungrouped 59 kg Google Earth   
Pirapora ** Official   1888 Minas Gerais, Brazil Iron, IIAB 6.18 kg 8 Google Earth   
Ponta Grossa Doubtful Y 1846 Parana, Brazil Doubtful stone 667 g Google Earth   
Pontes e Lacerda ** Official   2013 Mato Grosso, Brazil Iron, IIIAB 224 g 104 Google Earth   
Porangaba ** Official Yc 2015 Sao Paulo, Brazil L4 976 g 104 Google Earth   
Porto Alegre ** Official   2005 Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Iron, IIIE 200 kg 99 Google Earth   
Putinga Official Y 1937 Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil L6 300 kg Google Earth   
Quijingue ** Official   1984 Bahia, Brazil Pallasite, PMG 59 kg 83 Google Earth   
Riachão Ring ** Crater   <200 Ma Maranhao, Brazil Impact Crater   Google Earth  From EIDB 
Rio do Pires ** Official   1991 Bahia, Brazil L6 118 g 77 Google Earth   
Rio Negro Official Y 1934 Parana, Brazil L4 1310 g Google Earth   
Sanclerlandia ** Official   1971 Goias, Brazil Iron, IIIAB 279 kg 58 Google Earth   
Santa Barbara Official Y 1873 Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil L4 400 g Google Earth   
Santa Catharina Official   1875 Santa Catarina, Brazil Iron, IAB-ung 7 t Google Earth   
Santa Filomena ** Official Yc 2020 Pernambuco, Brazil H5-6 80 kg 109 Google Earth   
Santa Luzia Official   1921 Goias, Brazil Iron, IIAB 1.92 t Google Earth   
Santa Marta ** Crater   66-100 Ma Piaui, Brazil Impact Crater   Google Earth  From EIDB 
Santa Vitoria do Palmar ** Official   2003 or 2004 Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil L3 50.4 kg 91 Google Earth   
Santo Antônio do Descoberto ** Official   2011 Goias, Brazil Iron, IIAB 52.15 kg 103 Google Earth   
São João Nepomuceno ** Official   1960 Minas Gerais, Brazil Iron, IVA-an 15.3 kg 58 Google Earth   
São Jose do Rio Preto Official Y 1962 Sao Paulo, Brazil H4 927 g Google Earth   
São Sebastião da Boa Vista Doubtful   1914 Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Doubtful meteorite   Google Earth   
Sapopema ** Official   2010 Parana, Brazil Iron, IVA 12 kg 103 Google Earth   
Serra da Cangalha ** Crater   <300 Ma Tocantins, Brazil Impact Crater   Google Earth  From EIDB 
Serra de Magé Official Y 1923 Pernambuco, Brazil Eucrite-cm 1800 g Google Earth   
Serra Pelada ** Official Yc 2017 Para, Brazil Eucrite 12 kg 106 Google Earth   
Sete Lagoas Official Y 1908 Minas Gerais, Brazil H4 350 g Google Earth   
Soledade ** Official   1986 Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Iron, IAB-MG 68 kg 66 Google Earth   
Tiros ** Official Yp 2020 Minas Gerais, Brazil Eucrite-cm 400 g 109 Google Earth   
Tres Irmaos ** Official Yc 2017 Bahia, Brazil L6 890 g 106 Google Earth   
Ubá ** Official   1960 Minas Gerais, Brazil H5 84.5 g 110 Google Earth   
Uberaba Official Y 1903 Minas Gerais, Brazil H5 40 kg Google Earth   
Uruaçu ** Official   1992 Goias, Brazil Iron, IAB-MG 72.5 kg 86 Google Earth   
Vargeão Dome ** Crater   <70 Ma Santa Catarina, Brazil Impact Crater   Google Earth  From EIDB 
Varre-Sai ** Official Y 2010 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil L5 2.5 kg 99 Google Earth   
Verissimo Official   1965 Minas Gerais, Brazil Iron, IIIAB 14 kg Google Earth   
Vicência ** Official Y 2013 Pernambuco, Brazil LL3.2 1540 g 103 Google Earth   
Vista Alegre ** Crater   <65 Ma Parana, Brazil Impact Crater   Google Earth  From EIDB 
Vitoria da Conquista Official   2007 Bahia, Brazil Iron, IVA 10.5 kg 96 Google Earth   

Yc Confirmed fall.

Yp Probable fall.

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

Information deriving from MetBull 110 or later is still subject to change by the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee.

** Click on the meteorite's name to see the full initial description.

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