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Last update: 7 May 2023
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Alt Bela Official   1898 Moravskoslezský, Czech Republic Iron, IID 4 kg Google Earth   
Benešov (a) ** Official   2011 Stredocesky, Czech Republic LL3.5 9.7 g 100 Google Earth   
Benešov (b) ** Official   2011 Stredocesky, Czech Republic H5 1.54 g 100 Google Earth   
Blansko Official Y 1833 Jihomoravsky, Czech Republic H6 470 g Google Earth   
Bohumilitz Official   1829 Jihocesky, Czech Republic Iron, IAB-MG 59 kg Google Earth   
Braunau Official Y 1847 Královéhradecký, Czech Republic Iron, IIAB 39 kg Google Earth   
Chlumec Undocumented   1993 Královéhradecký, Czech Republic Iron, ungrouped 3 kg Google Earth   
Elbogen ** Official   1400 Karlovarský, Czech Republic Iron, IID 107 kg Google Earth   
Hradec Králové ** Official Yc 2016 Královéhradecký, Czech Republic LL5 134 g 106 Google Earth   
Lissa Official Y 1808 Stredocesky, Czech Republic L6 12.8 kg Google Earth   
Morávka ** Official Y 2000 Moravskoslezský, Czech Republic H5 633 g 85 Google Earth   
Opava Official   1925 Moravskoslezský, Czech Republic Iron 14.3 kg Google Earth   
Ploschkovitz Official Y 1723 Ústecký, Czech Republic L5 39 g Google Earth   
Pribram ** Official Y 1959 Stredocesky, Czech Republic H5 5.56 kg 15 Google Earth   
Sazovice Official Y 1934 Zlínský, Czech Republic L5 412 g Google Earth   
Selcany Official   1900 Stredocesky, Czech Republic Iron 20 g Google Earth   
Stannern Official Y 1808 Vysocina, Czech Republic Eucrite-mmict 52 kg Google Earth   
Suchy Dul ** Official Y 1969 Královéhradecký, Czech Republic L6 815 g 48 Google Earth   
Tabor ** Official Y 1753 Jihocesky, Czech Republic H5 7.54 kg 33 Google Earth   
Teplá Official   1909 Karlovarský, Czech Republic Iron, IIIAB 17 kg Google Earth   
Tieschitz Official Y 1878 Olomoucký, Czech Republic H/L3.6 28 kg Google Earth   
Usti Nad Orlici ** Official Y 1963 Pardubický, Czech Republic L6 1269 g 28 Google Earth   
Vicenice ** Official   1911 Vysocina, Czech Republic Iron, IID 4.37 kg 31 Google Earth   
Wessely Official Y 1831 Jihomoravsky, Czech Republic H5 3.75 kg Google Earth   
Žd'ár nad Sázavou ** Official Yc 2014 Vysocina, Czech Republic L3 45 g 104 Google Earth   
Zebrak Official Y 1824 Stredocesky, Czech Republic H5 2 kg Google Earth   
Zlin ** Official   1939 Zlínský, Czech Republic H4 3.3 g 87 Google Earth   

Yc Confirmed fall.

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

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