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Last update: 7 May 2023
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Wonyulgunna Official   1937 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 37.8 kg Google Earth   
Livingston (Montana) Official   1936 Montana, USA Iron, IIIAB 1600 g Google Earth   
Sanderson Official   1936 Texas, USA Iron, IIIAB 6.8 kg Google Earth   
Quartz Mountain Official   1935 Nevada, USA Iron, IIIAB 4.83 kg Google Earth   
Spearman Official   1934 Texas, USA Iron, IIIAB 10.4 kg Google Earth   
Ariah Park ** Official   1932 New South Wales, Australia Iron, IIIAB 7.25 kg 102 Google Earth   
Baquedano Official   1932 Antofagasta, Chile Iron, IIIAB 22 kg Google Earth   
Cowell Official   1932 South Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 5.72 kg Google Earth   
Kyancutta Official   1932 South Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 32.7 kg Google Earth   
Lanton Official   1932 Missouri, USA Iron, IIIAB 13.78 kg Google Earth   
Bear Lodge Official   1931 Wyoming, USA Iron, IIIAB 48.5 kg Google Earth   
Henbury ** Official   1931 Northern Territory, Australia Iron, IIIAB 2 t 8 Google Earth   
Uwharrie Official   1930 North Carolina, USA Iron, IIIAB 72.7 kg Google Earth   
Campbellsville Official   1929 Kentucky, USA Iron, IIIAB 15.4 kg Google Earth   
Grant Official   1929 New Mexico, USA Iron, IIIAB 525 kg Google Earth   
Savannah Official   1923 Tennessee, USA Iron, IIIAB 60 kg Google Earth   
Sierra Sandon Official   1923 Antofagasta, Chile Iron, IIIAB 6.33 kg Google Earth   
Glasgow Official   1922 Kentucky, USA Iron, IIIAB 20.4 kg Google Earth   
Tieraco Creek Official   1922 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 41.7 kg Google Earth   
Milly Milly Official   1921 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 26.5 kg Google Earth   
Samelia Official Y 1921 Rajasthan, India Iron, IIIAB 2.46 kg Google Earth   
Uegit Official   1921 Bakool, Somalia Iron, IIIAB 252 kg Google Earth   
Norfork Official Y 1918 Arkansas, USA Iron, IIIAB 1050 g Google Earth   
Pierceville (iron) ** Official   1917 Kansas, USA Iron, IIIAB 100 kg 8 Google Earth   
Youanmi Official   1917 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 118.4 kg Google Earth   
Angelica Official   1916 Wisconsin, USA Iron, IIIAB 14.8 kg Google Earth   
Slaghek's Iron ** Official   1916 Chile Iron, IIIAB 1900 g    
Ilinskaya Stanitza Official   1915 Orenburgskaya oblast', Russia Iron, IIIAB 5.62 kg Google Earth   
Waingaromia ** Official   1915 East Cape, New Zealand Iron, IIIAB 9.2 kg 50 Google Earth   
Mount Edith Official   1913 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 326 kg Google Earth   
Owens Valley Official   1913 California, USA Iron, IIIAB 192.8 kg Google Earth   
Floydada Official   1912 Texas, USA Iron, IIIAB 12.5 kg Google Earth   
Tendo ** Official   1910 Tohoku, Japan Iron, IIIAB 10.1 kg 56 Google Earth   
Rateldraai Official   1909 Northern Cape, South Africa Iron, IIIAB 549 kg Google Earth   
Teplá Official   1909 Karlovarsk├Ż, Czech Republic Iron, IIIAB 17 kg Google Earth   
Quinn Canyon Official   1908 Nevada, USA Iron, IIIAB 1.45 t Google Earth   
Yarri Official   1908 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 1500 g Google Earth   
Norfolk Official   1907 Virginia, USA Iron, IIIAB 23 kg Google Earth   
Las Salinas Official   1905 Antofagasta, Chile Iron, IIIAB 3.52 kg Google Earth   
Bagnone Official   1904 Toscana, Italy Iron, IIIAB 48 kg Google Earth   
Chambord Official   1904 Quebec, Canada Iron, IIIAB 6.6 kg Google Earth   
Puente del Zacate Official   1904 Coahuila, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 30.79 kg Google Earth   
Billings Official   1903 Missouri, USA Iron, IIIAB 24.5 kg Google Earth   
Cumpas Official   1903 Sonora, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 28.6 kg Google Earth   
Davis Mountains Official   1903 Texas, USA Iron, IIIAB 689 kg Google Earth   
Knowles Official   1903 Oklahoma, USA Iron, IIIAB 161 kg Google Earth   
Kouga Mountains Official   1903 Eastern Cape, South Africa Iron, IIIAB 1.17 t Google Earth   
Providence Official   1903 Kentucky, USA Iron, IIIAB 6.8 kg Google Earth   
Tamarugal Official   1903 Tarapaca, Chile Iron, IIIAB 320 kg Google Earth   
Nuleri Official   1902 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 120 g Google Earth   

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

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