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Last update: 20 Jun 2022
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Andhara Official Y 1880 Bihar, India Stone-uncl 2.7 kg Google Earth   
as-Sanam Official   1954 Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Calivo Official Y 1916 Western Visayas, Philippines Stone-uncl 2.4 kg Google Earth   
Castel Berardenga Official Y 1791 Toscana, Italy Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Castrovillari Official Y 1583 Calabria, Italy Stone-uncl 15 kg Google Earth   
Chetrinahatti Official Y 1880 Karnataka, India Stone-uncl 72 g Google Earth   
Dowa Official Y 1976 Central, Malawi Stone-uncl 642 g Google Earth   
Dunhua Official Y 1976 Jilin, China Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Fort Flatters Official Y 1944 Illizi, Algeria Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Fünen Official Y 1654 Region Syddanmark, Denmark Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Fuyang Official Y 1977 Anhui, China Stone-uncl 2.5 kg Google Earth   
Guêa Official Y 1891 Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro Stone-uncl 1915 g Google Earth   
Hatford Official Y 1628 England, UK Stone-uncl 29 kg Google Earth   
Hechi Official   1956 Guangxi, China Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Holetta Official Y 1923 Shewa, Ethiopia Stone-uncl 1415 g Google Earth   
Jiapigou Official   1880 Jilin, China Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Jilong Official   1930 China Stone-uncl      
Kijima (1906) Official Y 1906 Chubu, Japan Stone-uncl 331 g Google Earth   
Mount Vaisi Official Y 1637 Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France Stone-uncl 17 kg Google Earth   
Mtola Official Y 1944 Northern, Malawi Stone-uncl 1100 g Google Earth   
Narni Official Y 921 Umbria, Italy Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Natal Official Y 1973 South Africa Stone-uncl 1.4 g    
Nicorps Official Y 1750 Basse-Normandie, France Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Novy-Ergi ** Official Y 1662 Novgorodskaya oblast', Russia Stone-uncl   13 Google Earth   
Oliva-Gandia Official Y 1520 Valenciana, Spain Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Ortenau Official Y 1671 Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Stone-uncl 4.5 kg Google Earth   
Pettiswood Official Y 1779 Leinster, Ireland Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Phulmari Official   1936 Maharashtra, India Stone-uncl 4.06 kg Google Earth   
Picote Official Y 1843 Braganca, Portugal Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Portugal Official Y 1796 Evora, Portugal Stone-uncl 4.5 kg Google Earth   
Punganaru Official Y 1811 Andhra Pradesh, India Stone-uncl 100 g Google Earth   
Rasgrad Official Y 1740 Razgrad, Bulgaria Stone-uncl 24.7 kg Google Earth   
Ratyn ** Official Y 1880 Konin, Poland Stone-uncl 910 g 8 Google Earth   
Rivolta de Bassi Official Y 1491 Lombardia, Italy Stone-uncl 103.3 g Google Earth   
Rockhampton Official Y 1895 Queensland, Australia Stone-uncl 1641 g Google Earth   
Rodach Official Y 1775 Bayern, Germany Stone-uncl 2.9 kg Google Earth   
Sagan Official Y 1636 Zielona Gora, Poland Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Sahara 98362 Provisional   1998 (Sahara) Stone-uncl 355 g    
Stolzenau Official Y 1647 Niedersachsen, Germany Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Stretchleigh Official Y 1623 England, UK Stone-uncl 10.4 kg Google Earth   
Taicang Official   1928 Jiangsu, China Stone-uncl 20 kg Google Earth   
Tamir-Tsetserleg Official   1956 Arhangay, Mongolia Stone-uncl 173 kg Google Earth   
Tulung Dzong Official Y 1944 Xizang, China Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Urasaki Official Y 1926 Chugoku, Japan Stone-uncl 1500 g Google Earth   
Valdinoce Official Y 1496 Emilia-Romagna, Italy Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Villarrica Official Y 1925 Guaira, Paraguay Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Wuzhi Official Y 1931 Henan, China Stone-uncl   Google Earth   
Yoshiki Official Y 1928 Chugoku, Japan Stone-uncl 0.1 g Google Earth   

Observed falls documented prior to 2015 have a Y in the fall column.

** Click on the meteorite's name to see the full initial description.

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