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Last update: 6 Aug 2022
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Puerto Lápice ** Official Y 2007 Castilla-La Mancha, Spain Eucrite-br 500 g 93 Google Earth   
Villalbeto de la Peña ** Official Y 2004 Castilla y Leon, Spain L6 3.5 kg 88 Google Earth   
Getafe ** Pseudo   1994 Spain Pseudometeorite 1417 g   Published on MetBull website 
Monegros ** Official   1994 Aragon, Spain L5 78 g 110 Google Earth   
Bañobárez ** Official   1981 Castilla y Leon, Spain Iron, IIIAB 132 g 107 Google Earth   
Retuerta del Bullaque ** Official   1980 Castilla-La Mancha, Spain Iron, IAB-MG 100 kg 102 Google Earth   
San Cerre de Mallorca Doubtful Y 1958 Isles Baleares, Spain Doubtful meteorite 3.6 kg Google Earth   
Villanueva del Fresno Pseudo   1953 Extremadura, Spain Pseudometeorite 132 g Google Earth   
Zaragoza Official   1950s Aragon, Spain Iron, IVA-an 162 kg 96 Google Earth   
Reliegos Official Y 1947 Castilla y Leon, Spain L5 17.3 kg Google Earth   
Majorca Doubtful Y 1935 Isles Baleares, Spain Doubtful Iron 824 g Google Earth  NHM-change to doubtful 
La Rinconada Doubtful   1934 Andalucia, Spain Doubtful Iron   Google Earth   
Ardón ** Official Y 1931 Castilla y Leon, Spain L6 5.5 g 103 Google Earth   
Olmedilla de Alarcón Official Y 1929 Castilla-La Mancha, Spain H5 40 kg Google Earth   
Ojuelos Altos Official Y 1926 Andalucia, Spain L6 5.85 kg Google Earth   
Olivenza Official Y 1924 Extremadura, Spain LL5 150 kg Google Earth   
Colomera ** Official   1912 Andalucia, Spain Iron, IIE 134 kg 22 Google Earth   
Jubila del Agua Doubtful Y 1908 Spain Doubtful stone      
Garraf Official   1905 Cataluna, Spain L6 8.8 kg Google Earth   
Gerona Official   1899 Cataluna, Spain H5 148 g Google Earth   
Quesa Official Y 1898 Valenciana, Spain Iron, IAB-ung 10.75 kg Google Earth   
Madrid Official Y 1896 Madrid, Spain L6 400 g Google Earth   
Los Martinez Official Y 1894 Valenciana, Spain L6 25 g Google Earth   
Guareña Official Y 1892 Extremadura, Spain H6 39 kg Google Earth   
Roda Official Y 1871 Aragon, Spain Diogenite 400 g Google Earth   
Cabezo de Mayo Official Y 1870 Murcia, Spain L/LL6 25 kg Google Earth   
Cangas de Onis Official Y 1866 Asturias, Spain H5 34 kg Google Earth   
Sevilla Official Y 1862 Andalucia, Spain LL4 180 g Google Earth   
Cañellas Official Y 1861 Cataluna, Spain H4 945 g Google Earth   
Molina Official Y 1858 Murcia, Spain H5 144 kg Google Earth   
Oviedo Official Y 1856 Asturias, Spain H5 205 g Google Earth   
Nulles Official Y 1851 Cataluna, Spain H6 5 kg Google Earth   
Barcelona (iron) Doubtful Y 1850 Cataluna, Spain Doubtful meteorite   Google Earth   
Barea Official Y 1842 La Rioja, Spain Mesosiderite-A1 3.2 kg Google Earth   
Berlanguillas Official Y 1811 Castilla y Leon, Spain L6 1440 g Google Earth   
Sena Official Y 1773 Aragon, Spain H4 4 kg Google Earth   
Barcelona (stone) ** Official Y 1704 Cataluna, Spain L6   Google Earth   
Oliva-Gandia Official Y 1520 Valenciana, Spain Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Roa Doubtful Y 1438 Castilla y Leon, Spain Doubtful stone   Google Earth   
Cuenta Doubtful     Spain Doubtful meteorite      
Pulter ** Doubtful     Spain Doubtful meteorite   8    
Valencia ** Official     Valenciana, Spain H5 33.5 kg 82 Google Earth   

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

** Click on the meteorite's name to see the full initial description.

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