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Last update: 29 Jan 2023
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Aba Pseudo   1927 Kanto, Japan Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Agricultural College ** Pseudo     Russia Pseudometeorite 180.1 g 13    
Allport Pseudo     UK Pseudometeorite      
Alto Verde Pseudo Y   Mendoza, Argentina Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Angara Pseudo   1885 Krasnoyarskiy kray, Russia Pseudometeorite 184.5 g Google Earth   
Bamenda Pseudo     Nord-Ouest, Cameroon Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Baydon Pseudo Y   England, UK Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Bleckenstad Pseudo   1925 Kalmar, Sweden Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Brianza Pseudo Y 1760 Lombardia, Italy Pseudometeorite 14 g Google Earth   
Calumet County ** Pseudo   1934 Wisconsin, USA Pseudometeorite   47 Google Earth   
Campbell County Pseudo     Tennessee, USA Pseudometeorite 11.5 g    
Carlstadt Pseudo Y 1822 Varmlands, Sweden Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Ceylon Pseudo     Sri Lanka Pseudometeorite 44 g    
Chaco Santafecino Pseudo     Argentina Pseudometeorite      
Colonia Suiza Pseudo     Rio Negro, Argentina Pseudometeorite 250 g Google Earth   
Colston Bassett Pseudo     UK Pseudometeorite      
Cormeilles Pseudo     Ile-del-France, France Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Dowerin ** Pseudo   1932 Western Australia, Australia Pseudometeorite   53 Google Earth   
Eaton Pseudo Y 1931 Colorado, USA Pseudometeorite 29.5 g Google Earth   
El Marplatense Pseudo Y   Buenos Aires, Argentina Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Estes Park Pseudo     Colorado, USA Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Fair Play Pseudo   1928 Missouri, USA Pseudometeorite 91 kg Google Earth   
Getafe ** Pseudo   1994 Spain Pseudometeorite 1417 g   Published on MetBull website 
Grazac Pseudo Y 1885 Auvergne, France Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Groslée Pseudo   1827 Rhone-Alpes, France Pseudometeorite 52 g Google Earth   
Halstead Pseudo Y 1731 UK Pseudometeorite      
Hanau Pseudo   1877 Hessen, Germany Pseudometeorite 0.37 g Google Earth   
Hautes Alpes Pseudo     France Pseudometeorite      
Hommoney Creek Pseudo     North Carolina, USA Pseudometeorite 85 g    
Horsham Pseudo     Australia Pseudometeorite      
Igast Pseudo Y 1855 Latvia Pseudometeorite 35 g Google Earth   
Keilce Pseudo     Poland Pseudometeorite 14.6 g    
Khenteisky Pseudo Y 1952 Dornod, Mongolia Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Kirkland ** Pseudo Y 1955 Washington, USA Pseudometeorite 232 g 29 Google Earth   
Koso-sho Pseudo   1947 China Pseudometeorite      
Kurumi Pseudo Y   Kinki, Japan Pseudometeorite 44 g Google Earth   
Langeac Pseudo Y   Auvergne, France Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Legnano Pseudo Y 1855 Veneto, Italy Pseudometeorite 2.01 kg Google Earth   
Leroy Pseudo     Pseudometeorite 102 g    
Lodi Pseudo Y   Italy Pseudometeorite 500 g    
Loerbeek ** Pseudo Y   Netherlands Pseudometeorite   8    
London Pseudo Y   England, UK Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Lovina ** Discredited   1981 Bali, Indonesia Pseudometeorite 8.2 kg 93 Google Earth   
Macquarie River Pseudo   1857 New South Wales, Australia Pseudometeorite 25 g Google Earth   
Mar del Plata Pseudo Y   Buenos Aires, Argentina Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Matad Pseudo   1958 Dornod, Mongolia Pseudometeorite 189.5 g Google Earth   
Menabilly Pseudo Y   England, UK Pseudometeorite   Google Earth   
Mikomotojima ** Pseudo   1874 Chubu, Japan Pseudometeorite 200 g 8 Google Earth   
Milnesand (iron) Pseudo   1981 New Mexico, USA Pseudometeorite 326 g Google Earth   
Nauheim Pseudo   1828 Germany Pseudometeorite      

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

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