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Last update: 18 Nov 2023
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No records found for meteorites with that are exactly "NWA 10782"

List of available types (click to see exact matches):

Acapulcoite CO3.4 Eucrite-cm H3.8/4 Iron, IIIF L3.5-5 LL3.8-6 Mesosiderite-A
Acapulcoite/Lodranite CO3.5 Eucrite-melt breccia H3.9 Iron, IVA L3.6 LL3.9 Mesosiderite-A1
Achondrite (brachinite-like) CO3.6 Eucrite-melt breccia-an H3.9-5 Iron, IVA-an L3.6-4 LL3.9/4 Mesosiderite-A2
Achondrite-prim CO3.7 Eucrite-Mg rich H3.9-6 Iron, IVB L3.7 LL3/4 Mesosiderite-A2/3
Achondrite-prim-ung CO3.8 Eucrite-mmict H3.9/4 Iron, ungrouped L3.7-3.9 LL4 Mesosiderite-A3
Achondrite-ung CR Eucrite-mmict-an H3/4 Iron? L3.7-4 LL4-5 Mesosiderite-A3/4
Angrite CR1 Eucrite-pmict H4 K L3.7-6 LL4-5 melt breccia Mesosiderite-A4
Aubrite CR2 Eucrite-unbr H4(?) K3 L3.7/3.8 LL4-6 Mesosiderite-an
Aubrite-an CR2-an Fusion crust H4-5 K4 L3.8 LL4-6-melt breccia Mesosiderite-B
Brachinite CR3 H H4-6 L L3.8-5 LL4-7 Mesosiderite-B1
Brachinite-an CR6 H(5?) H4-6-melt breccia L(?)3 L3.8-6 LL4-7 melt breccia Mesosiderite-B2
C CR7 H(?)4 H4-an L(H)3 L3.8-an LL4-an Mesosiderite-B2/3
C-ung CV2 H(L)3 H4-melt breccia L(LL)3 L3.9 LL4-melt breccia Mesosiderite-B3
C1-ung CV3 H(L)3-an H4/5 L(LL)3.05 L3.9-5 LL4/5 Mesosiderite-B4
C1/2-ung CV3-an H(L)3.1 H4/6 L(LL)3.5-3.7 L3.9-6 LL4/6 Mesosiderite-C
C2 CV3.4 H(L)6 H5 L(LL)5 L3.9/4 LL5 Mesosiderite-C2
C2-ung CV7 H-an H5-6 L(LL)6 L3/4 LL5-6 Mesosiderite-C3
C3 CVox3 H-imp melt H5-7 L(LL)~4 L4 LL5-7 Mesosiderite?
C3-ung CVred3 H-melt breccia H5-an L-imp melt L4-5 LL5-an OC
C3.00-ung Diogenite H-melt rock H5-melt breccia L-melt breccia L4-6 LL5-melt breccia OC3
C3/4-ung Diogenite-an H-metal H5/6 L-melt rock L4-an LL5/6 OC4-an
C4 Diogenite-melt breccia H/L-melt rock H6 L-metal L4-melt breccia LL6 OC4-melt breccia
C4-ung Diogenite-melt rock H/L3 H6-an L/LL L4-melt rock LL6(?) OC5-an
C4/5 Diogenite-olivine H/L3-4 H6-melt breccia L/LL(?)3 L4/5 LL6-7 Pallasite
C5/6-ung Diogenite-pm H/L3.5 H6/7 L/LL-melt rock L4/5-melt breccia LL6-an Pallasite, PES
C6 Discredited H/L3.6 H7 L/LL3 L5 LL6-melt breccia Pallasite, PMG
CB Doubtful achondrite H/L3.7 H7-melt breccia L/LL3-5 L5-6 LL6/7 Pallasite, PMG-an
CBa Doubtful chondrite H/L3.9 H? L/LL3-6 L5-7 LL7 Pallasite, ungrouped
CBb Doubtful eucrite H/L4 Howardite L/LL3.10 L5-an LL7(?) Pallasite?
CH/CBb Doubtful Iron H/L4-5 Howardite-an L/LL3.2 L5-melt breccia LL7-melt breccia Pseudometeorite
CH3 Doubtful meteorite H/L4/5 Howardite-melt breccia L/LL3.4 L5/6 LL<3.5 R
Chondrite-fusion crust Doubtful OC H/L5 H~3 L/LL3.5 L6 LL? R3
Chondrite-uncl Doubtful pallasite H/L6 H~4 L/LL3.6/3.7 L6-an LL~3 R3-4
Chondrite-ung Doubtful stone H/L6-melt rock H~4-6 L/LL4 L6-melt breccia LL~4 R3-5
