Notes on the Meteoritical Bulletin Database

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Note 1: Official names recognized by the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee are shown in green rows, and contain the word "Official" in the status column. These names may be used in all publications of the Meteoritical Society, punctuated and with diacritical marks as shown. The exception to this is for some characters that cannot be displayed in this application; these are indicated in the Notes field at the far right. Unofficial names are shown in orange rows (see note 3)

Meteorite names are sorted alphabetically EXCEPT in the cases of numbered series for which a strict alphabetic sort would break the numerical order. For meteorites with numbers of the form YYnnn or YYnnnn, where YY is the last two digits of the year of collection and nnn is a sequence number, sorting is by chronologic, then numerical order. Thus, Meteorite Hills 96537 comes before Meteorite Hills 00400.

When ** is shown after a meteorite name, this indicates that a full writeup from the Meteoritical Bulletin will appear if you click on the meteorite name.