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Last update: 17 Oct 2021
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Mirzapur Official Y 1910 Uttar Pradesh, India L5 8.51 kg Google Earth   
Moradabad Official Y 1808 Uttar Pradesh, India L6 70 g Google Earth   
Moti-ka-nagla Official Y 1868 Rajasthan, India H6 1500 g Google Earth   
Muddoor Official Y 1865 Karnataka, India L5 4.4 kg Google Earth   
Mukundpura ** Official Yc 2017 Rajasthan, India CM2 2 kg 107 Google Earth   
Muzaffarpur ** Official Y 1964 Bihar, India Iron, IAB-sHL 1245 g 32 Google Earth   
Myhee Caunta Official Y 1842 Gujarat, India OC   Google Earth   
Nagaria Official Y 1875 Uttar Pradesh, India Eucrite-cm 20 g Google Earth   
Nainital Official   1980 Uttar Pradesh, India L 5 kg Google Earth   
Nammianthal Official Y 1886 Tamil Nadu, India H5 4.5 kg Google Earth   
Naoki Official Y 1928 Maharashtra, India H6 17 kg Google Earth   
Natun Balijan ** Official Yc 2017 Assam, India L4 3.01 kg 108 Google Earth   
Nawapali Official Y 1890 Orissa, India CM2 105 g Google Earth   
Nedagolla Official Y 1870 Andhra Pradesh, India Iron, ungrouped 4.5 kg Google Earth   
Oriang Doubtful Y 1825 Rajasthan, India Doubtful meteorite   Google Earth   
Parnallee Official Y 1857 Tamil Nadu, India LL3.6 77.6 kg Google Earth   
Parsa ** Official Y 1942 Bihar, India EH3 800 g 56 Google Earth   
Patora ** Official Y 1969 Madhya Pradesh, India H6 4.38 kg 52 Google Earth   
Phulmari Official   1936 Maharashtra, India Stone-uncl 4.06 kg Google Earth   
Piplia Kalan ** Official Y 1996 Rajasthan, India Eucrite-mmict 42 kg 81 Google Earth   
Pirthalla Official Y 1884 Haryana, India H6 1161 g Google Earth   
Pokhra Official Y 1866 Uttar Pradesh, India H5 350 g Google Earth   
Pulsora Official Y 1863 Madhya Pradesh, India H5 560 g Google Earth   
Punganaru Official Y 1811 Andhra Pradesh, India Stone-uncl 100 g Google Earth   
Raghunathpura ** Official Y 1986 Rajasthan, India Iron, IIAB 10.2 kg 69 Google Earth   
Ramnagar Official Y 1940 Uttar Pradesh, India L6 3.77 kg Google Earth   
Rampurhat Official Y 1916 West Bengal, India LL 100 g Google Earth   
Ranchapur Official Y 1917 Bihar, India H4 290 g Google Earth   
Rangala Official Y 1937 Rajasthan, India L6 3.22 kg Google Earth   
Rewari ** Official Y 1929 Haryana, India L6 3.33 kg 57 Google Earth   
Sabetmahet Official Y 1855 Uttar Pradesh, India H5 1250 g Google Earth   
Sabrum ** Official Y 1999 Tripura, India LL6 478 g 84 Google Earth   
Samelia Official Y 1921 Rajasthan, India Iron, IIIAB 2.46 kg Google Earth   
Sarratola Official   1948 Madhya Pradesh, India L5 265 g Google Earth   
Segowlie Official Y 1853 Bihar, India LL6 6.93 kg Google Earth   
Semarkona Official Y 1940 Madhya Pradesh, India LL3.00 691 g Google Earth   
Seoni ** Official Y 1966 Maharashtra, India H6 20 kg 52 Google Earth   
Shalka Official Y 1850 West Bengal, India Diogenite 4 kg Google Earth   
Shergotty Official Y 1865 Bihar, India Martian (shergottite) 5 kg Google Earth   
Shikarpur Official Y 1921 Bihar, India L6 3.68 kg Google Earth   
Shupiyan Official Y 1912 Jammu & Kashmir, India H6 5 kg Google Earth   
Singhur Official   1847 Maharashtra, India Pallasite? 14.18 kg Google Earth   
Sitathali Official Y 1875 Madhya Pradesh, India H5 1600 g Google Earth   
Soheria Official Y 1960 Bihar, India OC 72.9 g Google Earth   
Sulagiri ** Official Y 2008 Tamil Nadu, India LL6 110 kg 96 Google Earth   
Sultanpur Official Y 1916 Uttar Pradesh, India L/LL6 1711 g Google Earth   
Supuhee Official Y 1865 Uttar Pradesh, India H6 7.24 kg Google Earth   
Tirupati Official Y 1934 Andhra Pradesh, India H6 230 g Google Earth   
Tonk Official Y 1911 Rajasthan, India CI1 7.7 g Google Earth   
Udaipur Official Y 1976 India H3 2 kg    

Yc Confirmed fall.

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

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