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Last update: 21 Nov 2019
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Bayin Gobi 001 ** BG 001 Official   2015 Nei Mongol, China L5 35 kg 106 Google Earth   
Bayin Gobi 002 ** BG 002 Official   2011 Nei Mongol, China L5 3.5 kg 106 Google Earth   
Daban ** Official   2017 Nei Mongol, China L~5§ 58 g 108 Google Earth   
Dong Ujimqin Qi ** Official Y 1995 Nei Mongol, China Mesosiderite 128.8 kg 81 Google Earth   
Duguitala ** Official   2016 Nei Mongol, China H~5§ 82 g 108 Google Earth   
Fengzhen ** Official     Nei Mongol, China Iron, IIIAB 458 g 85 Google Earth   
Inner Mongolia Official Y 1963 or 1962 Nei Mongol, China L6 3 kg Google Earth   
Jartai Official Y 1979 Nei Mongol, China L6 20.5 kg Google Earth   
Jarud Qi ** Official   2000 Nei Mongol, China L5 452 g 97 Google Earth   
Keqi Undocumented   1966 Nei Mongol, China Iron 127 kg Google Earth   
Liangcheng Official   1959 Nei Mongol, China Iron, IIIAB 200 kg Google Earth   
Lindong ** Official   2012 Nei Mongol, China LL5-6 5 kg 104 Google Earth   
Naiman ** Official   1982 Nei Mongol, China L6 1050 g 67 Google Earth   
Palinshih ** Official Y 1914 Nei Mongol, China Iron 18 kg 12 Google Earth   
Shangdu ** Official   1957 Nei Mongol, China Iron, IIIAB 247 kg 74 Google Earth   
Tamusubulage 001 ** Official   2016 Nei Mongol, China LL~5§ 41 g 108 Google Earth   
Wu-chu-mu-ch'in Official   1920 Nei Mongol, China Iron, IAB-ung 68.86 kg Google Earth   
Xi Ujimgin Official Y 1980 Nei Mongol, China L/LL6-an 5.9 kg Google Earth   
Xilin ** Official   2015 Nei Mongol, China H4 41 kg 105 Google Earth   

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

§Classified by magnetic susceptibility. Classification subject to larger than normal uncertainty.

Information deriving from MetBull 107 or later is still subject to change by the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee.

** Click on the meteorite's name to see the full initial description.

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