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Last update: 3 Jun 2023
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Aglar Doubtful Y 1112 Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy Doubtful meteorite   Google Earth   
Albareto Official Y 1766 Emilia-Romagna, Italy L/LL4 2 kg Google Earth   
Alessandria Official Y 1860 Piemonte, Italy H5 908 g Google Earth   
Alfianello Official Y 1883 Lombardia, Italy L6 228 kg Google Earth   
Assisi Official Y 1886 Umbria, Italy H5 2 kg Google Earth   
Bagnone Official   1904 Toscana, Italy Iron, IIIAB 48 kg Google Earth   
Barbianello ** Official   1960 Lombardia, Italy Iron, ungrouped 860 g 86 Google Earth   
Barcis Official   1950 Veneto, Italy Pallasite, PMG 87 g Google Earth   
Borgo San Donino Official Y 1808 Emilia-Romagna, Italy LL6 1676 g Google Earth   
Brianza Pseudo Y 1760 Lombardia, Italy Pseudometeorite 14 g Google Earth   
Calce Doubtful Y 1635 Veneto, Italy Doubtful stone 350 g Google Earth   
Castel Berardenga Official Y 1791 Toscana, Italy Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Castelvecchio ** Official   2015 Toscana, Italy Iron, IIAB 37 g 105 Google Earth   
Castenaso ** Discredited   2003 Emilia-Romagna, Italy L5 120 g 89 Google Earth   
Castiglione del Lago ** Official   1970 Umbria, Italy Iron, IAB-MG 667 g 105 Google Earth   
Castrovillari Official Y 1583 Calabria, Italy Stone-uncl 15 kg Google Earth   
Cavezzo ** Official Yc 2020 Emilia-Romagna, Italy L5-an 55.3 g 109 Google Earth   
Cereseto Official Y 1840 Piemonte, Italy H5 6.46 kg Google Earth   
Civitavecchia Doubtful Y 1855 Lazio, Italy Doubtful meteorite   Google Earth   
Collescipoli Official Y 1890 Umbria, Italy H5 5 kg Google Earth   
Crema Doubtful Y 1511 Lombardia, Italy Doubtful stone   Google Earth   
Crevalcore Doubtful Y 1596 Emilia-Romagna, Italy Doubtful meteorite   Google Earth   
Entrèves ** Official   1987 Valle d'Aosta, Italy Iron, IAB-MG 17.3 kg 107 Google Earth   
Fabriano Doubtful Y 1776 Marche, Italy Doubtful stone   Google Earth   
Fermo ** Official Y 1996 Marche, Italy H3-5 10.2 kg 82 Google Earth   
Girgenti Official Y 1853 Sicilia, Italy L6 18 kg Google Earth   
Hocheppan ** Official   2016 Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy H5 1236 g 106 Google Earth   
Italy (956) Doubtful Y 956 Italy Doubtful meteorite      
Italy (963) Doubtful Y 963 Italy Doubtful meteorite      
Lago Valscura Official   1995 Piemonte, Italy H5 200 g 89 Google Earth   
Legnano Pseudo Y 1855 Veneto, Italy Pseudometeorite 2.01 kg Google Earth   
Lodi Pseudo Y   Italy Pseudometeorite 500 g    
Lucania Doubtful Y -56 Basilicata, Italy Doubtful Iron   Google Earth   
Marsala Doubtful Y 1834 Sicilia, Italy Doubtful meteorite 6.8 kg Google Earth   
Massa-Lubrense Doubtful Y 1819 Campania, Italy Doubtful meteorite   Google Earth   
Masua Official   1967 Italy Iron, IAB-sLL 1460 g    
Messina Official Y 1955 Sicilia, Italy L5 2.41 kg Google Earth   
Milan Doubtful Y 1525 Italy Doubtful meteorite      
Mineo Official Y 1826 Sicilia, Italy Pallasite 42 g Google Earth   
Monte Milone Official Y 1846 Marche, Italy L5 3.13 kg Google Earth   
Motta di Conti Official Y 1868 Piemonte, Italy H4 9.15 kg Google Earth   
Narni Official Y 921 Umbria, Italy Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Novellara Doubtful   1766 Emilia-Romagna, Italy Doubtful meteorite   Google Earth   
Noventa Vicentina ** Official Y 1971 Veneto, Italy H4 177 g 53 Google Earth   
Orvinio Official Y 1872 Lazio, Italy H6 3.4 kg Google Earth   
Patti Official Y 1922 Sicilia, Italy Iron 12 g Google Earth   
Pentolina Doubtful Y 1697 Toscana, Italy Doubtful stone   Google Earth   
Piancaldoli ** Official Y 1968 Emilia-Romagna, Italy LL3.4 13.1 g 51 Google Earth   
Piedmont Doubtful Y 1583 Piemonte, Italy Doubtful meteorite   Google Earth   
Renazzo ** Official Y 1824 Emilia-Romagna, Italy CR2 1000 g Google Earth   
Rivolta de Bassi Official Y 1491 Lombardia, Italy Stone-uncl 103.3 g Google Earth   
San Michele ** Official Y 2002 Marche, Italy L6 237 g 89 Google Earth   
Siena Official Y 1794 Toscana, Italy LL5 3.7 kg Google Earth   
Sinnai ** Official Y 1956 Sardegna, Italy H6 2 kg 10 Google Earth   
Terranova di Sibari Doubtful Y 1755 Calabria, Italy Doubtful meteorite 3.5 kg Google Earth   
Tessera ** Official   2000 Veneto, Italy H4 51.3 g 85 Google Earth   
Torino ** Official Y 1988 Piemonte, Italy H6 977 g 67 Google Earth   
Trentino Pseudo   1971 Italy Pseudometeorite 18.2 kg    
Trenzano Official Y 1856 Lombardia, Italy H3/4 11.8 kg Google Earth   
Turin Doubtful Y 1782 Piemonte, Italy Doubtful meteorite 8 kg Google Earth   
Vago Official Y 1668 or 1688 Veneto, Italy H6 40 g Google Earth   
Valdinizza Official Y 1903 Lombardia, Italy L6 1004 g Google Earth   
Valdinoce Official Y 1496 Emilia-Romagna, Italy Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Vigarano Official Y 1910 Emilia-Romagna, Italy CV3 15 kg Google Earth   
Viterbo Doubtful Y 1474 Lazio, Italy Doubtful meteorite 594 g Google Earth   

Yc Confirmed fall.

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

** Click on the meteorite's name to see the full initial description.

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