CI1 E H/L~4 H~4/5 L/LL4-6 L6-melt rock LL~4/5 R3-6
CK E-an H3 H~5 L/LL4/5 L6/7 LL~5 R3.4
CK3 E-melt breccia H3-4 H~6 L/LL5 L7 LL~6 R3.5-4
CK3-6 E3 H3-5 Impact Crater L/LL5-6 L7-melt breccia Lodranite R3.5-6
CK3-an E3-an H3-6 Impact melt breccia L/LL5/6 LL Lodranite-an R3.6
CK3/4 E4 H3-7 Iron L/LL6 LL(L)3 Lunar R3.7
CK4 E5 H3-an Iron, IAB complex L/LL6-an LL(L)3.1 Lunar (anorth) R3.8
CK4-6 E5-an H3-melt breccia Iron, IAB-an L/LL~4 LL(L)3.2 Lunar (bas. breccia) R3.8-5
CK4-an E6 H3.0 Iron, IAB-MG L/LL~5 LL(L)5 Lunar (bas/anor) R3.8-6
CK4/5 EH H3.0-3.4 Iron, IAB-sHH L/LL~6 LL-imp melt Lunar (bas/gab brec) R3.9
CK5 EH-imp melt H3.05 Iron, IAB-sHL L3 LL-melt breccia Lunar (basalt) R3/4
CK5-6 EH-melt rock H3.1 Iron, IAB-sHL-an L3-4 LL-melt rock lunar (feldsp. breccia) R4
CK5-an EH3 H3.10 Iron, IAB-sLH L3-5 LL3 Lunar (frag. breccia) R4-5
CK5/6 EH3/4-an H3.15 Iron, IAB-sLH-an L3-6 LL3-4 Lunar (gabbro) R4-6
CK6 EH4 H3.2 Iron, IAB-sLL L3-7 LL3-5 Lunar (melt breccia) R4-an
CK6-an EH4/5 H3.2-3.7 Iron, IAB-sLL-an L3-melt breccia LL3-6 Lunar (norite) R4/5
CL3 EH5 H3.2-6 Iron, IAB-sLM L3.0 LL3-6 melt breccia Lunar (olivine gabbro) R5
CL3.9 EH6 H3.2-an Iron, IAB-sLM-an L3.0-3.7 LL3-7 Lunar (olivine gabbronorite) R5-6
CL4 EH6-an H3.3 Iron, IAB-ung L3.0-3.9 LL3-melt breccia Lunar (troct) R6
CM EH6-melt breccia H3.4 Iron, IAB? L3.00 LL3.0 Lunar (troct. anorth.) Relict H
CM-an EH7 H3.4-5 Iron, IC L3.05 LL3.00 Lunar (troct. melt breccia) Relict iron
CM1 EH7-an H3.4/3.5 Iron, IC-an L3.1 LL3.05 Lunar (troct. melt rock) Relict meteorite
CM1-2 EL-melt rock H3.5 Iron, IIAB L3.10 LL3.1 L~3 Relict OC
CM1/2 EL3 H3.5-4 Iron, IIAB-an L3.15 LL3.1-3.5 L~3-6 Relict ureilite
CM2 EL3/4 H3.6 Iron, IIC L3.2 LL3.10 L~4 Reserved
CM2-an EL4 H3.6-4 Iron, IID L3.2-3.5 LL3.10-5 L~4-6 Stone-uncl
CM2.0 EL4/5 H3.6-6 Iron, IID-an L3.2-3.6 LL3.15 L~5 Stony iron
CO EL5 H3.7 Iron, IIE L3.3 LL3.2 L~6 Terrestrial rock
CO3 EL5-melt breccia H3.7-5 Iron, IIE-an L3.3-3.5 LL3.3 Martian Unknown
CO3-an EL6 H3.7-6 Iron, IIE? L3.3-3.6 LL3.4 Martian (augite basalt) Ureilite
CO3-melt breccia EL6/7 H3.7/3.8 Iron, IIF L3.3-3.7 LL3.5 Martian (chassignite) Ureilite-an
CO3.0 EL7 H3.8 Iron, IIG L3.4 LL3.6 Martian (nakhlite) Ureilite-mmict
CO3.05 Enst achon H3.8-4 Iron, IIIAB L3.4-3.7 LL3.6/3.7 Martian (OPX) Ureilite-pmict
CO3.1 Enst achon-ung H3.8-5 Iron, IIIAB-an L3.5 LL3.7 Martian (polymict breccia) Winonaite
CO3.1-an Eucrite H3.8-6 Iron, IIIAB? L3.5-3.7 LL3.7-6 Martian (shergottite)  
CO3.2 Eucrite-an H3.8-an Iron, IIIE L3.5-3.8 LL3.8 Martian (vesicular basalt)  
CO3.3 Eucrite-br H3.8/3.9 Iron, IIIE-an L3.5-3.9 LL3.8-4 Mesosiderite  

No records found for meteorites with that are exactly "NWA 10782"

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