Notes on the Meteoritical Bulletin Database

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Note 12: A synonym is an unofficial name for a meteorite. Synonyms are listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database when a meteorite has appeared in catalogs or publications with a different name, spelling, punctuation, or diacritical marks; when a meteorite has been widely purchased or traded under a different name; or when a meteorite name is officially changed, with the old name becoming a synonym. Names given to individual masses of large meteorites are also listed as synonyms for the official, collective name of the meteorite. In addition, when a numbering system is established for meteorites in a dense collection area, and this area takes its name from an existing find in the area, the original meteorite is assigned a synonym with number "001" (or whatever is lowest in the numbering system). In general, "pet names" for meteorites are not listed as synonyms.

Certain types of synonyms are implicit, and not always shown here. These include cases where the formal name is stripped of diacritical marks, where abbreviations within the formal name (e.g., St.) are spelled out, or where words in the formal name (e.g., Mount) are abbreviated.

Synonyms are not official names; the correct name is given next to the synonym. Synonyms are provided only for reference and historical context. Only the official names of meteorites should be used in catalogs and publication, except as needed to provide similar historical context or to identify specific masses.