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Last update: 20 Jun 2022
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Hradec Králové ** Official Yc 2016 Královéhradecký, Czech Republic LL5 134 g 106 Google Earth   
Žd'ár nad Sázavou ** Official Yc 2014 Vysocina, Czech Republic L3 45 g 104 Google Earth   
Benešov (a) ** Official   2011 Stredocesky, Czech Republic LL3.5 9.7 g 100 Google Earth   
Benešov (b) ** Official   2011 Stredocesky, Czech Republic H5 1.54 g 100 Google Earth   
Morávka ** Official Y 2000 Moravskoslezský, Czech Republic H5 633 g 85 Google Earth   
Chlumec Undocumented   1993 Královéhradecký, Czech Republic Iron, ungrouped 3 kg Google Earth   
Suchy Dul ** Official Y 1969 Královéhradecký, Czech Republic L6 815 g 48 Google Earth   
Usti Nad Orlici ** Official Y 1963 Pardubický, Czech Republic L6 1269 g 28 Google Earth   
Pribram ** Official Y 1959 Stredocesky, Czech Republic H5 5.56 kg 15 Google Earth   
Zlin ** Official   1939 Zlínský, Czech Republic H4 3.3 g 87 Google Earth   
Sazovice Official Y 1934 Zlínský, Czech Republic L5 412 g Google Earth   
Opava Official   1925 Moravskoslezský, Czech Republic Iron 14.3 kg Google Earth   
Vicenice ** Official   1911 Vysocina, Czech Republic Iron, IID 4.37 kg 31 Google Earth   
Teplá Official   1909 Karlovarský, Czech Republic Iron, IIIAB 17 kg Google Earth   
Selcany Official   1900 Stredocesky, Czech Republic Iron 20 g Google Earth   
Alt Bela Official   1898 Moravskoslezský, Czech Republic Iron, IID 4 kg Google Earth   
Tieschitz Official Y 1878 Olomoucký, Czech Republic H/L3.6 28 kg Google Earth   
Braunau Official Y 1847 Královéhradecký, Czech Republic Iron, IIAB 39 kg Google Earth   
Blansko Official Y 1833 Jihomoravsky, Czech Republic H6 470 g Google Earth   
Wessely Official Y 1831 Jihomoravsky, Czech Republic H5 3.75 kg Google Earth   
Bohumilitz Official   1829 Jihocesky, Czech Republic Iron, IAB-MG 59 kg Google Earth   
Zebrak Official Y 1824 Stredocesky, Czech Republic H5 2 kg Google Earth   
Lissa Official Y 1808 Stredocesky, Czech Republic L6 12.8 kg Google Earth   
Stannern Official Y 1808 Vysocina, Czech Republic Eucrite-mmict 52 kg Google Earth   
Tabor ** Official Y 1753 Jihocesky, Czech Republic H5 7.54 kg 33 Google Earth   
Ploschkovitz Official Y 1723 Ústecký, Czech Republic L5 39 g Google Earth   
Elbogen ** Official   1400 Karlovarský, Czech Republic Iron, IID 107 kg Google Earth   

Yc Confirmed fall.

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

** Click on the meteorite's name to see the full initial description.

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