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Last update: 6 Oct 2021
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Gujargaon ** Official Y 1982 Madhya Pradesh, India H5 2.45 kg 63 Google Earth   
Gurram Konda Official Y 1814 Andhra Pradesh, India L6 28 g Google Earth   
Haraiya Official Y 1878 Uttar Pradesh, India Eucrite-mmict 1000 g Google Earth   
Haripura Official Y 1921 Rajasthan, India CM2 315 g Google Earth   
Hyderabad (1898) Doubtful Y 1898 Andhra Pradesh, India Doubtful stone   Google Earth   
Hyderabad (1936) Doubtful Y 1936 Andhra Pradesh, India Doubtful stone   Google Earth   
Itawa Bhopji Undocumented   2000 Rajasthan, India L3-5 1000 g Google Earth  noted in MetBase 
Jalandhar Official Y 1621 Punjab, India Iron 1967 g Google Earth   
Jalangi ** Official Yc 2012 West Bengal, India L5/6 1937 g 108 Google Earth   
Jamkheir Official Y 1866 Maharashtra, India H6 22 g Google Earth   
Jemlapur Official Y 1901 India L6 450 g    
Jodiya ** Official Y 2006 Gujarat, India L5 100 g 94 Google Earth   
Judesegeri Official Y 1876 Karnataka, India H6 680 g Google Earth   
Kadonah Official Y 1822 Uttar Pradesh, India H6 89 g Google Earth   
Kaee Official Y 1838 Uttar Pradesh, India H5 230 g Google Earth   
Kakangari Official Y 1890 Tamil Nadu, India K3 350 g Google Earth   
Kalumbi Official Y 1879 Maharashtra, India L6 4.5 kg Google Earth   
Kamalpur Official Y 1942 Uttar Pradesh, India L6 2.77 kg Google Earth   
Kamargaon ** Official Yc 2015 Assam, India L6 12.1 kg 105 Google Earth   
Kamsagar Official Y 1902 Karnataka, India L6 1293 g Google Earth   
Kandahar (India) Doubtful Y 1833 India Doubtful stone      
Kangra Valley Official Y 1897 Himachal Pradesh, India H5 400 g Google Earth   
Kaprada ** Official Y 2004 Gujarat, India L5/6 1600 g 94 Google Earth   
Karimati ** Official Yc 2009 Uttar Pradesh, India L5 930 g 107 Google Earth   
Kasauli ** Official Y 2003 Uttar Pradesh, India H4 16.82 kg 89 Google Earth   
Katol ** Official Y 2012 Maharashtra, India L6 13 kg 102 Google Earth   
Kavarpura ** Official Y 2006 Rajasthan, India Iron, IIE-an 6.8 kg 94 Google Earth   
Kendrapara ** Official Y 2003 Orissa, India H4-5 6.67 kg 88 Google Earth   
Khanpur Official Y 1932 Uttar Pradesh, India LL5 3.7 kg Google Earth   
Kheragur Official Y 1860 Uttar Pradesh, India L6 450 g Google Earth   
Kheri Maham Undocumented Y 1986 Haryana, India L5 68.5 kg Google Earth   
Khetri Official Y 1867 Rajasthan, India H6 100 g Google Earth   
Khohar Official Y 1910 Madhya Pradesh, India L3.6 9.7 kg Google Earth   
Kodaikanal Official   1898 Tamil Nadu, India Iron, IIE 15.9 kg Google Earth   
Kusiali Official Y 1860 Uttar Pradesh, India L6 5 g Google Earth   
Kuttippuram Official Y 1914 Kerala, India L6 45 kg Google Earth   
Lahrauli ** Official Y 1955 Uttar Pradesh, India Ureilite 900 g 58 Google Earth   
Lakangaon Official Y 1910 Madhya Pradesh, India Eucrite-mmict 213 g Google Earth   
Lalitpur Official Y 1887 Uttar Pradesh, India L6 372 g Google Earth   
Lohawat ** Official Y 1994 Rajasthan, India Howardite 40 kg 85 Google Earth   
Lonar ** Crater   52000 ± 6000 a Maharashtra, India Impact Crater   Google Earth  From EIDB 
Lua Official Y 1926 Rajasthan, India L5 9.24 kg Google Earth   
Madhipura Official Y 1950 Bihar, India L 1000 g Google Earth   
Mahadeva ** Official Yc 2019 Bihar, India H5 15 kg 109 Google Earth   
Mahadevpur ** Official Y 2007 Arunachal Pradesh, India H4/5 70.5 kg 94 Google Earth   
Manbhoom Official Y 1863 West Bengal, India LL6 1700 g Google Earth   
Manegaon Official Y 1843 Maharashtra, India Diogenite 50 g Google Earth   
Meerut Official Y 1861 Uttar Pradesh, India H5 22 g Google Earth   
Merua Official Y 1920 Uttar Pradesh, India H5 71.4 kg Google Earth   
Mhow Official Y 1827 Uttar Pradesh, India L6 350 g Google Earth   

Yc Confirmed fall.

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

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