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Last update: 29 Sep 2023
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Bandong Official Y 1871 Jawa Barat, Indonesia LL6 11.5 kg Google Earth   
Banten ** Official Y 1933 Jawa Barat, Indonesia CM2 629 g 57 Google Earth   
Botohilitano ** Official Yc 2015 Sumatera Utara, Indonesia LL5 5.8 kg 111 Google Earth   
Cilimus ** Official Y 1979 Jawa Barat, Indonesia L5 1600 g 57 Google Earth   
Djati-Pengilon Official Y 1884 Jawa Timur, Indonesia H6 166 kg Google Earth   
Glanggang ** Official Y 1939 Jawa Barat, Indonesia H5-6 1303 g 60 Google Earth   
Java Doubtful   1421 Jawa Tengah, Indonesia Doubtful stone 3 g Google Earth   
Jepara ** Official   2008 Jawa Tengah, Indonesia Pallasite, PMG 499.5 kg 100 Google Earth   
Jumapalo ** Official Y 1984 Jawa Timur, Indonesia L6 32.49 kg 69 Google Earth   
Kangean ** Official Y 1908 Jawa Timur, Indonesia H5 1630 g 54 Google Earth   
Kediri ** Official Y 1940 Jawa Timur, Indonesia L4 3.3 kg 53 Google Earth   
Kolang ** Official Y 2020 Sumatera Utara, Indonesia CM1/2 2.55 kg 109 Google Earth   
Lovina ** Discredited   1981 Bali, Indonesia Pseudometeorite 8.2 kg 93 Google Earth   
Madiun ** Official Y 1935 Jawa Timur, Indonesia L6 400 g 59 Google Earth   
Meester-Cornelis Official Y 1915 Jakarta Raya, Indonesia H5 24.75 kg Google Earth   
Ngawi Official Y 1883 Jawa Timur, Indonesia LL3.6 1393 g Google Earth   
Prambanan Official   1797 Jawa Tengah, Indonesia Iron, ungrouped 500 kg Google Earth   
Punggur ** Official Yc 2021 Lampung, Indonesia H7-melt breccia 6.6 kg 110 Google Earth   
Rembang Official Y 1919 Jawa Tengah, Indonesia Iron, IVA 10 kg Google Earth   
Selakopi Official Y 1939 Jawa Barat, Indonesia H5 1590 g Google Earth   
Tambakwatu ** Official Y 1975 Jawa Timur, Indonesia L6 10.5 kg 58 Google Earth   
Tjabe Official Y 1869 Jawa Tengah, Indonesia H6 20 kg Google Earth   
Tjerebon Official Y 1922 Jawa Barat, Indonesia L5 16.5 kg Google Earth   

Yc Confirmed fall.

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

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