Notes on the Meteoritical Bulletin Database

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Note 2: Officially recognized abbreviations for meteorite names are shown in the Abbrev column. These are the preferred abbreviations for use in Meteoritical Society publications, with punctuation and spacing as shown. Abbreviations always have a space between the place-name abbreviation and the numerical portion of the name, except in the cases of (1) Antarctic meteorites collected between 1976 and 1981 by the US or teams including the US, where the letter A replaces the space; and (2) Antarctic meteorites collected by Japanese teams, where a hyphen replaces the space.

Abbreviations for meteorite names should be introduced and defined in publications as would any other abbreviation.

Note that abbreviations are not the actual names of the meteorites, even for Antarctic meteorites for which the use of the abbreviation is widespread.

In addition, the space that appears in the numeric part of abbreviations used by Johnson Space Center is incorrect and should not be used (for example, "LAP 02205" is right, "LAP 02 205" is wrong)